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Patch Notes Publish 1.2 - The Schisms of The Heretics

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Patch Notes
Publish 1.2: The Schisms of The Heretics

The server was taken down for maintenance today, and an update was applied. Be sure to close the game and run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:

Welcome to Publish 1.2. If you're new or just returning after some time away, we highly recommend taking a look at our detailed New and Returning Player Guide to catch up on what's new and different as well as the adventures in store for you.

A Patch Note IconCombat

  • Changed The base regen rate for Health has been increased: 1% of your max health per second out of combat; 0.25% of your max health per second in combat.

  • Fixed Several issues with how health, action, and mind regen were calculated in and out of combat have been corrected.

  • Fixed Addressed a common crash that occurred after combat while using a Carbine (usually when trying to enter a vehicle).

A Patch Note IconCommunity

Player Activity Awards
  • Added The Player Activity Awards System (PAAS) introduces Veteran Rewards to the galaxy with new ways to earn:

    • Daily Login Rewards are rewards you receive just for logging in every day. The time of day resets at midnight Greenwich Mean Time Zone (GMT). If you are logged in when the time of day passes, you must log out and log in again to receive the next day's reward. The Daily Login Reward consists of 1,000 to 5,000 credits and 1 Galactic Fortitude Token. You also have a 1% chance to receive a Rare Loot Chest of Rare or Exceptional value.

    • Earn Veteran Tokens (tiers I through IV) through two ways: By logging in consecutive days in a row (from 10 to 300), and by playing the game through your recorded play time in hours (24 to 1,000 hours) with counting effective as of this update.

    • Use Veteran Tokens to purchase rewards of a current tier or lower from the new vendor, Ski Werrdas, in Mos Eisley. Check your progress and learn about the system using the /activityRewards command. Featured rewards include:

      • Cybernetic Implant Chip and Modification Tool - An object you can equip that takes up a new slot (the "implant" slot) so it doesn't occupy any existing slots like your armor or weapons. When modified with the Modification Tool, adds +5 of any of the base six stats to your implant (consumed on use), allowing you to add up to +40 of any base stat to your character.

      • Self-Powered Harvester Kit - Makes a harvester no longer require energy to use. Combining three of them together can be used on an Elite Harvester.

      • Veteran's Crate of Free Resources - Gives you 10,000 units of any non-energy resource that has ever spawned on the server, allowing you to get a server-best resource even if you weren't a part of the server when it first spawned.

      • Dianoga Dumpster - Functions like a Sarlacc Trash Can. Can be fed junk and eventually returns rewards.

      • Twin Cloud Car ITV - ITV that goes inside a structure and has three programmable slots to teleport you to those designated places. Can be used by anyone who can access the ITV object.

      • Neural Recon Network Terminal - When placed inside of a structure, can be used once every 48 hours to reset one instance lockout timer.

      • Homing Beacon - Allows you to land your ship from space at the structure where this beacon is located.

      • Flight of the Veteran - ITV-like object that allows you to teleport to a group member.

      • Veteran's Storage Deed - A special storage increase deed that increases the storage on the house it is applied to by 500.

      • Seven vehicles: Geonosian Speeder, Air-2 Racing Swoop, A1 Deluxe Floater, XJ-6 Airspeeder, Light Bending BARC Speeder, Koro-2 Exodrive Airspeeder, and Sith Speeder.

      • And more!

    • Detailed information on the mechanics of this system and the available rewards can be found on the Player Activity Awards Wiki Page.

A Patch Note IconContent

Mararuder Theme Park
  • Added Inspired by The Ewok Adventure, The Mararuder Theme Park has been restored to the game with new updates and rewards.

    • The Theme Park has been redesigned as challenging open-world mid-size group content and requires players to explore all around the planet of Endor.

    • There are three separate endings with different rewards (including the new Woodland Poncho) and the quest lines can be reset by talking with the initial quest giver.

    • Badges for each ending and a server's first badge for completing all three endings are up for grabs.

    • Note: This content is intentionally vague and does not provide pointers or hints.
  • Added The Old Republic Jedi Master Cloak can now drop from the CY-M Prototype in the HK-47 instance.

  • Added The Old Republic One-Handed Lightsaber Hilt Schematic can now drop from the HK-47 instance.

  • Added The Old Republic Two-Handed Lightsaber Hilt Schematic can now drop from the Sher Kar instance.

New Player Experience
  • Fixed Corrected issues with Gendra's quests providing inaccurate waypoints and entertainer-related quests getting stuck.

A Patch Note IconCrafting

  • Added Archeologists have excavated a temple dedicated to the Ancient Celestials that holds relics of advanced technologies. Architects should seek out an Archeologist working to learn the temple's mysteries. On your journey of solving the vague hints and clues that follow, a repeatable questline, The Elitist Harvester, will offer desirable awards. Note: This content is intentionally vague and does not provide pointers or hints.

A Patch Note IconGalactic Civil War

  • Added Two new items are now available from the Battlefields Rewards Vendor:

    • Wampa Severed Arm, a reusable offensive buff item that shares a cooldown with the Lair Crystal.

    • Commando Bunker Structure Deed (two lots, 250 storage).

  • Changed The first Jango Fett jetpack piece (Mandalorian Skull Banner) has been replaced with the second piece (Merr-Sonn JT-12 Jetpack Blueprints).

A Patch Note IconItems and Equipment

  • Changed Player Inventory capacity has been permanently increased from 80 to 100 slots.

  • Changed Items that are "No Trade Shared" can now be traded with your alt directly while you and your alt are online. Additionally, items that are No Trade Shared can now be dropped or picked up in any house owned by your account where either character is the structure owner. An icon of a chat bubble denotes that this patch note originated from concepts introduced by the community in a PlayerVoice.

  • Changed Items with a combat level requirement greater than 54 have now been lowered to 54. The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

  • Changed Profession requirements have been removed from the following weapons: Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor, Nak’tra Crystal Rifle, Proton Rifle, Geonosian Sonic Blaster, Guardian Lightning Cannon, OR-5’s E-5, Sayormi Heartstriker, DP-23, C10 “Dragoneye Reaper,” High Capacity Scatter Pistol, Intimidator Pistol, DL 44 Metal Pistol, Trandoshan Suppressor Pistol, DL44 “Dosh Special” Pistol, Firestar 10-K The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

  • Changed The speeds of several endgame reward vehicles have been brought up to match the speed of the Command BARC: All Jetpacks, the XJ-2 Landspeeder from Mustafar, and the Sith Speeder from Player Activity Awards.

  • Fixed The Mutant Rancor Boss now correctly drops colorable Katarn Armor. This change is retroactive for previously dropped schematics, but not for previously crafted Katarn Armor pieces. The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

  • Fixed Wookiees and Ithorians can now equip RIS and crafted Bounty Hunter armor (but it will appear invisible). The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

  • Fixed The sound effect from Moof Mud is now played directionally from the source of the player using the buff.

  • Fixed A bug that caused artifact to appear in the Ithorian version of the Galactic Moon Festival Jacket has been resolved.

A Patch Note IconForce Sensitive

Added Introducing the Force Sensitive:
  • A new agent of disruption, The Patriots of Dathomir, have emerged in earnest to purge the planet of Dathomir of the dangerous Force Sensitives that have hidden themselves in a village surrounded by a mysterious wall of mist. At the behest of the Imperial Inquisition, they are gathering supporters in preparation for an attack and have spread propaganda throughout the galaxy. The Mysterious Figure, who guided characters on the earliest parts of their Force-discovery journey, has ceased contact, and players pursuing the Force have been left with nothing but the notion of needing to seek knowledge. Upon login, those ready for Phase III of Jedi Unlock will be granted a new quest; this begins your Voyage to the Village.

  • Once players arrive at The Village, a familiar but refreshed experience of the old Jedi Unlock system, and complete quests inside the village to unlock Force Sensitive skill boxes that can be purchased by converting their experience points to train in Force Sensitive skill boxes. Four new abilities have been added to the master boxes of the Force Sensitive trees:

    • Use the Force (Combat Prowess): Guarantees your next attack will hit.

    • Trust the Force (Enhanced Reflexes): Guarantees the next attack against you will miss.

    • Feel the Force (Crafting Mastery): Gives a bonus to experimentation rolls for 1 minute.

    • Hear the Force (Heightened Senses): Detects any bounty hunters or enemy players in your vicinity.

  • The Village will cycle through four different phases, changing once per week at the normal server reset time on Friday morning. During each phase, different quests can be completed (one per phase) to learn different boxes of the Force Sensitive trees. After completing six trees of your choosing, players will be granted the village exit quest.

  • Players who complete this final quest will have the irreversible choice to stay a Force Sensitive or to pursue the path of the Jedi. Once a player becomes a Jedi, they will partner with a new trainer to partake in the Padawan Trials and thereafter will be able to master the Jedi skills of their choosing: Force Defense, Force Enhancement, Force Healing, Force Powers, and Lightsabers.

  • Jedi are heavily CU-inspired but will have a variety of new abilities, items, and other ways to customize themselves. All cloaks have been made wearable on top of your robes with unique stats. Color crystals will also give special skill mods to your lightsaber according to their color. The instanced Ilum cave for named crystals will be added in a future update. Among the new abilities are: The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

    • Force Bubble (Healing tree): Creates a protective barrier around any target, preventing them from attacking or being attacked for a short period of time.

    • Battle Meditation (Master Force Healer): Greatly increases the combat effectiveness of all nearby group members.

  • Force Sensitives are not a welcome group in this galaxy. Many threats await those who emerge with powers that the Empire has spent years propagandizing as dangerous. To better understand the story angles and dynamics of how Force Sensitives and Jedi will exist in the galaxy, see our Developer Diary: It's the Emperor's Galaxy and the Jedi are Just Living In It.

  • Jedi wear both robes and cloaks. Most will wield a lightsaber and use the force. When doing so, they will accrue visibility if seen by others. Visibility is generated by observations of Jedi behaviors and the choice of players or NPCs to report you to the authorities. Be mindful that accrued visibility will result in higher and higher levels of adverse actions, including being placed on player bounty boards and summoning powerful enemies to eliminate any threat you pose. Robes, Cloaks, Lightsabers, and Visibility have been implemented as described in our Developer Diary: The Tools of the Jedi and The Consequences of Using Them.

  • Once you elect to become a Jedi, you will have a set number of lives. For Jedi Padawans (the highest attainable position before FRS is introduced), Jedi will have four lives. When you die, such that you require cloning, you will lose one life. When you lose all available lives, you will become a Force Ghost for a set period. For Jedi Padawans, this period is 24 hours. Ghosts cannot be seen by normal players and cannot perform most normal actions. It is a cooling-off period for the Jedi. However, they still can have a role in helping the Jedi that are alive in combat, reducing their visibility, increasing the tuning range of power crystals, and more. Our Developer Diary, Life, Death, and the Jedi Ecosystem, describes some of these mechanics, but we'll also be releasing a specific diary to cover the Ghost system in more depth in the near future.

  • Jedi will begin their training towards becoming a Jedi Padawan in The Ranch, a "safe haven" area on Dathomir that only Jedi are able to enter. The Ranch is a "truce" zone, and no PvP or Combat may take place inside. The Ranch contains several storylines and side quests for Jedi to learn about Jedi lore and how the Jedi mechanics work. Jedi can clone to The Ranch from anywhere in the galaxy and can use The Ranch's passageway system to safely move about the planet of Dathomir. The Ranch is a larger part of what is known as "The Path," a hidden network of safe houses and resources for Jedi to stay safe in the dangerous world hunting them. Other features will include most civic services that would be otherwise dangerous to access in public. The remaining two safe havens will be implemented in future updates as part of our expanding Jedi storyline.

A Patch Note IconProfessions

  • Fixed The Mutated Bol is now a 2nd-stage mutation instead of a 3rd-stage mutation.

  • Fixed Stat mutation combinations for Mutated Rawl, Mutated Makloc, and Mutated Vesps have been added to allow further stat mutations.

  • Fixed Winged Quenker color combination has been added as Purple Lyase, Red Top Isomerase, and Yellow Bottom Isomerase.

  • Fixed Color Combinations for Acklay has been added to enable the 3rd-stage Mutant Acklay mutation.
  • Changed The Full Auto Area and Rapid Fire abilities no longer have any weapon restrictions but will do reduced damage when used with any weapon aside from a Carbine.
  • Changed The potency of Karkan Ribenes Pet Loyalty has been decreased.
  • Changed The Rested XP Bonus has been reduced from 50% to 25%.
  • Changed The Quick Draw ability no longer has any weapon restrictions but will do reduced damage when used with any weapon aside from a Pistol.
  • Changed The Reckless Shot and Last Ditch abilities no longer have any weapon restrictions but will do reduced damage when used with any weapon aside from a Pistol.
  • Changed The Sniper Shot ability no longer has any weapon restrictions but will do reduced damage when used with any weapon aside from a Rifle.

  • Changed The minimum range of 20 meters from your target for Sniper Shot to execute has been removed, and the warmup time for Sniper Shot has been changed from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

  • Changed The warmup timer for the Aim ability has been reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds. The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

A Patch Note IconUser Interface

  • Added Two new fully-functional Vertical Toolbars have been added to the Ground Game's User Interface. The Vertical Toolbars are referred to as the "Left Toolbar" and "Right Toolbar" and contain 12 slots each. Key Bindings for these toolbars can be set in the Options Menu and they can be accessed for macros via UI Actions "leftToolbarSlotXX" and "rightToolbarSlotXX" 00 thru 11. The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

  • Fixed Elevator Terminal buttons with only one directional option can now be double-clicked to use them instead of requiring you to open the radial menu.

The in-game credits have been updated to reflect the amazing volunteer team that helped support Publish 1.2, including our staff, the Galactic Senate, our 1.2 Alpha Testers, players who shared ideas in PlayerVoice, community members who engaged in thoughtful discussions in Discord, and many more. Thank you all for your support in making this update happen!

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Development Team
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