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Account Security Guide

As described in our Privacy Policy, SWG Restoration takes seriously its obligation to keep user account information secure. One component of this program involves helping educate players on the best ways to keep their accounts safe so we're pleased to share the following tips and tricks for helping keep your account as secure as possible.

General Account Security Recommendations

  • Never use the password you use for your "real life" accounts on "just-for-fun" accounts. Meaning, the password you use for your email or your bank, shouldn't be the password you use on our website. Here's why this is important.
  • If you're having trouble remembering passwords for all of your different accounts, try using a Password Manager service like 1Password or LastPass.
  • Check that the passwords you frequently use aren't known passwords that hackers will automatically try with a tool like PwnedPasswords.
  • Humans are inherently bad at creating "random" passwords. Instead, create passwords with a random generation tool like this.
  • Your password should be a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols (A-Z a-z 0-9 and ! @ * $, etc.) and should be at least 8 characters long (in fact, we actually require passwords to be at least 8 characters long here!),
  • Change your password every 3-6 months, even if you just change it a little.
  • Never share your password with anyone else! Restoration Staff will never ask for your password.

Two-Step Verification

Two-Step Verification, also known as multi-factor authentication, is a method of securing accounts by requiring a user to present more than one "proof" that they are who they say they are. Most commonly, the two forms are a password and a numeric that is texted to you or displayed in an authenticator app. Using two-step verification is the best way to keep your account secure. Think about it: If a hacker guesses your password, they're still out of luck, because they'd need the phone that's in your hand to gain access to your account. That's why you should implement it!

You can enable two-step verification on your Account Security page. Next to the "Two Step" section, if you haven't enabled this feature, you'll see "Disabled" with a button next to it that says "Change". Click the change button to access the Two-Step Verification Settings page and follow the prompts to enable verification.

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