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  • Medic

    Profession Overview

    Medic is one of the basic Professions in Restoration.
    Its trees are required for unlocking elite Professions like Doctor, Combat Medic and Bio-Engineer.


    Novice Medic

    Novice Medic skill offers a basic healing special ability, knockdown recovery. Schematics to craft Stimpack A and Chemical Crafting Tool are also acquired after learning this skill.
    After becoming a Novice Medic, there are three paths that can be taken:
    1. Become a Doctor. Tend wounds, use your powerful healing abilities to keep players alive, enhance Attributes and resistances with buffs.
    2. Support groups with your ranged and area healing, use your DOTs(damage over time) specials to damage and wound enemies.
    3. Use advanced medical knowledge to create life, make stimpacks and other useful tools as Bio-Engineer.
    • Skills, Abilities and Commands gained at Novice Medic:
      • Bio-Suppression Efficiency +5
      • Augmentation Efficiency +5
      • Healing Efficiency +5
      • Medical Assembly +10
      • Medical Experimentation +10
      • Knockdown Recovery
      • Bacta Shot
      • Food and Chemical Crafting Tool
      • Instant Stimpack - A

    Medical Augmentation

    This line of skills improves augmentation efficiency of the medic, it is one of the prerequisites for Doctor profession. Two abilities are also granted in this line, i will go over them in the appropriate section.
    • Medical Augmentation I
      • Augmentation Efficiency +5
    • Medical Augmentation II
      • Augmentation Efficiency +5
      • Stabilizers
    • Medical Augmentation III
      • Augmentation Efficiency +5
    • Medical Augmentation IV
      • Augmentation Efficiency +5
      • Nutrient Injection

    Ranged Healing

    Serves as a prerequisite line for Combat Medic. You will learn ranged healing abilities (one of them allows to heal groups of players) and gain a few skill mods which will enhance your debuffs once you become a Combat Medic.
    • Ranged Healing I
      • Bio-Suppression Efficiency +5
    • Ranged Healing II
      • Bio-Suppression Efficiency +5
      • Bacta Toss
    • Ranged Healing III
      • Bio-Suppression Efficiency +5
    • Ranged Healing IV
      • Bio-Suppression Efficiency +5
      • Bacta Spray

    Medical Support

    With this line you will improve healing efficiency, learn how to drag incapacitated players and diagnose them. Serves as second requirement to unlock Doctor profession.
    • Medical Support I
      • Healing Efficiency +5
    • Medical Support II
      • Healing Efficiency +5
      • Diagnose
    • Medical Support III
      • Healing Efficiency +5
    • Medical Support IV
      • Healing Efficiency +5
      • Drag Incapacitated Player

    Organic Chemistry

    This line is a prerequisite for Bio-Engineer. You will learn a handful of Crafting recipes and improve your skills in medicine crafting and experimentation.
    • Organic Chemistry I
      • Medical Assembly +10
      • Medical Experimentation +10
      • Biological Effect Controller
      • Liquid Suspension
    • Organic Chemistry II
      • Medical Assembly +10
      • Medical Experimentation +10
      • Solid Delivery Shell
      • Dispersal Mechanism
    • Organic Chemistry III
      • Medical Assembly +10
      • Medical Experimentation +10
      • Chemical Release Duration Mechanism
      • Infection Amplifier
      • Instant Stimpack - B
    • Organic Chemistry IV
      • Medical Assembly +10
      • Medical Experimentation +10
      • Advanced Biological Effect Controller
      • Advanced Liquid Suspension
      • Resilience Compound.

    Master Medic

    Once learned, you will gain a lot of skill mods which willl enhance your healing abilities. No abilities or crafting recipes are available for this skill.
    • Master Medic
      • Bio-Suppression Efficiency +20
      • Augmentation Efficiency +20
      • Healing Efficiency +20

    Abilities and Skill Mods


    • Knockdown recovery - allows you to recover immidiately from being knocked down. You will need around 300 action points to perform it.
    • Bacta Shot - with this ability you can heal yourself or another player. You have to be within 5m of that player to heal them.
    • Bacta Toss - this healing ability allows you to heal yourself and players that are away from you. You have to be within 35m of that player to heal them.
    • Bacta Spray - allows you to heal groups of players, minimum range is 15m.
    • Stabilizers - this ability has a chance of removing states like dizzy, stun and blind. However, it will not always clear all states nor succeed.
    • Nutrient Injection - allows for temporary enhancement of health pool. Modifies Health by 10% for 20 minutes.
    • Diagnose - currently broken.
    • Drag Incapacitated Player - grants the ability to drag incapacitated players.

    Skill Mods

    • Augmentation Efficiency - not working as of 1.0.
    • Bio-Suppression Efficiency - increases efficiency of your Combat Medic debuffs(e.g. disease, fire, poison DOTs).
    • Healing Efficiency - decreases the amount of mind/action used when healing.
    • Medical Assembly - not working as of 1.0.
    • Medical Experimentation - affects how many experimentation points you receive when crafting medical items, creatures and tissue samples.

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