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Dianoga Dumpster

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  • The Dianoga Dumpster is a No Trade furniture item that can be obtained from the PAAS.

    The Dianoga Dumpster functions like a Deluxe Sarlacc Trash Can: feed the dumpster an item for four consecutive weeks, and get a collection item.

    The type of item(s) fed into the dumpster determine the output, and the item must be placed in the house before it can be fed to the dumpster.

    More specifically: each collection item has a broad category it fits into. After being fed 4 items, the dumpster selects one of these categories at random, then pulls a random item from that category. Thus it is only guarnateeable what category you will be given, the specific item returned within that category is entirely random(and is actually weighted in-line with normal drop rates to a moderate extent).

    Add Combinations Below:
    Items FedResult
    Brain, Heart, Eye, LarvaMontok Dejarik Collection
    Waist 3/5 x4Waist 3/5
    A Jedi Relic x4Alliance Lieutenant Rank
    Jedi 3/5 Meditate, Jedi 1/5 Meditate x2, DEVAR DNA Canister Sith 5/5 Meditate