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  • What makes Doctor different?

    Doctors have the unique ability of providing a range of combat buffs and wound healing. Their single-target healing abilities are on a faster global cooldown compared with Combat Medic. Doctors can also revive and provide healing over time (HoT) with bacta infusion.

    • Medical Support IV (Medic)
    • Medical Augmentation IV (Medic)

    Skill Tree Lines
    • Emergency Medicine - Bacta Infusion (heal over time) and improved bacta jabs/shots
    • Pathology - Disinfect, bandage
    • Medical Knowledge - Disease and poison resist buffs, improved Health buff
    • Advanced Medical Augmentation - Mind and Action buffs

    Armor type: Battle Armor

    • Bacta Jab (Improved, Advanced)
    • Bacta Infusion (Improved)
    • Bacta Shot (Improved)
    • Revive Player (Master Doctor)
    • Adrenal, Serotonin and Endorphin Boosts (Improved)
    • Nutrient Injection (Improved, Advanced)
    • Heal Wound (Improved)
    • Countertoxin (Improved, Spray)
    • Disinfect (Improved, Decontaminate)
    • Bandage (Improved)
    • Extinguish Fire (Improved)
    • Stabilizers (Improved)
    • Disease/Poison Innoculations (Improved)

    - Ristlin