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This Place is Death

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  • This quest is part of the Witches of Dathomir questline.

    Previous Quest: << Confirmed Dead

    Level: 90
    Go to the Voidsisters' abandoned village, distract Voidsister Warrior Denkra Kymeri by staging a mock invasion of her village, then put her out of her misery.
    Recommended combat level: 80

    Find the Voidsisters' Village​

    Find the abandoned village that was home to the Voidsisters and the Howling Crag Clan.
    • Make your way towards the waypoint provided. When you arrive, the quest updates


    Using flammable materials around the village, set four fires so that Voidsister Warrior Denkra Kymeri will believe it is once more under attack.
    • You need to locate and burn four flammable things in the village
    • When you set fire to all of these items, the quest updates
    Ignite an Inferno
    /way dathomir -3496 -5993 Bolma Tanning Hide;

    Kindle a Flame
    /way dathomir -3494 -6027 Rancor Tanning Hide;

    Start a Blaze
    /way dathomir -3543 -6047 Stack of Building Materials;

    Set a Fire
    /way dathomir -3545 -6080 Wooden Structure;

    Mercy Killing​

    Put Voidsister Warrior Denkra Kymeri out of her misery.
    • Denkra Kymeri spawns around 50m away and walks towards the player
    • When she is close enough, speak with her
    Denkra Kymeri: Flames! The village is attacked! This... this has happened before... I remember... the village is... dead...
    You: Denkra Kymeri, remember who you were. Look at what you have done to those who fell here.
    Denkra Kymeri: They... are hideous! I have done this? I have failed them and defiled them! Do not let this continue! Please end this!
    • Denkra Kymeri turns into a CL92 elite and attacks you
    • After defeating her, you receive a comm message from her mother, Amaya Kymeri and the quest updates
    Amaya Kymeri - Comm message: And so my second daughter is laid to rest. Return to me to discuss the fate of my final daughter.

    Return to Amaya Kymeri​

    Return to the ghost of Howling Crag Clan Mother Amaya Kymeri. She wishes to discuss the fate of her final daughter.
    • Head back to the waypoint provided, to Amaya Kymeri
    • When you return, speak with her
    Amaya Kymeri: Any my middle daughter?
    You: The Voidsister Warrior is no more.

    This will complete the quest. Continue your conversation to move onto the next quest.

    This also starts and completes the Defeated the Second Sister of the Void collection, which rewards the player with a badge.

    Reward: 4 Dathomir Amber, 4 Random Valuables, and the Second Sister of the Void Badge

    Amaya Kymeri: And so another daughter is laid to rest. Now only my eldest, Thestriel, remains: The Voidsister Spellweaver.
    You: Spellweaver. Great. What shall I use to distract her?
    Amaya Kymeri: You cannot. She is far too clever for that even in her current state. This time you must rely on your skills alone and the hope that she is not too far gone for some small part of her to realize what she has become.

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