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Locate the Missing Operative

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  • This quest is part of Agent Ember's questline from the Ace of Aces space content.

    Level: 1
    After deciphering the Deep Space communications message with the cipher key, track down the Operative.

    Recommended combat level: 1

    You will receive an in-game popup as soon as you accept the quest.

    Track Down the Missing Operative using the deciphered communications message. The message is X UD FT MYILRCRI and the key is PURRGIL.

    Once you hit OK, the quest updates.

    Track Down the Missing Operative​

    Track Down the Missing Operative using the deciphered communications message. The message is X UD FT MYILRCRI and the key is PURRGIL.
    • The goal is to decipher the message and find where the operative is
    • Launch into space, hyperspace to Ord Mantell, and land at the Nova Orion station
    • You will find Agent Aurora on the top level of the Nova Orion Station, speak with her
    /way -20 28 88 Agent Aurora;

    Agent Aurora: Are you here from CorSec Intelligence?
    You: Yes, Agent Ember had me track you down. We pieced together your message in Deep Space.
    Agent Aurora: Thank goodness. I've been undercover here and don't want to alert anyone to my presence.

    This completes the quest. Speak with Agent Aurora again to progress the questline.

    Agent Aurora: Something is going on here. Can't quite pin down what it is yet though.
    You: What makes you say that?
    Agent Aurora: The ships I tracked down from Deep Space to Nova Orion have been using old clearance codes from the Clone Wars. They do check out but is highly abnormal.
    You: So what do you think it all means?
    Agent Aurora: Haven't made it that far yet but -- wait! A transport is launching now with the same Clone Wars clearance codes! Go track it down before it gets away!

    The message is encrypted using the Vigenere Cipher method.

    The Vigenère cipher decrypts each letter by subtracting the key letter's position in the alphabet from the message letter's position. If the result is negative, we wrap around the alphabet.


    Position mapping for PURRGIL

    Position mapping for XUDFTMYILRCRI

    Now subtract the key's position from the message's position. Repeating the key to match the length.
    • If the result is negative, add 26

    OperationNew Value
    X(23) - P(15) = 8I(8)
    U(20) - U(20) = 0A(0)
    D(3) - R(17) = -14 + 26 = 12M(12)
    F(5) - R(17) = -12 + 26 = 14O(14)
    T(19) - G(6) = 13N(13)
    M(12) - I(8) = 4E(4)
    Y(24) - L(11) = 13N(13)
    I(8) - P(15) = -7 + 26 = 19T(19)
    L(11) - U(20) = -9 + 26 = 17R(17)
    R(17) - R(17) = 0A(0)
    C(2) - R(17) = -15 + 26 = 11L(11)
    R(17) - G(6) = 11L(11)
    I(8) - I(8) = 0A(0)

    Our decoded value is: IAMONENTRALLA

    Add spaces in between the words and it becomes: I AM ON ENTRALLA

    The Entralla Route was a hyperspace that connected Ord Mantell with Muunilinst.
    • The missing operative is on Ord Mantell
    Following Quest: Catch that Ship! >>