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Difficulty Modes

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  • Instances have difficulty modes available to groups. For each mode, NPCs have adjustments to health, accuracy, damage, defense, KD immunity, and armor. Many of the mechanics for each instance are scaled with the mode.
    • Womp Rat (Easy): In easy mode, mobs and mechanics are much more forgiving. Pick-up groups can go through the instance and familiarize themselves with the instance. High-quality or valuable loot does not drop from Womp Rat mode.
    • Bantha (Normal): This mode is the baseline and is similar to the live game. It challenges unprepared players and those without experience with the instances. Loot drops are as they already existed.
    • Rancor (Hard): This mode is more difficult and requires a well-organized team composition, technical expertise with the instance, highly geared players, and strategic coordination. Loot tables in this mode are modified such that low-value/junk loot will not drop, allowing the existing pool of available loot to only be filled by high-value items (i.e., the same number of items that drop, but all items are guaranteed to be high value).
    • Krayt Dragon (Nightmare): This mode is extremely difficult and requires players to creatively solve ways to defeat instances, utilize all tools at their disposal, build squads that are completely in sync, and make zero technical mistakes. It may add additional mechanics not seen in other modes. The loot tables in this mode are modified both to remove low-quality loot and offer new Legendary versions of items.