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  • Doctor

    Profession Overview

    Doctor is one of the advanced professions in Restoration which branches from the Medic basic profession.
    It is primarily used to Buff yourself, other players and act as a strong single-target healing source that can also cure DoTs and Debuffs.

    Abilities and Skill Mods


    • Bacta Shot - Heal yourself or another friendly player in close proximity
    • Bacta Jab - Heal yourself or another friendly player. You have to be within close proximity of that player to heal them. This is similar to Bacta Shot but much stronger
    • Bacta Infusion - Heal yourself or another friendly player with a heal over time effect.
    • Heal Wound - Heal yourself and all friendly players within 15m (AoE)
    • Nutrient Injection - Enhancement to the health pool that is more advanced than the one from Medic.
    • Endorphin Injection - Increases Action Regen
    • Seratonin Injection - Increases Mind Regen
    • Adrenal Boost - Increases Combat Speed
    • Disease Innoculation
    • Poison Innoculation
    • Stabilizers - Remove debuffs from yourself or another friendly player such as Dizzy, Stun and Blind. However, it will not always clear all states nor succeed
    • Bandage - Cure Bleed
    • Countertoxin - Cure Poison
    • Extinguish - Cure Fire
    • Disinfect - Cure Disease
    • Decomtaminate - Cure Disease AoE
    • Revive Player - Revive player. Can only be used outside of Combat

    Skill Mods

    • Healing Efficiency - Increases amount healed by: [log(healing efficiency) * 100]%
    • Healing Efficacy - Increases healing by 1% per point
    • Healing Potency - Increases healing by 2% per point
    • Cure Efficiency - Increases the efficiency of Doctor cures
    • Augmentation Efficiency - not working as of 1.0
    • Medical Assembly - not working as of 1.0

    Where to get Skill Mods

    • Healing Efficiency - Skill Template, SEa's, Some Mustafar Weapons etc
    • Healing Efficacy - Cybernetic Resurrection Arm
    • Healing Potency - Master Doctor, Master Combat Medic, SEA's, Parwan Nutricake (Food Consumable)

    Doctor Tree

    Novice Doctor

    Novice Doctor is the start of your Doctor career. It gives you the ability to tend to Wounds.

    Emergency Medicine

    This branch starts to bring in the utility of the Doctors Healing over Time capability, and further increases the Bacta Jab, a powerful single target heal with a short cooldown.


    This branch focuses of curing Damage over Time effects, and States.

    Medicine Knowledge

    This branch focuses on the Enhancements that the Doctor can do to increase Health and Poison/Disease Absorbtion.

    Adv. Medical Augmentation

    This branch focuses on the Enhancements that the Doctor can do to increase Action Regen, Mind Regen and Combat Speed.

    Master Doctor

    This brings a fully fledged Doctor that can efficiently heal with lots of power from Healing Potency, and has the capability to Revive players.