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Community Standards

Community Standards

Last Updated: September 25, 2021

It is our goal to create and foster an environment that promotes an active, collaborative, passionate, fun, and engaged community. We actively seek participation from those that will enhance our community while creating an equitable environment for all and have created these standards with that in mind. It is expected that these guidelines will be honored by all players.

The following represents the basic rules of conduct that govern the creation of your account, as well as player interaction and activity within SWG Restoration III. Failure to act responsibly and adhere to these rules will result in adverse action as described herein, up to and including the termination of your account. Please note that while these rules represent a simplified and easy to comprehend explanation of our expectations, our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and End User Access and License Agreement ultimately govern your access and use of our services

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Account Guidelines

  1. Account holders must be at least 13 years old and minors must have permission to play. SWG Restoration III strictly adheres to the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA). Accordingly, we do not allow players under the age of 13 under any circumstances. Any player under the age of legal majority in their country of origin (18 in the United States) must have their Parent or Legal Guardian's permission to have an account. More information on COPPA restrictions and resources for parents can be found in our Privacy Policy.
  2. Multiple Accounts are not allowed. You may only have one SWG Restoration III account per household. Because of our generous character limit policy, there is no reason to have multiple accounts except for nefarious purposes.

    If you have multiple persons in your household wishing to play, please request an exemption. If you create additional accounts without exemptions, they will be banned and your primary account may be subject to disciplinary action as well. If a multiple account exemption is granted, know that households collectively share the obligation to adhere to the SWG Restoration III rules. If any single account in the exemption is banned, all accounts under the exemption will be banned for the same duration.

  3. Account sharing is prohibited. All players must have their own account. Players may not log into any account that does not belong to them, including even if they have a multiple account exemption. If any player logs into an account that does not belong to them, even if only once, it will be considered a multiple account and will be terminated in accordance with our multiple account guidelines.
  4. Your username and profile information must be accurate and appropriate. If you create an account with a username that is inappropriate or that does not adhere to these guidelines, the account will be terminated and you will not receive the opportunity to transfer your characters or change your username.

    If information you provide in your profile is inappropriate, such as optional profile fields, we may ask you to change them. Repeat offenses will result in additional disciplinary action. If you provide information to us in your user profile that is false or fraudulent, your account will be terminated.

  5. You cannot create additional accounts to evade a suspension. If you create new account(s) in an attempt to bypass a suspension or ban on your primary account, the new account will be terminated, and your main account's suspension duration will be doubled. Accounts that have been suspended, banned, or terminated, have no rights to access our services. If you have questions about a ban or disagree with a staff action, see Infractions and Bans for the appropriate procedure.
  6. Account security is the responsibility of the account owner. If your account is compromised, you must immediately notify us. Accounts that are compromised will be suspended until an investigation is concluded where we have determined an amicable path forward. Want to ensure your account is secure? Follow our Account Security Guide and enable two-step verification!
  7. Do not buy or sell accounts, characters, credits, or items. Accessing and playing SWG Restoration III is entirely free. There is no reason to buy or sell an account, character, credits, or items. Any account found to be engaged in the selling or purchase of accounts, characters, credits, or items in exchange for real-life currency will be terminated.

In-Game Rules

  1. You may not harass, threaten, or abuse other players. Harassment is defined as specifically targeting another player or group of players to harm, offend, or inconvenience them whether verbally or systematically beyond the limits of good taste, civility, and appropriate game context. As harassment can take many forms, the Community Support Representative (CSR) involved will make a determination as to whether or not a "reasonable person" would feel harassed.
  2. You may not use any inappropriate, offensive, or abusive language. You may not use any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, illegal, hateful, or offensive language, in any language. The presence of any form of preventative filter or other game features (/filter or /ignore) does not grant a license to use such language in any form.

    Any language that is or could be considered discriminatory or offensive to any identity (including but without limitation to content that would be considered hateful based on a protected category or classification such as: race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information, disability, age, religion/creed, and military/veteran status) is prohibited.

  3. You may not violate any local, state, or federal laws or discuss violating them. You may not, in the course of accessing or using your account, violate any laws or discuss the violation of laws (including drug use as it is illegal in some territories).
  4. All naming must adhere to these rules. You may not name any character, object, pet, NPC, player structure, guild, city, or any other nameable in-game item in any way that would violate the rule prohibiting inappropriate, offensive, or abusive language or that would disrupt the fantasy of the game (e.g. using the names of notable Star Wars figures). If you create any in-game item or character that is named inappropriately, it will be deleted (guilds or cities will be disbanded) and you will not have the opportunity to rename it or any right to recover lost progress or items. Combinations of words, misspellings, or alternative spellings of words that produce a result which could be interpreted to be in violation of this rule are also unacceptable.
  5. You may not excessively spam chat messages. Spatial chat messages transmitted in high-traffic areas (e.g. advertisements for auctions, looking for group, or buffs) must be spaced at least 2 minutes apart (macros should use /pause 120 in between each /say).
  6. You may not play unattended. It is not permitted for a character to be played unattended or AFK. If you are going to be away from the computer for more than a few minutes please move your character to an empty corner of the world or log out completely.
  7. You may not disrupt the playability of the game world. Disruption is defined as any activity, intentional or unintentional, which harms or inconveniences other players or prevents them from accessing game content or features. Disruption includes, but is not limited to:

    • Deliberately blocking a doorway or a narrow area so other players cannot get past.
    • Placing any object (such as pets, droids, structures, city facilities) which prevents access to game content (anything in the game, including city structures, houses, caves, mission terminals, etc.) or traps other players.
    • Intentionally causing excessive zone latency, such as by using graphics-intensive weaponry to duel in high traffic areas or pulling/storing broken vehicles in rapid succession.
    • Organizing, holding, or participating in protests held in high traffic areas (such as busy Starports or other areas where many players normally gather).
    • Attempting to monopolize a spawn area for the purposes of preventing other players from accessing the content.
  8. You may not abuse the Community Support Team or the SWG Restoration III Staff. Abuse under this section is considered to be, but is not limited to, any of the following:

    • Personnel Abuse - This includes, but is not limited to, coordinating, suggesting, or participating in any of the following: sending excessive petitions or tickets (as an individual or group) to Support, sending excessive /tells to a member of Staff, excessively using any means of communication to speak with a member of Staff, making threats against the project, rules, or against personnel, or using abusive language against a CS Representative.
    • Attempting to Defraud a Staff Member - Contacting Support or another member of Staff with false information with the intent of receiving benefits as a result. This includes reporting bug deaths, experience or item loss, or accusing other players of wrongdoing without basis for it.
    • Implying Favoritism - Stating that any member of the SWG Restoration III Staff will show favor towards one or more parties involved in any given situation. This includes, but is not limited to, using threats of retribution or inferring that you will not be held accountable for your actions due to special consideration.
    • Impersonating a Staff Member - Falsely representing yourself to another player as a member of SWG Restoration III Staff either through communication or your character's name.
    • Arguing with or Questioning Staff Authority - If a member of the SWG Restoration III Staff makes a decision, that decision is final. It is not appropriate to publicly argue, debate, or question the Staff. If you have a grievance, you can either discuss it privately with the Staff Member or you can submit a Staff Complaint or Abuse Report.
  9. You may not hack or exploit the game or modify or automate the client. The following guidelines apply:

    • Allowable Modifications - The only modifications to your game client that are allowable are cosmetic modifications. However, installing any modifications into your client will void your ability to contact Community Support for technical issues as we do not provide support for clients with third-party modifications.
    • Disallowed Modifications - Any modifications made to your client that change anything other than the appearance of existing client assets are disallowed, including any modifications that alter the user interface or that negate or alter the need for interaction with any profession, increase or change the stats of any item, increase inventory or interface with third party programs so that AFK play is enabled (i.e. automation).
    • Third Party Software - Any hardware or third party software that interacts with the game client that is not distributed by SWG Restoration III is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to any software that enables unattended game play, alters movement speed of your character, or enables your character to perform actions or activities without the normal manual input required.
    • Hacking - You may not attempt to interfere with, hack into or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running SWG Restoration III. Hacking includes altering the client to perform functions outside of its normal operation, altering data transmitted between the client and server, or attempting to gain unauthorized access to SWG Restoration III servers.
    • Exploiting - Exploiting is defined as performing an action within the game to circumvent or alter the normal functions of the game or intended gameplay mechanics (and possibly gaining unfair advantage as a result) or performing other actions which usurp advantages to your player in a manner that is inconsistent with the spirit by which a gameplay mechanic was designed. Exploiting may or may not be the result of a bug (an unintended result of a game function that is unintentionally encountered and/or cannot be bypassed without altering the intended gameplay experience). Either way, you must immediately discontinue using such exploit, report the existence of such an exploit as a bug, and never disclose to the public that it exists.
  10. You may not defraud other players. Fraud is defined as falsely representing one's intentions to make a gain at another's expense. Fraud includes using deception to deprive another player of items, slandering another player or impersonating them with the intention of causing harm to that player's reputation, or falsely representing one's identity in order to gain access to another player's account or account information. Examples of this activity also include but are not limited to offering to "slice" a weapon or container belonging to another player and then keeping the items and credits or using flaws in a secure trade window to deprive someone of one or more of their items or credits.
  11. You may not participate in a group that habitually violates these rules. You may not organize or be a member of any player association, cities, or groups that are based on or espouses any hate-mongering philosophy (propagation of hate literature, behavior, or propaganda related to real-world characteristics) or that habitually violates other SWG Restoration III rules. Guilds, cities, or groups organized for any of these purposes or engaged in these activities will be disbanded. Additionally, Guild or Group Leaders or City Mayors are responsible for the actions of their membership/citizens and will be held accountable if their respective membership is found to be in violation of this rule.
  12. There are no excuses for your actions. "Roleplaying" or "Testing the Server" is not a valid excuse for violating any of these rules and you will be held accountable for your violations regardless.

Discord Rules

  1. All content posted must be SFW (Safe for Work). A If you wouldn't show it to your boss, don't show it to us! Please refrain from posting any grotesque, crude, or overtly offensive content. Do not post any content that contains nudity. And while profanity may help you get your point across, please do not use it excessively.
  2. Our community is welcoming and non-discriminatory. Baiting or trolling is not allowed as it is not a welcoming behavior, nor does it positively contribute to the discourse of the server. In general, be respectful of and to everyone! No bigotry, hatred, harassment, or bullying on any basis will be tolerated at any time.
  3. Avoid other disruptive behaviors and content. In general, we welcome passionate discussion but discourage heavy arguments. Any behavior that is or appears to be purposeful with the intention of disrupting any aspect of this community or server is strictly prohibited. Do not post links to content of any nature that would violate any of these rules. Do not post any photos, videos, links, or messages containing the real-life information of any player. Please do not excessively tag or ping staff. If we are able to respond, we will.
  4. Spamming or advertising in any of the channels is not allowed. The only good kind of spam is the tuna kind! We do not allow advertisements, solicitation, self-promotion (including influencer channel or page promotions), "follow-for-follow", or affiliate marketing of any kind without direct approval from our Community Relations team.
  5. English only. The official language of the Discord Server is English. At this time, we do not have the capacity to support other languages on the server.
  6. Follow the instructions of SWG Restoration III Staff. While we hope these rules are comprehensive, they are not catch-all. In general, we rely on the reasonable discretion of our Staff to determine when content is or is not appropriate. If you are asked by a Staff Member to discontinue any behavior or action, you must do so immediately. Do not argue with or question the authority of Staff. If you disagree, the only appropriate recourse is to discuss your concerns through private messages.
  7. *Please note we do not provide official support in Discord. For account, technical, or in-game support, please submit a ticket. To report a bug, please use the Bug Reporting Form as we cannot accurately document reports submitted through the Discord Server. Thank you!

Infractions and Bans

The SWG Restoration III Discipline System is used to track user conduct and determine proportionate punishments for repeated offenses and violations of our Community Standards. When a player violates the Community Standards, the SWG Restoration III Staff may elect to issue an infraction to the user.

Warnings and Infractions: An infraction is a singular record of a rule violation which applies demerit points to your account. When your account reaches a certain threshold of demerit points, a suspension or ban is automatically issued. The SWG Restoration III Staff may use their discretion to issue a warning in lieu of an infraction, such as for a first offence, which operates the same way but does not apply any demerit points.

Infraction Expiry: The system is designed to account for the fact that players make mistakes and ideally learn from their actions. While infraction points applied to an account do not expire, there is never a forum or in-game rule violation that results in a permanent ban upon the first offence (although some severe violations can lead to a permanent ban after the second or third offence).

Service Equivalency: Violations of the Community Standards are not evaluated differently across our various services (e.g. Forums, Discord, and in-game). When an infraction is issued, regardless of the origin of the behavior that catalyzed its issuance, it applies to the overall account's total. When a suspension or ban is issued, it is applied across all services equally. Our expectation is that users consistently follow our Community Standards regardless of the service they are using.

Staff Discretion: While the SWG Restoration III Staff can exercise discretion in when to issue a warning or infraction, the amount of demerit points, expiry, and suspension or ban threshold is predetermined based on the violation type and not modifiable when issuing an infraction intentionally to keep the system balanced and fair to all players.

Suspensions and Bans: Suspensions or bans are not issued by Staff directly but rather issued by the system automatically only when an infraction threshold has been reached. Suspensions and bans are issued based on the following point thresholds:

  • 5 Points - 3 Day Suspension
  • 10 Points - 1 Week Suspension
  • 15 Points - 2 Week Suspension
  • 20 Points - 1 Month Suspension
  • 25 Points - 2 Month Suspension
  • 30 Points - Permanent Ban

Appealing a Suspension or Ban: SWG Restoration III does not take the issuance of bans lightly and hopes that all users can find a home in our galaxy while ensuring they comply with our Community Standards and Terms of Service. In the event an account is banned and the player believes the ban is a mistake, unjust, or should otherwise be lifted or modified, players should follow our Ban Appeal Process.