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Patch Notes November 2021 Game Update

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Welcome to the November Game Update. This Update will begin our new bi-weekly update cycle. At the beginning of every month, we'll release a "Monthly Game Update" which targets new and revised content, as well as bigger systematic patches. On the opposite cycle of monthly game updates, we'll release a "Mid-Month Patch" which will target bug fixes and smaller tweaks or feature sets.

Players who log in between now and November 20, 2021, at 11:59 PM GMT will receive an exclusive community gift, a decorative Bacta Tank. After the week of combat many players have endured, we hear you might need it.

A client patch is required for this update. Be sure to run your launcher. If your launcher does not patch or hangs on "Updating 100%," make sure you've downloaded the latest version of our launcher from here and run the installer pointed at your existing client directory. You can verify patching was successful by ensuring the file "restoration_3.tre" has a "Last Modified" date of November 6.

  • The bug that occasionally resulted in a player being unable to add a manufacturing schematic to a factory has been fixed.
  • The Interplanetary Survey Droid is now usable by an Artisan who has earned the "Surveying IV: Regional Surveying" skill. This change is retroactive to all existing Interplanetary Survey Droids.
  • A crackdown by the Empire for tax evasion has resulted in the permanent closure of the Galactic Reserve. This feature will no longer be accessible from the Banking Terminal radial menu.
  • Several weeks ago, unannounced changes were made to improve the stability of the Chat Server. We are pleased to share that since those changes, the Chat Server has been running for several weeks without crashing. Accordingly, we consider the persistently reported issues with tells, chat channels and mail to be resolved.
  • NPCs now respect attack speed properties. Accordingly, abilities such as "Warcry" will now slow their attack rate and different NPCs may have different attack speeds depending on their social class, faction, level, and other attributes.
  • NPCs level 40 and higher now have armor. Abilities and debuffs that reduce armor defenses (e.g. Armor Break) will now have an effect on overall combat dynamics.
  • The damage output of NPCs has been universally adjusted to ensure combat is providing a challenging and realistic Combat Upgrade experience. Additional calibration for some NPCs and their combat levels may be required as this change is fully evaluated in all different combat scenarios and areas.
  • With combat changes, the guiding principle should be:
    • A Silver Elite within +/- 5 combat levels of your player should be solo-able by a skilled player with a strong set of stats.
    • A Gold Elite within +/- 5 combat levels of your player should require at least two players to defeat. Different mobs are more difficult than others as would make fictional sense within the Star Wars Universe.
Creature Handler
  • Pet Stimpacks should now properly heal your beast when used. This fix is retroactive to existing Pet Stimpacks. The cooldown time for Pet Stimpacks is 20 seconds.
  • The healing reduction on pet healing has been reduced from 75% to 50%. Please note we intend to implement a skill modifier that can adjust this attribute in the future.
  • The Galactic Moon Festival has officially come to a close. Jabba thanks all citizens who participated and curses those that did not.
  • The Wookie Life Day Celebration will begin on December 2, 2021.
Galactic Fortitude System
  • In recognition of the players that have joined us and remained active over the last several months and to encourage content playthrough, we are introducing a new rewards system, the Galactic Fortitude System.
  • Players earn Galactic Fortitude Tokens through completing in-game content (namely quests and collections, but also through crafting and buff building). The tokens are No Trade Shared so they may be shared between your alts.
  • When players log in for the first time following the update, they will be retroactively credited and receive tokens for all content already completed that qualifies for earning tokens.
  • Tokens can be exchanged by visiting a familiar NPC by the Mos Eisley Starport for exclusive rewards, including limited availability vehicles, pets, mounts, structures, clothing, and decorations. More items will be added in the future as we review overall coin penetration and purchase rates.
  • The Galactic Fortitude System is temporary and will only reward tokens for game content completion for the next few months as it is predominately an incentive program for recognizing early players who stuck with us through our growing pains and helped us along the way.
  • Additionally, we're introducing two new Community Program earning categories that will permanently reward Galactic Fortitude Tokens, allowing players who miss the content earning window to still earn tokens (albeit at a much slower pace):
    • Bug Bounties will be rewarded to the first player to report a verified issue, glitch, or other problem. Please note if you receive a Bug Bounty, it will automatically be granted to you when you log in. We will not provide status updates or information on whether or not players have earned or will earn a bounty for a particular bug report.
    • Wiki Wayfinding Credit will be rewarded to players who make extensive, high-quality contributions to our Wiki. The threshold for earning tokens at all and the amount to be awarded is discretionary depending on the quality and quantity of contributions. We will periodically review contributions to the Wiki to award tokens, but will not review contributions on request or provide estimates of the "value" of a post.
  • Learn more about the Galactic Fortitude System here.
  • A player that is connected, active (not AFK), not in combat, and inside a Municipal or Player City Hospital will now have their wounds healed at a rate of 1 wound per 60 seconds for as long as they stay inside the Hospital. A visual effect will play every 60 seconds when a wound heal is applied.
Items and Equipment
  • Warning: Effective with the November Mid-Month Patch, when you are no longer qualified (by level, skill, certification, or condition) to have an item equipped or equipped for appearance, the item will now automatically be unequipped and returned to your inventory.
  • Bors Bos (A Painting Fence) is now outside Mos Eisley Starport where Navari Trik and Matilda Carson were previously located. The Painting Fence is selling prints of new paintings created from various events and our screenshot contest. Each month with our next Game Update, the paintings will be cycled out and those previous offerings will only ever be available from player-to-player commerce.
  • To help aid in commerce transactions and item valuation with respect to rare items from events and time-constrained rewards, a new item attribute called "Exclusive" has been added to relevant items (e.g., the Inaugural Moon Melon and the paintings from Bros Bos). There are three classifications of exclusive items:
    • "Limited Edition Special Event Item" (Orange) is an item that was only available for the duration of or for participating in a special event.
    • "Exclusive Special Event Reward" (Cyan) is an item that was only available for winning or achieving a specific recognition at a special event.
    • "Community Gift" (Lime) is an item that was given to the community for logging in or playing the game at a specific point in time.
  • Players can now enjoy the "perks" of marriage once again. When viewing a ring in your inventory, the "Propose Unity" option now properly appears when you radial the ring. Selecting this option will allow you to propose to a nearby player.
  • The Master Artisan requirement on the SoroSuub Personnel Comlink Wrist-P3 (Right) bracelet has been removed. All professions and all levels may now use this item.
  • The issue involving pets reducing the amount of healing applied by the use of the Bacta Spray ability has been resolved.
Player City
  • We previously announced the permanent activation of the Housing Demolition Program effective with the November Game Update. In order to provide cities and players enough time to prepare for this change, we have postponed the launch of the program to our January 2022 Game Update.
Quests and Content
  • Kashyyyk
    • The "Befriend a Wookie" encounter with Chawroo has been adjusted such that all mobs should now properly spawn. The number of spawns has also been reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Witches of Dathomir Theme Park
    • The First Sister Altar should now properly respawn Naija Kymeri every 10 minutes.
    • The Fishing Quest should now properly update when you catch a fish.
    • A typo in the "Dead is Dead" quest indicating you need to defeat "0/0" of the Third Sister has been corrected.
    • The respawn time of the Spider Clan mobs guarding the Outcast Witch has been increased in order to allow time for both the mobs to be defeated and so that you can interact with the Outcast Witch.
    • The conversation involving Sage N'um has been modified so the Repair the Altar quest series can be continued.
  • Players should no longer crash if they log out in space or log in while their character is still in space.
User Interface
  • Character Sheet
    • The "Food" and "Drink" stomach bars now function correctly. Both bars will update in real-time as you consume food or drinks that have a "filling" value and digestion will take place in real-time such that you can watch the bar deplete over time as well.
    • A tooltip will now explain the purpose of the "Food" and "Drink" bars when you hover over them and will also show your current percentage filling.
    • When you select the "Show Character Sheet" option from the Radial Menu of another player you have targeted, you will only see GCW information about the player. Additional changes to this section will be made in the future.
    • The missing label for the Mind Bar has been added.
  • Experience Monitor
    • The Experience Monitor has received a facelift and should no longer glitch out.
    • The Experience Monitor dropdown will now list all "working skills" you are working towards (the immediate next skill in your skill tree) in alphabetical order.
    • The visual progress bar below the Experience Monitor dropdown row now uses multiple colors to visually indicate progress towards the experience required for the selected working skill.
    • Hovering over the visual progress bar will now display a tooltip containing the current and needed amounts of experience, as well as the type of experience needed, to achieve the selected working skill.
  • Skill Templates Window
    • The bug that occasionally caused the "Skill Points Remaining" value to display an inaccurate, very high number has been fixed. The Skill Points Remaining value should now only ever display the true amount of skill points you have remaining to spend.
    • The bar next to the Skill Points Remaining value now properly reflects the relative percentage of skill points you have remaining. That is, a full bar will represent 250 skill points remaining and an empty bar will represent 0 skill points remaining.
    • When selecting a skill you already have trained, next to the "Surrender Skill" button, the amount of skill points you will recover from surrendering the skill now displays next to the button as "Surrender Skill to recover X skill points."
    • The Professions List, My Skill Mods List, and My Experience List on the left-hand side of the Skill Templates Window are now all sorted alphabetically.
    • If a player has purchased at least the novice box for a profession, the color of the profession in the Professions List will now appear green.
    • The "Show Experience Monitor" check box now functions correctly and toggles the visibility of the Experience Monitor.
  • Warmup Timer
    • The Warmup Timer has been fully refactored and replaced with the original CU-style Warmup Timer. The timer is fully functional and should no longer persist on your screen after the timer has expired.
Players are reminded that while Restoration III is undergoing consistent changes and improvements to the User Interface, you SHOULD NOT install any UI mods into your client as this may cause crashes as changes are implemented. If you have a folder named "ui" in your client, you should delete it. We will let you know when the UI is in a more stable, permanent condition so UI modifications can be installed. As always, however, using client modifications is at your own risk and we are unable to provide support for players with modified clients.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration III Development Team
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