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Player Activity Awards

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  • The Player Activity Award System (PAAS) (previously referred to as Veteran Rewards) is a system used to recognize players for their continued activity while playing SWG Restoration. Where Veteran Rewards were conventionally awarded per account, Player Activity Awards are given per character.

    You can check your current achievement status and review information about the system in-game using the command: /activityRewards

    There are two components to the Player Activity Award System:

    Daily Login Rewards

    Daily Login Rewards are rewards you receive just for logging in every day. The time of day resets at midnight Greenwich Mean Time Zone (GMT). If you are logged in when the time of day passes, you must log out and log in again to receive the next day's reward. The Daily Login Reward consists of 1,000 to 5,000 credits, and 1 Galactic Fortitude Token. You also have a 1% chance to receive a Rare Loot Chest (but Legendary-Type Rare Loot Chests are not possible).

    Time Login Rewards

    Time Login Rewards are achievement-based awards which award you with a tier-based token upon logging in. There are two types of time rewards:

    Day Rewards -The days award category is used to recognize players for logging in multiple consecutive days in a row. If you login at least once during the 24 hour window (that resets at midnight Greenwich Mean Time Zone (GMT)), your daily streak will be increased by one. Once you hit a 30-day streak, your Streak Month count will go up by one. You may miss up to 4 days in a Streak Month. If you miss more than 4 days in a 30 day period, your streak of consecutive days will reset to 0. When you reach each award threshold based on the number of Streak Months accrued, you will receive a token for the corresponding award tier. Once you have achieved a Streak Month, you cannot lose it (i.e. if you achieve 1 Streak Month, you can miss two weeks of login time and start a new Streak Month after that). Note that these milestones are not repeatable; you can only receive the award tier token for each milestone once.

    Consecutive Days Logged InAward Tier Token ReceivedTitle Unlocked
    1 MonthTier I
    2 MonthsTier IPersistent*
    3 MonthsTier II
    4 MonthsTier IIHabitual*
    6 MonthsTier III
    8 MonthsTier IIIDependent*
    10 MonthsTier IV
    12 MonthsTier IVAddicted*
    *As of these titles are not yet implemented.

    Hour Rewards - The hours award category is used to recognize players for playing the specified duration of time in hours. Your play time record will always increase and never resets. Note, however, play time is not counted before the “Player Award Epoch” which was the first time a player logs in after the release of Publish 1.2. Any play time before this time will not be counted towards the hours played used for award purposes. Note that these milestones are not repeatable; you can only receive the award tier token for each milestone once.
    Additionally, from patch notes:
    To prevent unfair advantages or incentives to exploit the system, we now cap players activity time at about 4 hours per day. Exact details of this cap are not disclosed. Just play the game.

    Hours Played (Since Epoch)Award Tier Token Received
    24 HoursTier I
    48 HoursTier I
    72 HoursTier II
    100 HoursTier II
    250 HoursTier III
    500 HoursTier III
    750 HoursTier IV
    1,000 HoursTier IV

    Purchasable Rewards

    You can use your earned Veteran Tokens to purchase rewards at the vendor, Ski Werrdas, outside Mos Eisley Spaceport. Each reward has a cost of 100,000 credits and a token. Note that you can use any higher-tier token to purchase a lower-tier reward. For example, a Tier III token may be used to purchase a Tier I reward item. The following awards are available (categories are for organizational purposes only, all awards are available to all players):

    Tier ISelf-Powered Harvester KitDianoga Dumpster
    Massif House Pet
    Geonosian Speeder
    Air-2 Racing Swoop
    Tier IIVeteran's Crate of ResourcesTwin Pod Cloud Car ITVCybernetic Implant ChipA1 Deluxe Floater
    XJ-6 Airspeeder
    Tier IIIHoming Beacon
    Neural Recon Network Terminal
    Cybernetic Implant Chip Modification ToolLight Bending BARC Speeder
    Koro-2 Exodrive Airspeeder
    Tier IVFlight of the Veteran
    Veteran's Storage Deed
    An Ancient Jedi Text
    Sith Speeder
    Republic Gunship Part

    Details on Special Items:
    • Self-Powered Harvester Kit - This kit makes a harvester no longer require energy to use. Combining three Self-Powered Harvester Kits will allow for use on an Elite Harvester.
    • Veteran's Crate of Free Resources - These crates give you 10,000 units of any non-energy resource that has ever spawned on the server, allowing you to get a server-best resource even if you weren't playing on the server when it first spawned.
    • Dianoga Dumpster - This dumpster can be fed junk loot, collection items, and other kinds of loot and will eventually return rewards.
    • Twin Cloud Car ITV - An Instant Travel Vehicle that is placed inside of a structure and has two programmable slots to teleport you to those designated places. It can be used by anyone who can access the structure that the ITV object is in.
    • Homing Beacon - When placed inside of a structure, this object allows you to land your ship from space at that structure.
    • Neural Recon Network Terminal - This terminal object, when placed inside of a structure, can be used once every 48 hours to reset one instance lockout timer.
    • Flight of the Veteran - This ITV-like object allows you to teleport to a group member. It has a three hour cooldown and will not allow travel to space, instances, or bypass restrictions such as PvP Zones or the Quarantine Zone. The targeted group member must not be located within a structure.
    • Veteran's Storage Deed - A special storage increase deed that increases the storage on the house it is applied to by 500.
    • Republic Gunship Part - One out of the four pieces you need to combine to create a Republic Gunship Vehicle.
    • Cybernetic Implant Chip - An object you can equip that takes up a new slot (the "implant" slot), so it doesn't occupy any existing slots like your armor or weapons. Does nothing without the modification tool.
    • Cybernetic Implant Chip Modification Tool - Adds +5 of any of the base six stats to your implant. The modification tool is consumed on use, but can be purchased multiple times, theoretically allowing you to get +40 to any base stat (e.g. Opportune Chance) if you invest all 8 of your earned Tier III and Tier IV tokens into it.
    • An Ancient Jedi Text - When read, teaches the reader the history and ways of The Force, allowing them to experience an Inciting Incident immediately upon use. Alternatively, makes for a very expensive decor item to show off to others. Don't let the Empire find it, though. Patch Conversion

    With the release of Patch, a rework of PAAS occurred, replacing day streaks with month streaks and resolving long standing issues in how active time was tracked.

    Day Rewards Conversion
    The conversion from day streak to month streaks simply converts your day streak to 30 day months, and then sets your day streak to any leftover days. The next threshold for a reward is also updated based on your record day streak using the table below. For example if you had a day streak of 66, you would get 2 months credit with a 6 day streak. Additionally, since you have already received the reward that corresponds to month 3 and 4, your next threshold for a reward would be 6 Streak Months.
    Awarded Consecutive Days (Old)Awarded Streak Months (New)
    10 Days1 Month
    20 Days2 Months
    30 Days3 Months
    60 Days4 Months
    90 Days6 Months

    Hour Rewards Fix
    All players should have adjusted playtime retroactively according to time actively spent playing since the PAAS launched. Note: Inactive playtime was being improperly counted as part of this, so most players will lose varying amounts of accrued time.

    Due to a display limitation, displayed hours is capped at approximately: days since PAAS was added * 4. If you are at this point you will still accumulate time(up to 4 hours per day) and your played hours will update in up to 4 hour chunks every day, until you drop below the display limitation.