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Confirmed Dead

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  • This quest is part of the Witches of Dathomir questline.

    Previous Quest: << Recon

    Level: 90
    Distract Voidsister Huntress Naija Kymeri with an offering of her favored prey. Then, while she briefly remembers who she once was, put her out of her misery.
    Recommended combat level: 80

    Find the Hunting Hut​

    Find the Voidsister Huntress Naija Kymeri's favored hunting hut.
    • Make your way towards the waypoint provided. When you arrive, the quest updates

    Hunt Malkloc​

    Hunt Malkloc and gather prime cuts of fresh meat to offer the Voidsister Huntress.
    • There are a number of Malkloc in the surrounding area. Slay them until you have five pieces of fresh meat
    • After getting all five pieces of meat, the quest updates

    Place the Offering​

    Place the meat on the alter near Naija.
    • Go towards the new waypoint provided and you will find a fenced off area near an altar
      • There are several CL90 Reanimated Witches and Slaves walking around
    • Click on the altar to update the quest

    Naija Kymeri's Quietus​

    Put Voidsister Huntress Naija Kymeri out of her misery.
    • Naija Kymeri spawns around 50m away and walks towards the player
    • When she is close enough, speak with her
    Naija Kymeri: That smell... fresh Malkloc meat? I... remember. The hunt. Providing for the clan. the clan.
    You: Yes, Naija, remember who you were. Now look at what you have become.
    Naija Kymeri: I... I am a monster! I... cannot continue like this. Please... stop me... stop me!
    • Naija Kymeri turns into a CL92 elite and attacks you
    • After defeating her, you receive a comm message from her mother, Amaya Kymeri and the quest updates
    Amaya Kymeri - Comm message: The deed is done. It was necessary. Return to me so that we may discuss her sister.

    Return to Amaya Kymeri​

    Return to the ghost of Howling Crag Clan Mother Amaya Kymeri. She wishes to discuss the fate of Voidsister Huntress Naija Kymeri's sister.
    • Head back to the waypoint provided, to Amaya Kymeri
    • When you return, speak with her
    This will complete the quest. Continue your conversation to move onto the next quest.

    This also starts and completes the Defeated the First Sister of the Void collection, which rewards the player with a badge.

    Reward: 4 Dathomir Amber, 4 Random Valuables, and the First Sister of the Void Badge

    Amaya Kymeri: Ah, I felt her release from this world. Though I loath the necessity of these tasks, you have my thanks for your assistance.
    You: You mentioned that three remain...?
    Amaya Kymeri: Yes. My Middle daughter, Denkra is now known as the Voidsister Warrior. She was the protector of our village and she believes she protects it still.
    You: So I can find her in the remains of your village?
    Amaya Kymeri: That is correct. Distraction will once more be needed as well. If you can set some harmless fires about the remains of the village, she may believe it is once more under attack. Hopefully, that will bring her back to herself long enough to earn you some advantage.