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Open Artisan Summary of Changes to Harvester Player Voices

This idea/suggestion is Open. You can respond to ask questions or discuss the idea and either vote it up or down if you believe it should or should not be implemented, respectively. Popular suggestions and ideas will be considered by the development team to become reality in-game.
Nov 16, 2021
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(I) Allow harvesters to have admin rights (+55 votes, #1)
Player Voice:
Comments: Huge quality of life improvement for multiple toons being able to check on and pull resource.

(II) Allow harvesters to be packed up into data pad, not just re-deeded (+20 votes, #19) [NOT IMPLEMENTED]
Player Voice:
Comments: Quality of life for moving harvesters. Maintenance and lots are still taken up while packed up

(III) Stop harvesters from deleting resources when out of power or maintenance (+17 votes, #25) (Still being investigated)
Player Voice:
Comments: Current mechanics are too unforgiving, especially if you have a real life issue for a day or two.

(IV) Allow harvester droids to add power and check hopper % full, not just add maintenance (+16 votes, #29)
YouTube video of enhancement:
Player Voice:
Comments: Harvester droids are not used by anyone due to only being able to add maintenance and not use all features of a harvester

(V) Adjust harvesters to be able to be placed on slightly higher grade slopes (+22 votes, #15)
Youtube video of problem:
Player Voice:
Comments: Extremely restrictive placement requirements, a few degrees of slope will be very helpful

(VI) Change re-deed fee to only pull what message displays (9k hvy, 3k med, 1.5k sm) not 2x of fee (DONE)
Youtube video of problem:
Comments: No Player Voice. Confirmed via testing on Aug 15 all credits are not eaten, just removes 9k instead of 4.5k if available
These are significant quality of life improvements for crafters across the board and a top priority for artisans.
This Player Voice is to summarize suggestions all having to do with harvesters. There are 350 Player Voices and can be difficult to keep track of them all.
This Player Voice is an amalgamation of 5 other overwhelmingly positive Player Voices that all have to do with harvesters. Intent is to simplify communication to developers for recommended changes to harvesters into one list.

The combined rating of these Player Voices sits at +130 votes and represent 5 of the top 30 highest rated Player Voices. If you have not voted on these topics, please do so with the links below.

As additional feedback is collected I will edit this Player Voice.
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