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  • This quest is part of the Quarantine Zone Theme Park questline.

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    Level: 90
    Do your best to evacuate the survivors and complete your primary mission.
    Recommended combat level: 80

    Climb Out​

    Use the ladder to leave the facility.

    Next to Dr. Nomi Rhane will be a maintenance ladder. Radial it (~) and select Open Hatch.

    This will bring you to the surface and update your quest.

    Let the Survivors Out​

    Move out of the way to allow the survivors to make a run for it.

    Once you spawn in on the surface, way a few meters towards the waypoint to get a comm-message from your faction's quest-giver and to update the quest again.

    Captain Piett: Comm-message - Cover those survivors as they try to escape! Their experience is invaluable.

    Han Solo: Comm-message - Those survivors could be lunch if you don't help them. Expect company.

    Guri: Comm-message - Incoming infected. Get ready for a fight.

    Cover the Survivors​

    Do your best to protect the survivors while they run to safety.

    A group of 5-6 yellow survivors will exit the hatch, where you just were, and will run towards Camp Epsilon. There is very little fighting is involved.

    Once they arrive, you will get another comm-message from your faction's quest-giver and the quest updates.

    Captain Piett: Comm-message - Great work. Now all you have to do is get out of there. See if HX-138 has the shuttle ready.

    Han Solo: Comm-message - Great work. Now all you have to do is get out of there. See if HX-138 has the shuttle ready.

    Guri: Comm-message - Check in with HX-138. The shuttle repairs are probably complete.

    Shuttle Escape​

    Speak to HX-138 to see if the shuttle has been repaired.

    Click on the Lambda Shuttle located in Camp Epsilon.
    /way dathomir -7440 570 -7329 Lambda Shuttle;

    When you arrive to the Quarantine Zone starport, the quest updates.


    Speak to Captain Piett / Han Solo / Guri for a debriefing.

    You will be given a waypoint to your faction's quest-giver. Go to their location and speak with them.

    Captain Firmus Piett: I don't think anyone will believe the report I will submit on this case, but I suppose that is my problem. You on the other hand have fulfilled your duties honorably.
    You: Please take the sample.
    Captain Firmus Piett: Ah, yes.
    You: I hope this wont happen again.
    Captain Firmus Piett: After this debacle I'm sure the Blackwing research will be discontinued...but you never know.
    You: I'd rather not know.
    Captain Firmus Piett: Understood. [Player's name], you are dismissed.

    Han Solo: Well done, kid...I mean...Well done, [Player's name]. You saving the scientists and diminishing the virus were a nice touch. Don't be surprised if the Alliance contacts you to do something else. And if they do, make sure to pack a coat.
    You: Can you take this Blackwing sample?
    Han Solo: Sure, kid. I don't know if I'm happy to have it but I'll take it off your hands.
    You: I need off this planet. Can I catch a ride with you?
    Han Solo: Sorry, kid. I don't take on passengers anymore. It's bad for my health. But if it makes you feel any better, you earned a lot of credits. You can probably have a pleasure barge pick you up.
    You: Right.
    Han Solo: It was good working with you, [Player's name]. I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other again soon.
    You: Call me if you need some back up.
    Han Solo: I may just need some soon. And hey, may the Force be with you.

    Guri: You have fulfilled your duties honorably, [Player's name]. Saving the Scientists and diminishing the virus were a nice touch. I would venture to say that you are a hero.
    You: Just take the Blackwing sample.
    Guri: Of course.
    You: I want my payment and I want you to forget everything about me.
    Guri: You may change your mind once you have received your payment, [Player's name]. You can always contact Xizor, or me, if you change your mind.
    You: I doubt it.
    Guri: I understand, [Player's name]. Goodbye.

    After your conversation with your faction's quest-giver, you will get a final comm-message from Dr. Nomi Rhane and you will get the next quest.

    Dr. Nomi Rhane: Comm-message - We owe you our lives. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done.