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Patch Notes Update 1.2.1

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Patch Notes
Update 1.2.1

The server was taken down for maintenance today, and an update was applied. Be sure to close the game and run your launcher. The update notes are as follows:

A Patch Note IconCombat

  • Added All accuracy rolls now have an additional 10% chance to hit added.

  • Added A "Glancing Blow" can now occur if you miss an attack computed to have an 80%+ chance to hit. Instead of missing, the attack will now deal drastically reduced damage but will still include any combat effects.

  • Changed Several changes have been made to rebalance damage, action, and mind across professions. You can read more about specifics in the Professions section below, but the theme of these changes is:
    • Single target damage has been increased.

    • AoE damage has been decreased.

    • Melee damage and accuracy have been further increased.

    • Professions linked with weapons that deal more damage will have higher action/mind costs.

    • Professions linked with weapons that deal less damage will have lower action/mind costs.

  • Fixed Grenades now use the Thrown Weapon Accuracy skill mod to determine if they hit. Grenades (and any other delayed attacks) do not use the attacker's posture to determine bonus accuracy.

  • Fixed Damage over Time (DoT) Resist stat modifiers now work consistently. They act as a defense roll against the attacker's accuracy. Combat Medic DoT accuracy is equivalent to their Medical Warfare Efficiency stat; for others, the DoT accuracy is generally 100. The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

A Patch Note IconCommunity

Player Cities

  • Changed Player Cities can now place and maintain a Shuttleport at Level 3 (Note: The net result of this change with other city rank requirement changes is expected to be the loss of only one shuttle port in the galaxy based on citizen numbers as of this patch).

  • Changed Player Structures placed outside of a Player City's limits (i.e., anywhere in unincorporated territory that is not part of a Player City) will now incur 3x maintenance costs.

  • Changed The minimum citizen requirement per city level and the radius of a city zone have changed as follows:
    • Level 1: 16 citizens required; City radius: 250m

    • Level 2: 24 citizens required; City radius: 350m

    • Level 3: 32 citizens required; City radius: 500m

    • Level 4: 48 citizens required; City radius: 600m

    • Level 5: 64 citizens required; City radius: 800m

  • Changed The weekly maintenance costs of Player Cities have changed as follows:
    • City Hall Cost: 50,000 Credits * City Rank (e.g., Rank 3 City Cost = 150,000)

    • Shuttle Port Cost: 100,000 Credits

    • Medical Center and Other Civic Structures: 25,000 Credits

    • Small Objects: 300 Credits

    • Small Gardens: 5,000 Credits

    • Large Gardens: 10,000 Credits

A Patch Note IconContent

  • Added A new Celestial Discovery quest line is available for Master Shipwrights and Corellian Engineering Corporation Certified Miners at the Celestial Temple on Yavin IV. Completion of the quest line grants new limited-use schematics and a new badge.

  • Changed Initial Legacy quests have been rebalanced, including all of the Mayor’s quests. This includes the difficulty of mobs, spawners associated with quests, and amount of mobs required to complete quests. More dialogue cues have also been added to make the next steps in the quest chain more intuitive. The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

  • Fixed The Mutant Rancor Boss will now grant schematics 2-3x more often.

  • Added Gendra now has a dialogue option pointing to The Collector quest series, which provides an introductory overview of the Collection System.

  • Fixed Quests now give Entertainer and Crafting experience when appropriate instead of only Combat experience.

A Patch Note IconCrafting

  • Changed All asteroids now have a quality of 1000, which affects schematics for Cargo Holds, POB Equipment, and some Chassis. An icon of a chat bubble denotes that this patch note originated from concepts introduced by the community in a PlayerVoice.

  • Changed Socketing now utilizes Assembly attribute mod instead of Experimentation attribute mod and is guaranteed at 151 Assembly skill. The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

A Patch Note IconForce Sensitive

  • Visibility:
    • Jedi gain visibility by using their abilities in front of others at a rate of once per minute per viewer, and/or by being observed with an equipped lightsaber (note: clothing is not included in visibility generation), or when a player reports you.

    • Players can report a Jedi using the “Report a Jedi” command that has been added for all players. Reports can be filed for 60 seconds after they witness a Jedi perform any Jedi-related action, and for an optional fee can add extra visibility (4x). Players can only report a specific Jedi once every five minutes. Reports can be filed simultaneously if witnessing multiple Jedi.

    • Note that factional affiliation is irrelevant to visibility. Jedi are unwanted in the galaxy; even those among your ranks may report you.

    • As visibility is gained, NPCs with friendly attitudes towards Jedi may warn you about your visibility or help you lower it. With further gains in visibility, you will face environmental consequences, including an inability to use public/civic services (no travel tickets, no bank terminals, no bank tipping, cannot use NPC vendors or junk dealers, and cannot repair vehicles). Reaching the highest levels of visibility will result in your player being placed on player bounty boards and difficult NPCs coming after you, including the Inquisitors and Darth Vader.

    • The amount of visibility generated by each action will increase exponentially based on the number of Jedi in the surrounding area.

    • Visibility is reduced by logging off, while you are in a Safe Haven, and when using Force Meditate from the Force Enhancement Tree. Visibility is reduced dramatically by killing a player Bounty Hunter currently charged with killing you.

    • When a Jedi performs an action causing visibility, a fly text +Visibility+ will appear above the creature that caused the Jedi to gain visibility. This includes players using the Report a Jedi command.

    • Visibility rates and other visibility mechanics not mentioned here are intended to be discovered by players. Additionally, note that visibility is new and a far-reaching mechanic, so we may continually tweak values as we monitor behaviors and effects. Please contact the Force Sensitive Senator if you have any feedback to share.

  • Ghost:
    • When a Jedi dies and no longer has any lives, they become a Ghost. A buff placed on your player indicates the length of time you will be a ghost. This special buff timer will also tick down while you are offline.

    • Ghosts cannot enter combat, converse with NPCs, travel, or perform most other basic player functions.

    • Ghosts can only be seen by other Jedi.

    • Ghosts will have special roles to play in the Jedi experience in the future.

  • Safe Havens:
    • A Safe Haven is a private sanctum for Jedi that only Jedi can enter. A barrier protects a Safe Haven, preventing any combat near its borders and blocking non-Jedi from entering.

    • The first Safe Haven, The Ranch, is located on Dathomir, and players will visit The Ranch as part of their unlock journey.

    • Jedi will always be presented with the option to clone at a Safe Haven when they die.

    • Jedi can travel to a Safe Haven for free by opening the radial menu on the Planetary Travel Ticket Purchasing Terminal as long as they do not have high visibility.

    • Safe Havens have cloning, insurance, banking, and bazaar terminals inside. At least one building inside functions as a hospital and cantina as well.

    • NPCs inside Safe Havens may now (or in the future) offer quests for you to complete or provide other services for Jedi, such as transportation. Stay tuned if any current NPCs don’t have anything to offer you yet.

  • Lightsabers:
    • Lightsabers are crafted by the Jedi using a lightsaber crafting kit, and act as a container for crystals and pearls. Every lightsaber must have a color crystal, and may contain a number of Pearls or Power Crystals allowed by the "Generation" of Lightsaber schematic used. At this time, the highest available generation is 4, which can contain 4 pearls.

    • Components within a lightsaber (pearls, color crystals) will decay over time at the same rate, and will become disabled and stop contributing stats once at 0 condition.

    • Placing a color crystal inside of a lightsaber will give a unique skill mod based on its color. There are four different stats to discover.

  • Changed Your character’s stored incident type for The Inciting Incident now rotates every 15 days instead of every 30 days.

  • Changed Items used or worn by Jedi are now labeled contraband (this label will appear in red when examining items). Local authorities will search for contraband items, which can result in fines for non-Jedi or fines and visibility for Jedi. Contraband items cannot be sold on the Bazaar or Vendors, so players must establish other ways to exchange them but must do so cautiously, as exchanging these items may result in unwanted attention from authorities. Note, however, that items already listed on the Bazaar or Vendors will not be removed.

  • For more information about Jedi mechanics, please see our Developer Diaries covering these features, The Tools of the Jedi And The Consequences and It's The Emperor's Galaxy And The Jedi Are Just Living In It; but note that where Patch Notes conflict with the Developer Diary, the Patch Notes supersede the diary and are considered authoritative.

A Patch Note IconItems and Equipment

  • Fixed The Twin Pod Cloud Car ITV now properly charges 10,000 credits and a Mark V Fuel Cell or ITV Fuel Cell for use.

  • Changed Player Datapads now have a limit of 20 Creatures and 20 Droids instead of 20 combined Creatures and Droids. An icon of a chat bubble denotes that this patch note originated from concepts introduced by the community in a PlayerVoice.

  • Changed Exo Protein Wafers now reduce damage by about 50% less.

  • Changed Synthsteaks now reduce damage by 20% less.

  • Changed The following Reverse Engineering mods have changed:
    • Droid Critical Chance -> One Handed Lightsaber Accuracy

    • Humanoid Critical Chance -> Two Handed Lightsaber Accuracy

    • Creature Critical Chance -> Double Bladed Lightsaber Accuracy

    • Devastation -> One Handed Lightsaber Speed

    • Parry Reduction -> Two Handed Lightsaber Speed

    • Dodge Reduction -> Double Bladed Lightsaber Speed

  • Fixed Bacta Spray Enhancers will now only consume one charge regardless of how many players were healed. The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

  • Fixed Clothing belts no longer appear to float around the midsection when worn with particular items like jackets or vests. Belts now hug the body and are positioned underneath outer layers.

A Patch Note IconMisc

  • Added You can now add factions (Rebel/Imperial), All Citizens of a Player City, and all Jedi players to the Entry List and Ban List of structures. For more information on how this feature works, review the Structure Permissions Wiki Page.

A Patch Note IconProfessions


  • Changed Critical Strike's cooldown is now 2 seconds (from 4)

  • Changed Power Attack now does increased damage

  • Changed Head Hit now deals increased damage when using a two-handed Melee weapon

Bounty Hunter

  • Changed Duelist Stance now grants 60/90 defense (from 75/125)

  • Changed Eye Shot and Critical Shot now deal increased damage


  • Changed Suppression Fire's cooldown is now 10 seconds (from 20)

  • Changed Rapid Fire now deals increased damage

  • Changed Leg Shot now deals increased damage when using a Carbine

  • Changed Scatter Shot and Full Auto Area now deal reduced damage

Combat Medic

  • Changed Master Combat Medic now grants 6 Healing Potency instead of 10


  • Changed Cryoban Grenade now only snares movement by 20% for 15 seconds

  • Changed Damage from Grenade abilities has been reduced by 25%

  • Changed Standfast's cooldown is now 3 minutes (from 1 minute)

  • Changed Riddle Armor's cooldown is now 4 seconds (from 10)

  • Changed Overkill Shot's cooldown is now 40 seconds (from 60), and its damage has been reduced

  • Changed Riddle Armor and It Burns now deal increased damage

  • Changed Deadbang Shot now deals decreased damage and has a 35m range (from 42)


  • Added Advanced Bacta Infusion has been added to Master Doctor. Advanced Bacta Infusion grants a Heal over Time to all allies within 20 meters (healing numbers are identical to Improved Bacta Infusion)

  • Changed Extinguish Fire now affects all friendly players within a 10m range

  • Changed Poison and Disease Inoculation buffs now grant 10/20% DoT resist (from 50/80)

  • Fixed Countertoxin Spray now properly affects all friendly players within the 20m range


  • Changed Scatter Hit's cooldown is now 4 seconds (from 2)

  • Changed Lunge's cooldown is now 2 seconds (from 2.5)

  • Changed Scatter Hit and Lunge now deal increased damage

  • Changed Body Hit now deals increased damage when using a one-handed Melee weapon


  • Added Spin Attack now includes a 50% snare on all affected players

  • Changed Stunning Blow and Impale now deal increased damage

  • Changed Leg Hit now deals increased damage when using a Polearm


  • Changed Body Shot now deals increased damage when using a Pistol


  • Changed Overwhelming Shot now deals increased damage


  • Changed Kneecap Shot now has a 45% movement snare (from 25%)

  • Changed Head Shot now deals increased damage when using a Rifle


  • Fixed Ace Helmet limited schematics are now learned by Master Tailor instead of Master Shipwright. The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

Tera Kasi Artist

  • Added Combo Attack now grants a stacking defense buff each time the ability is used. Each stack increases your Defense by 15 points, up to ten stacks.

  • Changed Center of Being's defense bonus has been reduced to 100/300/400 (from 200/400/500)


  • Fixed A Vibro Unit can now be applied to melee weapons that were missing slots. The emblem of the Galactic Senate enotes that this patch note originated from requests or influence from one or more Galactic Senators.

  • Fixed Weapons now correctly add Accuracy from components baked into the craft (most notably affecting Geonosian weapons).

A Patch Note IconUser Interface

  • Added Jedi can now view the number of lives they have remaining from the Character Sheet.
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