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Community Standards

Community Standards

Last Updated: February 21, 2024

It is our goal to create and foster an environment that promotes an active, collaborative, passionate, fun, and engaged community. We actively seek participation from those that will enhance our community while creating an equitable environment for all and have created these standards with that in mind. It is expected that these guidelines will be honored by all players.

How You Interact with Our Community

Registering Your Account

  • You may only have one account. No exceptions.
  • Account sharing or accessing any account except your own is strictly prohibited.
  • Every account must register with its own physical computer.
  • Account holders must be at least 18 years of age. Minors are not allowed to play SWG Restoration.
  • You may not register your account or access our services using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or otherwise mask your true internet identity.

Language and Communication

  • You may not engage in communication that is beyond good taste and civility, including any language or communication that is:
    • Excessively profane;
    • Sexually explicit;
    • Relating to politics or religion;
    • Espousing hate, bigotry, or that has any basis in a discriminatory ideology;
    • Attacking, insulting, or demeaning others.
  • You may not, in the course of accessing or using your account, violate any laws or discuss the violation of laws (including drug use as it is illegal in some territories).
  • You may not excessively spam chat messages.

Harassment and Abuse

  • You may not harass or abuse other players.
  • If you threaten another player outside of a game context or “in real life,” your account will be terminated.

Trolling, Deception, and Inciting Drama

  • Your communications and any content you distribute must not be:
    • False, inaccurate, or misleading disinformation;
    • Intended or reasonably likely to incite drama or cause unrest in the community.
  • Trolling is discouraged. Repeated or intense trolling is unacceptable.
  • You may not defraud other players, such as by falsely representing your intentions to make a gain at another player’s expense or impersonate another player.
  • You must follow the reasonable and posted rules of any community events you attend, whether the event is organized by other players or SWG Restoration.


  • Where you have the option to name something, the name must not contain any language that violates, either literally or through interpretation, our language and communication rules.
  • Characters, items, accounts, guilds, or cities which violate our naming policies, will be permanently destroyed without warning, refund, or opportunity to rename.
  • Names must not infringe upon the fictional world of the game. No names may be used that represent identities or objects in the Star Wars Universe.

How You Interact with Our Game

Disrupting Playability

  • You may not do anything that prevents other players from equal access to and enjoyment of game content.
  • You may not intentionally manipulate the effects of graphics or other technical aspects of the game in a manner that causes excessive zone latency or lag.
  • You may not do anything that unnecessarily increases server load, or that otherwise impacts the performance or cost of maintaining our services.

Unattended and Automated Gameplay

  • You may not automate any aspect of your gameplay or interactions with the in-game user interface or in-game systems using third-party applications or any other means that is not an in-game mechanic provided to all players.
  • You may use the mechanics provided in-game, such as macros, to play the game unattended to the extent permissible by the respective systems.
  • If you do play unattended, you may not derive system-generated benefits as a result.

Cheating and Exploits

  • You may not do anything that circumvents or alters the normal functionality of the game.
  • You may not usurp benefits or advantages to your character in a manner that is inconsistent with the spirit by which a gameplay mechanic was designed.
  • You may use client-side modifications that are solely cosmetic, however, the use of such modifications will limit the ability of Community Support to provide assistance to you if your game client begins to exhibit unintended behavior.
  • You may not intercept, modify, or interfere with any transmissions to or from our systems or attempt to access any system or feature you do not have explicit authorization to access and use.
  • You may not make any modifications to the Restoration Game Client executable or attempt to decrypt, decompile, alter, or reverse-engineer any client files or assets.
  • You may not purchase or sell any part of your account, objects, or credits in exchange for items of real-world monetary value, nor may you gamble or play games of chance in any way where items of real-world monetary value are at stake to be exchanged.
  • You must immediately disclose an exploit via a bug report if you discover one and must discountinue using it after that.
  • You may only launch and play the game on a computer running a native installation of the Microsoft Windows operating system version 10 or newer. You may not play the game in a virtualized environment (e.g., Boot Camp or Parallels on a Mac) or through a compatibility layer (e.g., Wine on Linux). Dual booting is allowed.
  • You may not mask your IP address using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or any other means to hide your true connectivity origin when accessing our services.

How You Interact with Our Staff

  • You must discontinue any behavior or activity immediately if requested to do so by a member of the Restoration Staff.
  • You may not argue with, attack, defame, or question the authority of the SWG Restoration Staff. The only acceptable outlet to voice dissent is through submitting a complaint to Community Support which will be escalated to Senior Staff.
  • You may not lie to, falsify submitted records to, or otherwise mislead or attempt to defraud Community Support or any other SWG Restoration Staff. Doing so will result in the termination of your account.
  • You may not indicate to any person that you are a member of the SWG Restoration Staff when you are not, or imply that you will receive special treatment from SWG Restoration Staff in any circumstance. Doing so will result in the termination of your account.

How We Handle Violations of These Standards

The SWG Restoration Discipline System is used to track user conduct and determine proportionate punishments for repeated offenses and violations of our Community Standards. When a player violates the Community Standards, the SWG Restoration Staff may elect to issue an infraction to the user.

Warnings and Infractions

An infraction is a singular record of a rule violation which applies demerit points to your account. When your account reaches a certain threshold of demerit points, a suspension or ban is automatically issued. The SWG Restoration Staff may use their discretion to issue a warning in lieu of an infraction, such as for a first offence, which operates the same way but does not apply any demerit points.

Infraction Expiration

The system is designed to account for the fact that players make mistakes and ideally learn from their actions. While infraction points applied to an account do not expire, there is never a forum or in-game rule violation that results in a permanent ban upon the first offence (although some severe violations can lead to a permanent ban after the second or third offence).

Service Equivalency

Violations of the Community Standards are not evaluated differently across our various services (e.g. Forums, Discord, and in-game). When an infraction is issued, regardless of the origin of the behavior that catalyzed its issuance, it applies to the overall account's total. When a suspension or ban is issued, it is applied across all services equally. Our expectation is that users consistently follow our Community Standards regardless of the service they are using.

Staff Discretion

While the SWG Restoration Staff can exercise discretion in when to issue a warning or infraction, the amount of demerit points, expiry, and suspension or ban threshold is predetermined based on the violation type and not modifiable when issuing an infraction intentionally to keep the system balanced and fair to all players.

Suspensions and Bans:

Suspensions or bans are not issued by Staff directly but rather issued by the system automatically only when an infraction threshold has been reached. Suspensions and bans are issued based on the following point thresholds:

  • 5 Points - 3 Day Suspension
  • 10 Points - 1 Week Suspension
  • 15 Points - 2 Week Suspension
  • 20 Points - 1 Month Suspension
  • 25 Points - 2 Month Suspension
  • 30 Points - Permanent Ban

Appealing a Suspension or Ban

SWG Restoration does not take the issuance of bans lightly and hopes that all users can find a home in our galaxy while ensuring they comply with our Community Standards and Terms of Service. In the event an account is banned and the player believes the ban is a mistake, unjust, or should otherwise be lifted or modified, players should follow our Ban Appeal Process.

Please note that while these rules represent a simplified and easy to comprehend explanation of our expectations, our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and End User Access and License Agreement ultimately govern your access and use of our services