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Galactic Fortitude

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  • The Galactic Fortitude System is a community recognition program that was released with the November 2021 Game Update to recognize early players of the Restoration Server and provide an incentive for content playthrough so the development team could resolve bugs. The system rewards players for completing various in-game activities with Galactic Fortitude Tokens which can be exchanged for special and exclusive items. The primary earning categories were available for a limited amount of time but there are several ways for players to still earn rewards.

    Earning Galactic Fortitude Tokens

    There are two primary ways to earn tokens, through Content Completion, a limited-time offering, and through Community Programs.

    Community Programs

    There are 4 Community Programs that players can participate in to earn tokens. These programs will always be active and provide token earning opportunities indefinitely.
    • Bug Bounties - A bug bounty is a payout of tokens awarded to the first player to report a bug or issue that is verified as a bug by the Development Team. If you receive a bug bounty, you'll be notified when you log in with a popup that you have received tokens.
      • The Development Team clarified in Discord that "The number of tokens earned by a bug bounty will vary based on the severity of the issue, the quality of the bug report, and the amount of interaction the Development or QA teams have with the player to help them resolve an issue."
      • Note that the Development Team has warned they "will not provide status updates or information on whether or not players have earned or will earn a bounty for a particular bug report." The best way to earn bug bounties is to simply always report bugs or issues you encounter.
    • Event Engagement - Players that participate in live events hosted by the Restoration III Staff may receive tokens for participating. Additional tokens may be paid out to the winners (if applicable) of a particular contest.
    • Wiki Wayfinding - Tokens will be rewarded to players who make extensive, high-quality contributions to the Wiki. The threshold for earning tokens at all and the amount to be awarded is discretionary depending on the quality and quantity of contributions.
      • Similar to Bug Bounties, the Community Team will periodically review contributions to the Wiki to award tokens, but will not review contributions on request or provide estimates of the "value" of a post.
    • Content Creation - Players who submit high-quality video content, including recording in-game tutorials, guides, and feature overviews, may receive fortitude tokens for doing so.

    Content Payouts

    Galactic Fortitude tokens can no longer be obtained through completion of content. Content Payouts rewarded players for completing specific game content from 16/11/2021 to early 2022. Players that logged in during the earning window will have been retroactively credited for the content they've already completed.

    Purchasable Rewards

    Fortitude Token Cost
    Thimble Target Dummy500
    Jabba's roasting spit500
    Gargan's Hands of Seduction200
    C-3PO Backpack500
    Black Corset Dress200
    Exorgoth Gloves400
    Handmade Corellian Sash200
    Ceremonial Travel Headdress200
    Vehicle Deed: Swamp Speeder2000
    Vehicle Deed: AT-RT2000
    Starship Chasis: V-Wing2000
    Pet Deed: Armored Bantha Mount2000
    Pet Deed: Toxic Peko-Peko2000
    Scurrier Feeding Bowl (Scurrier House Pet)1000
    Employment Contract: Battle Droid Vendor500
    Employment Contract: Toydarian Vendor500
    Structure Deed: V.I.P. Bunker1500
    Glass Helix Sculpture200
    Mysterious Rug200
    EmPal SuRecon Center Medical Table300
    R2-D2 on Dagobah Statue200
    Jabba's Bed400
    Instant Travel Vehicle (ITV): Royal Ship1000
    Customizable Hologram of an EF76 Nebulon-B500
    Housecleaning Kit1000