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Service Alert Updates to our Community Standards

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Greetings Galaxy,

We've recently made changes to our Community Standards and wanted to share more about these updates which take effect immediately.

We have not fundamentally altered any of our rules from how they existed previously, instead, we've focused on:
  • Reducing the length and explanation of each rule so expectations are easier to understand and succinct by using a bulleted short-form and direct, clear language model.
  • Reframing how our rules are described so it is clear our conduct expectations apply to all services.
  • Including definitions in a defined-term approach. Phrases that have multiple or ambiguous meanings now include a blue highlight and underline. Anyone reading the standards can hover over the highlighted area to understand how we define those terms.
In addition, we've made a few changes, including:
  • Updating the framing and definition of unattended gameplay consistent with our Developer Diary describing the future of that mechanic.
  • Expanding our previous explanation of exploiting by means of diverting from the spirit by which a gameplay mechanic was designed.
  • Expanding and clarifying our meaning of disrupting the playability of the game.
  • The addition of communication expectations that prohibit disinformation.
  • Clearly identifying which violations will result in the immediate termination of an account.

If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to Community Support.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration III Team
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