Find Clue from the Operative | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

Find Clue from the Operative

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  • This quest is part of Agent Ember's questline from the Ace of Aces space content.

    Level: 1
    Agent Ember said the Operative was stationed in Coronet. See if you can find where they were hiding and any clues there.

    Recommended combat level: 1

    Find Operative Clue in Coronet​

    If you find where the Operative was stationed, you may find clues to the cipher key.
    • Travel to Coronet, Corellia
    • Once you arrive, make your way to the Capitol Building
    • At the back of the Capital Building, there will be a little balcony, where you will find a chair, table, and An Operative's Datapad
    /way corellia -214 -4614 An Operative's Datapad;

    Click on An Operative's Datapad and you will get an in-game popup

    Investigation of Suspicious Activity
    Picking up communications that hint at an upcoming attack. I've recently received clearance codes in my patrols that are relics from the Clone Wars. Latest thread I'm going to pull is in Deep Space where a rogue ship we found was said to have been last.

    Cipher Key: PURRGIL

    Once you hit OK, the quest updates.

    Return to Agent Ember​

    Return to Agent Ember on Corellia
    • Return to Agent Ember in the Idiot's Array lounge
    • Once you arrive, speak with Agent Ember
    Agent Ember: Did you find the cipher key?
    You: Yes, their datapad had the key of PURRGIL.
    Agent Ember: What's Purrgil? Sounds like a nightclub on Nar Shaddaa or something.

    This completes the quest. Speak with Agent Ember again to progress the questline.

    Agent Ember: With the PURRGIL key you can decipher the encrypted message X UD FT MYILRCRI. Good luck, Ace. Inform me on what you discover.