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Dead is Dead

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  • This quest is part of the Witches of Dathomir questline.

    Level: 90
    Find Voidsister Spellweaver Thestriel Kymeri and put her out of her misery.
    Recommended combat level: 80

    Find the Voidsister Spellweaver​

    Find where Voidsister Spellweaver Thestriel Kymeri has established her lair.
    • Make your way towards the waypoint provided. When you arrive, the quest updates

    Laid to Rest​

    Put Voidsister Spellweaver Thestriel Kymeri out of her misery.
    • Thestriel Kymeri spawns around 50m away and walks towards the player
    • When she is close enough, speak with her
    Thestriel Kymeri: Ah, look children! Another petitioner has come to join our clan!
    You: Thestriel Kymeri, remember who you were. Look around you at what you have done.
    Thestriel Kymeri: That name... where did you learn that name?
    You: Your mother and Clan Mother Amaya Kymeri, or rather, her ghost.
    Thestriel Kymeri: My mother? She is dead? My Clan... is here... they...
    You: No, Thestriel, your Clan is no more and this... this is an abomination.
    Thestriel Kymeri: I remember. What have I done? I... I can't stop myself... this thing inside me... you must kill this thing that I have become. Quickly! I'll hold back as much as I can.
    • Thestriel Kymeri turns into a CL85 elite and attacks you
    • After defeating her, you receive a comm message from her mother, Amaya Kymeri and the quest updates

    Return to Amaya Kymeri​

    Return to the ghost of Howling Crag Clan Mother Amaya Kymeri.
    • Head back to the waypoint provided, to Amaya Kymeri
    • When you return, speak with her
    Amaya Kymeri: Is it truly over?
    You: The Voidsister Spellweaver is no more.

    This will complete the quest. Continue your conversation to move onto the next quest.

    This also starts and completes the Defeated the Third Sister of the Void collection, which rewards the player with a badge.

    Reward: Schematic: Singing Mountain Mask, 6 Dathomir Amber, 4 Random Valuables, and the Third Sister of the Void Badge

    Amaya Kymeri: And so it is done and the Howling Crag Clan is truly no more. Though it was gristly work, you have done well and I give you my undying thanks.
    You: The threat had to be put to an end; I could do no less.
    Amaya Kymeri: True, you were instructed to do just that were you not? Return, now, to Gethzerion/Aujante K'lee and carry with you the tragic tale of the Howling Crag Clan.
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