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Lockout Timer

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  • Many of the instanced missions and quests may only be entered under certain conditions, and, once entered, may not be re-entered until more time has passed. This period of time which must pass is called the lockout timer.

    The lockout timer starts as soon you enter the dungeon or instance.

    Use /showinstanceinformation to view lockout timers (/showi for short)

    Dungeons/Instances with a Lockout Timer​

    Mustafar Content
    Heroic Instances
    • Locked behind server progression:
      • Axkva Min - Daily
      • IG-88 - Daily
      • Tusken Army - Daily
      • Star Destroyer - Daily
      • Exar Kun - Daily
    Kashyyyk Content
    • Available:
      • N-K "Necrosis" - 30 minutes
    Miscellaneous Content
    • Available:
      • Nym's Starmap - Daily
    • Locked behind server progression:
      • Battle of Echo Base - Daily