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Empire Day Anti-Propaganda

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  • Empire Day Anti-Propaganda

    This collection can be completed during the Empire Day event.
    Travel to Theed Palace on Naboo and talk to Major Tantor to begin this quest/collection.

    /way Naboo -5395 4464 Major Tantor;

    Conversation with Major Tantor

    Major Tantor: Ah! <player name>, I have heard good things about you.
    PC: And you are?
    Major Tantor: I am Major Brenn Tantor. Perhaps you have heard of my recent success against the Rebellion on Sriluur's moon, Ruul?
    PC: A pleasure to meet you.
    Major Tantor: What can I help you with, <player name>?
    PC: Anti-Rebel Propaganda
    Major Tantor: The Rebellion has launched a counter-recruitment campaign around Theed. We need someone to remove the Rebel propaganda.
    PC: So tear down the propaganda posted by the Rebellion?
    Major Tantor: Right. Also, there is something extra in it for you if you do this while Special Forces. Imperial High Command encourages you to be as visual as possible.
    PC: Sure. I'll give it my best.
    Major Tantor: So you are going to tear down Rebel posters as an Imperial On Leave or Enemy Combatant/Special Forces. Is this correct?
    PC: Yes.
    Major Tantor: Here are your orders. Would you like anything else?


    To earn Tokens and GCW Points, you have to find Remembrance Day Kiosks and tear them down. Either double-click on them or use radial menu that you can summon with right mouse button.

    The best way to earn high amount of points/tokens is to:
    • Grab only one poster mission at a time
    • Flag as Special Forces(FLAG UP BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE MISSION)
    • Grab Speed Buff from Entertainer(optional)
    • Use a Swoop/Faster Vehicle
    • Try to stick to city center, don't drive too far from it
    • Run a macro
    • Use your Radar map.
      • Zoom out to 256m and pay attention to the white squares with blue brackets around them. Your macro will highlight the Kiosks this way

    Here is a Macro i use:
    /tar rem;
    /pause 1;
    /mac PostersRemem;
    Place it on a toolbar that isnt occupied with commands and have it run for duration of the quest.

    You are given 15 minutes every 22 hours to tear down any Rebel sign.
    For every sign you deface you get:
    • Empire Day Token (x1) and 5 GCW points for doing this as a Combatant.
    • Empire Day Token (x2) and 10 GCW points for doing it as Special Forces..
    You have to do this 6 times to complete the collection, and you can only do it once a day.

    Rewards for Completing the Collection

    After completing the collection, you will get these rewards.
    • Imperial Anti-Propaganda Enforcer Badge
    • Imperial Anti-Propaganda Enforcer Title
    • Empire Day Token (x1)
    • An Empire Day Imperial Insignia - 500 GCW
    • Large Amount of XP
    You can reset the collection by talking to Major Tantor again.