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  • Carbineer

    Profession Overview

    Want to become a Stormtrooper and wield an E11? Maybe you want to destroy entire groups of enemies at once? Or be on the frontline and watch your enemy in the eyes as you blast a few holes in them? If the answer is yes, then Carbineer is for you. If the answer is no, then visit the Rifleman page.
    Carbineer is one of the Elite Professions on Restoration. Carbineers are medium range specialists with powerful area attacks and abilities which allow you to slow your opponent(s) movement and keep them at distance.


    To unlock Novice Carbineer you will need to learn the following skills first:
    • Marksman: Carbine IV
    • Marksman: Ranged Support IV


    Novice Carbineer

    After learning this skill it might seem that there isn't much, but stick with it, it gets better later on.
    • Skills, Abilities and Commands gained at Novice Carbineer:
      • Melee Defense +10
      • Ranged Defense +10
      • Carbine Speed +10
      • Carbine Accuracy +15
      • Leg Shot
      • Battle Armor Accuracy Mitigation 20%
      • Battle Armor Rate of Fire Mitigation 20%
      • Battle Armor Movement Mitigation 20%

    Assault Tactics

    This line of skills will improve your attack speed with carbines. In addition to that, you will also learn AOE attacks from it.
    I recommend focusing on this tree first and then proceeding to others.
    • Assault Tactics I
      • Carbine Speed +5
      • Scatter Shot
    • Assault Tactics II
      • Carbine Speed +5
      • Full Auto Area
      • Battle Armor Movement Mitigation 30%
    • Assault Tactics III
      • Carbine Speed +5
      • Improved Scatter Shot
    • Assault Tactics IV
      • Carbine Speed +5
      • Improved Full Auto Area
      • Battle Armor Movement Mitigation 40%

    Carbine Special Abilities

    This line of skills will improve your defense with carbine, you will also learn how to recover from different states such as blind, dizzy and stun.
    These skills can be learned with Assault tactics simultaneously, because they require Combat Experience.
    • Carbine Special Abilities I
      • Carbine Defense +5
      • Blind Recovery
    • Carbine Special Abilities II
      • Carbine Defense +5
    • Carbine Special Abilities III
      • Carbine Defense +5
      • Dizzy Recovery
      • Battle Armor Rate of Fire Mitigation 30%
    • Carbine Special Abilities IV
      • Carbine Defense +5
      • Stun Recovery

    Carbine Marksmanship

    This line will improve your general accuracy and accuracy with carbines. It offers 3 single target specials and their improved versions, one of them will allow you to reduce movement speed of your opponents. After finishing Assault Tactics, you should start learning skills from here.
    • Carbine Marksmanship I
      • Carbine Accuracy +5
      • General Ranged Accuracy +5
      • Crippling Shot
    • Carbine Marksmanship II
      • Carbine Accuracy +5
      • General Ranged Accuracy +10
      • Improved Rapid Fire
    • Carbine Marksmanship III
      • General Ranged Accuracy +15
      • Improved Leg Shot
    • Carbine Marksmanship IV
      • General Ranged Accuracy +20
      • Improved Crippling Shot

    Counterinsurgency Tactics

    Our final skill tree, these skills will improve your ranged and melee defense. Now you can knock your target over and slow crowds of opponents.
    • Counterinsurgency Tactics I
      • Melee Defense +5
      • Ranged Defense +5
      • Charge Shot
    • Counterinsurgency Tactics II
      • Melee Defense +5
      • Ranged Defense +5
      • Suppression Fire
      • Battle Armor Accuracy Mitigation 30%
    • Counterinsurgency Tactics III
      • Melee Defense +5
      • Ranged Defense +5
      • Improved Charge Shot
    • Counterinsurgency Tactics IV
      • Melee Defense +5
      • Ranged Defense +5
      • Improved Suppression Fire
      • Battle Armor Accuracy Mitigation 40%

    Master Carbineer

    Congratulations! This is the final skill in the Carbine profession tree. After learning it, you can proudly call yourself Master Carbineer (the game even gives you a title). You can now wear Battle Armor without it slowing you down and messing with your weapon accuracy/rate of fire.
    • Master Carbineer
      • Melee Defense +20
      • Ranged Defense +20
      • General Ranged Speed +15
      • General Ranged Accuracy +25
      • Advanced Suppression Fire
      • Advanced Rapid Fire
      • Battle Armor Rate of Fire Mitigation 40%


    Single Target Abilities

    • Leg shot - causes a targeted hit on opponents legs, but has a slight accuracy penalty. Improved Leg Shot has increased damage and reduced accuracy penalty.
    • Rapid Fire - this attack has a large damage capability. Improved and Advanced versions increase the damage that can be done.
    • Charge Shot - allows you to knock down an opponent. Improved Charge Shot has a higher chance of knocking down an opponent.
    • Crippling Shot - reduces the movement speed of the opponent. Improved version of this ability increases the duration of movement reduction (up to 20 seconds). Enemies that move away from you will have their normal speed.

    Area Abilities

    • Full Auto Area - this ranged attack can hit multiple targets in a cone in front of you. Improved version increases the damage that can be done. This ability requires an automatic weapon to execute.
    • Scatter Shot - small cone that deals more damage than Full Auto Area, but requires you to be at least within 32m of the target. Improved version increases the damage that can be done.
    • Suppression Fire - allows you to reduce movement of multiple opponents within a cone in front of you. Improved and Advanced versions of this attack increases the size of the cone affected by the ability. Enemies that move away from you will have their normal speed.

    Possible Profession Combinations

    • Carbineer/Bounty Hunter/4xxx Combat Medic - good for solo play. With this template you will have a lot of strong abilities to use, can heal yourself and make good money.
    • Carbineer/Squad Leader/4xxx Combat Medic - great for group content, allows you to deal damage while also providing buffs for your group members as well as healing them. However, it is heavily action dependant, make sure to purchase appropriate foods (attachements for your armor can also help, see Attributes for more).


    Players who have mastered Carbineer profession can wear Battle armor. Battle armor by itself provides equal kinetic and energy protection. I recommend you to check Armorsmith page for more information.

    A few sets worth mentioning:​

    • Katarn Armor - great set for new players and those who cannot afford other armor. See this quest for more information. Armor from Morts quest can be worn by Wookies and Ithorians.
    • Bone/Marauder/Padded/Ithorian Defender/Kashyyykian Black Mountain - basic battle armor sets. They should be easily accessible and affordable.
    • R.I.S. - while being expensive, it can be enhanced with feathers and scales for a huge health bonus(700 max), it also has high durability(around 100,000). This armor set is considered to be one of the best you can get.



    - Made by Maximilian