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Galactic Civil War

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  • Purpose​

    The purpose of entering the GCW is to show support for the Galactic Empire or Rebellion, earn ranks in those factions, achieve planetary control and server dominance, affect spawns in the game, earn experience and rewards, and have fun!

    There are two forms of this either PvE or PvP. Most believe the end goal for achieving rank is to PvP. On Restoration, the Temporary Enemy Flag (TEF) is not automatic for killing a factional-aligned NPC. Therefore, PvP is not forced.

    Joining a Faction​

    To join a faction, you need to speak to a Rebel Recruiter/Imperial Recruiter or Rebel Pilot Trainer/Imperial Pilot Trainer. You can also support either side as a neutral player.

    Recruiter Locations​

    CorelliaCoronet (Cantina)/wp -342 -4466
    CorelliaTyrena (Cantina)/wp -5259 -2521
    DantooineAbandoned Rebel Base/wp -6817 5511
    NabooMoenia (Cantina)/wp 4827 -4697
    RoriRori Rebel Outpost/wp 3683 -6460
    TatooineAnchorhead (Cantina Basement)/wp 137 -5349

    CorelliaBela Vista/wp 6718 -5809
    DantooineDantooine Imperial Outpost/wp -4198 -2412
    LokLok Imperial Outpost/wp -1843 -3069
    NabooDee'ja Peak/wp 5307 -1584
    NabooTheed/wp -4927 4231
    RoriRestuss (Imperial base)/wp 5916 5551
    TalusTalus Imperial Outpost/wp -2192 2269
    TatooineBestine/wp -1275 -3594
    TatooineBestine (Bunker Hill)/wp -1138 -3897
    TatooineMos Eisley (Attached to Medical Center)/wp 3499 -4752

    Service Status​


    This is a non-pvp factional status. It allows you to attack or be attacked by factional NPCs of the opposing faction.

    Special Forces​

    This is a PvP factional status. This allows you to attack or be attacked by both factional NPCs and factionally-aligned PvP'ers.


    This is a covert status. You will not be attacked by either factionally aligned NPCs or Players. You may be prevented from entering certain factionally-aligned locations.

    Changing Status​

    To escalate your status:​

    It takes 30 seconds to escalate from leave to combatant and combatant to special forces.

    To Deescalate Your Status:​

    Use the same /pvp command to drop from special forces to combatant. It takes 5 minutes to become a combatant from special forces. You can only go on leave by visiting a factional recruiter and requesting leave.

    If you are an Officer (Lieutenant or Higher), you must speak with a recruiter to flag down to On Leave status. While you are an Officer, Combatant Status is no longer an option.

    Monitoring Planetary Control​

    The state of the Galactic Civil War!!!

    GCW User Interface​

    GCW Terminal​

    These terminals are found during city invasions, for attackers they are located in the camps which spawn just outside of the city. For defenders, can be found near to where the General NPC spawns.

    GCW War Intelpad​

    war intelpad.png

    War Intelpads are crafted by Droid Engineers (requires schematic from the Corellian Times Vendor in Coronet - purchasable with Meatlump Lumps).

    The GCW War Intelpad is stored in your inventory and has the following functionality.
    • Battlefield Status Update - this shows who is queuing for GCW battlefields and how long any active games have left on their timer
    • GCW Info
      • GCW Planetary Score - for the planet you are currently on
      • GCW Factional Presence - indicates which contested regions/space sectors have Special Forces players present
      • GCW Personal Contribution - details the GCW regions/activities to which you have contributed in the last 30 days
      • GCW Region Defender - shows a table of GCW regions being defended by a player city or guild.
    • GCW Officer Region
      • Select your GCW Officer Region - to progress from the rank of Major you must assign yourself to a region. You will only be able to change your region while you hold the rank of Major, you will not be able to change regions at a higher rank.
      • Show Rebel Officer Region - shows which regions have been assigned to Rebel Majors, Commanders, Colonels, and Generals
      • Show Imperial Officer Region - shows which regions have been assigned to Imperial Majors, Lt. Colonels, Colonels, and Generals

    Rank Advancement​

    GCW Ranks​

    RankGCW Points for Officer UpkeepPerksBuff Abilities
    PrivateDZ-70, R2, R3, R4 and R5 Droid Schematics
    Trooper/Lance CorporalData Terminals and Tech Furniture for your home
    High Trooper/CorporalElectrobinoculars (Advanced, Superior, Experimental)
    SergeantFaction Uniform, Standard Weapons
    Master SergeantSmall Block, Dish & Tower Turrets, Various Mines, Painting
    Sergeant MajorMedium Block and Tower Turrets, PvP Bases (F.0/F.H), Medal
    Lieutenant*6,000Large Block, Dish & Tower Turrets, Faction Spawn Perk: AT-ST or AT-XT, PvP Bases (T.C/D.HQ), Covert Detector
    Captain*9,000Faction BannerAdrenaline Rush
    Major*12,000Faction Officer Armor 1st Half , Armor Dye Kit, Spawn Perk: GCW Placeable TurretLast Man Standing
    Commander/Lt.* Colonel16,000+5% Innate Armor, Faction Officer Armor 2nd HalfRetaliation
    Colonel*24,000+10% Innate Armor, Faction Officer Signet, Armored BARC Speeder, Spawn Perk: Backup Fireteam (3 x elite NPC)Stasis Laser / Unstoppable
    General*36,000+20% Innate Armor, Faction Weapon Set, Spawn Perk: Backup Squad (1 x gold elite and 8 elite NPC)Airstrike / Legendary Officer

    * Indicates Commissioned Officer ranks. These ranks are part of a high-risk high reward system, as such the Combatant status has been removed for Commissioned Officers and their only choice is to be On Leave or Special Forces (PvP enabled)

    Affecting the War (Planetary Control)​

    • It takes 20 NPCs to get a control score point.
    • GCW points scored in a region contribute to that faction's score (No Cap)
    • Points are designed to auto-balance to 50/50 control
    • Player(s) Present in the region as Combatant or Special Forces and Actively Playing
    • Player(s) GCW Rank Kicker
    • City Bonuses Based on City Alignment
    • Factional Bases
    • Regional Defender System Bonus

    Earning Faction Points​

    Faction NPC Spawns​

    If you explore the planetary surface you will find many squads of faction-aligned NPCs wandering around. You may also discover factional NPCs guarding camp flags identical to those you would find on mission terminals.
    EnemyTheaterPointsPoint Limit
    Imperial and Rebel NPCs 86% of your level and above.Ground5
    Imperial and Rebel Elite NPCs. (Silver Elite)Ground10 - 15
    Imperial and Rebel Elite BossesGround50
    Imperial and Rebel Mission FlagsGround40 - 50
    Imperial and Rebel NPC pilots.Space6 Points per TierThe total amount of possible points is modified by the difference in pilot tiers.

    Faction PvP Combat​

    EnemyTheaterPointsPoint Limit
    Imperial and Rebel players 70% of your level and above.GroundEach player can earn points depending on how much damage was done to the target by each player.
    Rank dependent
    The total amount of possible points that can be scored each day depends on your rank.
    Imperial and Rebel Player pilots.SpacePoint scores are based on combined ranks.PvP kills will earn GCW points when:
    Player TierEnemy Tier
    • GCW points are shared, and split among group members.
    • GCW bonus points are rewarded for going into battle outnumbered.
    • The maximum amount of possible points that can be scored by a player each day is shared for PvP on the ground and in space.
    • No more than a single rank will be awarded each week.

    Faction Mission Terminals​

    Same points as Random!

    Bases and the GCW​

    GCW Static Bases​

    In the July Game Update (Aug 8, 2022) , GCW Static Bases had been Added.
    • Static bases have returned. Fight in PvP to hold important bases with unique rewards:
      • Weapons Development Facility (Naboo at /way 936 -1582)
        • Military Weapon Speed Enhancements
        • Military Weapon Accuracy Enhancements
        • Military Weapon Damage Booster Packs
        • Military Weapon Critical Hit Booster Packs
        • GCW Rally Banner
      • Tactical Training Facility (Corellia at /way 4772 -5233)
        • Military Stimpacks
        • Military Adrenaline Injections
        • Military Pain Numbing Powders
        • Military Might Enhancements
        • Military Positional Recovery Injection
      • Industrial Research Center (Talus at /way -4899 -3137)
        • Industrious Opportunity Inspiration Injection
        • Crafting Innovation Injectable
        • Experimental Experimentation Enhancement
        • Creature Incubation Inoculation
        • Expeditious Social Acclimation Enhancement
    • Capture bases by interacting with each of the four terminals on the base without interruption for 30 seconds.
    • The longer you hold the base, up to 4 days, the more powerful the supplies that arrive (each buff available from the logistics officers inside increases in potency and power).
    • Check with the logistics officer to see what is available for purchase, the status of the base (up to phase 5), and the duration before the next phase.
    • Static base attacks are announced in the new #gcw-activity channel on Discord.
      • When the server starts from a fresh restart, all terminals are unclaimed.
      • When you attempt to capture an unclaimed terminal, it will become contested, and the factional logo will appear red. When a terminal is contested, you have 25 minutes for as many players as possible representing your faction to interact with the terminal. At the end of the 25 minutes, the faction with the most points wins control of the terminal. If there is a tie or no points, the faction with existing control wins the terminal (except if the previous phase was unclaimed, in which case the faction of the player who initiated the contested period will win the terminal). The terminal becomes controlled when the contested period ends and the factional logo appears blue.
      • If you attempt to capture a controlled terminal, the terminal will become vulnerable for 5 minutes, and the factional logo will appear orange. During these 5 minutes, you must have five players from your faction (who must be from separate accounts) interact with the terminal. A smuggler can attempt to slice the terminal to reduce the requirement to 4 players. When the 5-minute vulnerability period has ended, if the required number of players have interacted with the terminal, the terminal will become contested and eligible for capture for 25 minutes following the procedure described above. If the 5-minute period ends without the required number of players interacting with the terminal, the terminal will return to controlled status.
      • When you interact with a contested terminal, a terminal fatigue debuff will apply for 5 minutes, and you will be unable to interact with any terminals for the duration of the debuff.
      • When a terminal leaves a contested status, it will enter a cool-down period for 1 hour, during which the terminal may not be attacked (i.e., it will be unable to go from controlled to vulnerable).
      • All players who interact with a contested terminal and who win at the end of the contested period (i.e., they either maintain control for their faction in defense or claim control for their faction in attack) will earn 10 GCW Tokens and 1,000 GCW Points (per terminal).
      • Discord Announcements will be made when a terminal becomes contested, when the contested period ends, and when a factional base has changed control (where all terminals have controlled status for a single faction).

    Bonus GCW is awarded in combat static areas.

    PvE Player Bases​

    PvE player bases are currently unobtainable/placeable since update 1.1.

    PvP Player Bases: Overview​

    • There are 4 types of PvP bases and these vary in size:
      • Forward Outpost
      • Field Hospital
      • Tactical Centre
      • Detachment HQ
    • They are placeable by any faction player
    • Can only be entered by Special Forces Players
    • Players can place mines and turrets to support base defense
    • If enemy SF players are in range of the base any destroyed turrets of mines cannot be replaced
    • Defended internally by NPC elite guards
    • Has a 3-hour vulnerability window which can be set by the base owner
    • Vulnerable bases are indicated on the planetary map with a sun symbol
    • Invulnerable bases are indicated on the planetary map with a moon symbol
    • Vulnerable/invulnerable bases are also announced in the #gcw-activity discord channel
    • Supports GCW control by locking out the contested region and preventing the opposing faction from altering the score in that region until the base is destroyed
    • Purchased from Faction Recruiters
    • Players can place 1 base per character in any contested or uncontested region on the following planets:
      • Corellia
      • Talus
      • Naboo
      • Rori
      • Dantooine
      • Lok
      • Tatooine
    • Bases also help to maintain Commissioned Officer Ranks. Earning GCW Points in the vicinity of a Base will yield a bonus to awards.
      • SF Forward Outpost - 2%, 750m
      • Field Hospital - 3%, 1000m
      • SF Field Hospital - 5%, 1000m
      • Tactical Center - 6%, 1250m
      • SF Tactical Center - 8%, 1250m
      • Detachment Headquarters - 10%, 1500m
      • SF Detachment Headquarters - 12%, 1500m

    PvP Bases: Base Busting​

    Player-placed bases enable players to lock GCW contested regions which prevents them from falling to the enemy. They also enable commissioned officers to advance in rank and it's for that reason placing and destroying PvP bases or "Base Busting" as it's known is an integral part of the GCW.

    To effectively destroy a base, you will need to slice several terminals found inside the structure. These terminals only appear during the base vulnerability window, are randomly placed throughout the structure, and require specific professions.


    The following instructions will guide you through the base destruction sequence.

    1. Jam the Uplink Terminal - (Bounty Hunter Investigation II)​
    This terminal has a mini-game wherein the Bounty Hunter must guess the uplink signal. This is guessing a number between 1 and 10. Throughout you will receive messages advising if the number is higher or lower than the selected frequency.​
    2. Slice the Security Terminal - (Smuggler Slicing I)​
    There is no mini-game for this terminal, the smuggler simply has to select the radial menu from the terminal to slice it.​
    3. DNA Sequence Override Terminal - (Novice Doctor)​
    This mini-game can be complex and requires you to match the DNA markers within a randomized control sequence (these are displayed in letter form). There are around 23 letters to match and you will need to remember that A and T are paired as are C and G. Select the letters from the list until you complete the match. When matches are paired they appear in green.​
    It is possible to blindly click your way through this mini-game, however you risk making time an ally of the rebellion!
    4. Power Regulator Terminal - (Novice Commando)​
    There is no mini-game for this terminal, the Commando simply has to radial select the terminal to realign the Power Regulator.​
    5. Overload the HQ Terminal - (Novice Squad Leader)​
    There is no mini-game for this terminal, once the Squad Leader uses the radial menu the 10-minute shutdown timer will commence.​
    You will need to remain vigilant as enemy Special Forces players can stop the countdown sequence, if they succeed you will need to slice all of the terminals again.

    Successfully destroying a base awards between 250-1000 GCW and 100,000 - 400,000 credits depending on the size of the base.


    • Rebel Themepark
    • Imperial Themepark


    Massassi IsleDestroy your enemy command terminals while defending your command terminals
    Jungle WarfareDestroy/defend command terminals, while a central command terminal can be captured repeatedly
    Bunker AssaultOne objective in a base
    Data RunnerGet vital data to a communication tower or prevent data from getting to a communication tower
    • Battlefields are queued events
    • Scoreboards show the player's faction, kills, assists, captures, deaths, damage, and healing
    • Logging out removes you from the queue
    • Terminal Labels show on overhead map and who controls
    • Invitations time out after 30 seconds


    Bonus GCW is awarded in combat Static Areas

    GCW City Invasions​

    Galactic Civil War Invasions


    GCW Space Battles​

    GCW Tokens​

    You earn GCW tokens by participating in galacitc civil war invasions.

    GCW Token Rewards​

    Game Update 15 Rewards
    DH-18A Blaster Pistol PrototypeEither1000
    Technical Readout of a Fourth Generation One-Handed Lightsaber HiltEither1000
    Technical Readout of a Fourth Generation Two-Handed Lightsaber HiltEither1000
    TC-22 Blaster Rifle ReplicaEither1000
    Pulse CannonEither1000
    Gand Shockprod StaffEither1000
    Charric CarbineEither1000
    Weapons RackEither500
    Empty Weapons RackEither500
    Tactical ElectrobinocularsEither1000
    10 x Factional Mini-TurretEither250
    Schematic: Prop Ribbon (Right) AquaEither500
    Schematic: Prop Ribbon (Right) LimeEither500
    Schematic: Prop Ribbon (Right) OrangeEither500
    Schematic: Prop Ribbon (Left) AquaEither500
    Schematic: Prop Ribbon (Left) LimeEither500
    Schematic: Prop Ribbon (Left) OrangeEither500

    GCW Faction Purchases​

    Recruiter Rank Purchase Item Dialogue​

    ItemRank RestrictionRebel RankImperial RankCredit Cost Initial*
    R2 Droid SchematicPrivatePrivate165,000
    R3 Droid SchematicPrivatePrivate180,000
    R4 Droid SchematicPrivatePrivate195,000
    R5 Droid SchematicPrivatePrivate210,000
    Surgical Droid SchematicPrivate-16,500
    DZ-70 Droid Schematic-Private
    Dead Eye Prototype Schematic*PrivatePrivate15,000
    Rebel Assault/Battle/Marine Armor <Piece>*PrivatePrivate20,000 Boots and Gloves; 25,000 Helmet, Biceps, Bracers, Leggings;
    30,000 Chest
    Data Terminal 1TrooperLance Corporal
    Data Terminal 2TrooperLance Corporal
    Data Terminal 3TrooperLance Corporal
    Data Terminal 4TrooperLance Corporal
    Imperial Table-Lance Corporal
    Tech ArmoireTrooperLance Corporal105,000
    Tech BookcaseTrooperLance Corporal105,000
    Tech CabinetTrooperLance Corporal105,000
    Tech ChestTrooperLance Corporal75,000
    Tech CouchTrooperLance Corporal112,500
    Tech ChairTrooperLance Corporal75,000
    Tech Coffee TableTrooperLance Corporal75,000
    Tech End TableTrooperLance Corporal75,000
    ElectrobinocularsHigh TrooperCorporal15,000
    Advanced ElectrobinocularsHigh TrooperCorporal22,500
    Superior ElectrobinocularsHigh TrooperCorporal30,000
    Experimental ElectrobinocularsHigh TrooperCorporal37,500
    Imperial Boots-Sergeant
    Imperial Jacket-Sergeant
    Imperial Pants-Sergeant
    Imperial Hat-Sergeant
    Power5 Pistol-Sergeant
    E-11 Carbine-Sergeant
    Laser CarbineSergeantSergeant
    Scout PistolSergeantSergeant
    Metal StaffSergeantSergeant
    Small Block TurretSenior SergeantMaster Sergeant
    Small Dish TurretSenior SergeantMaster Sergeant
    Small Tower TurretSenior SergeantMaster Sergeant
    DRX-55 MineSenior SergeantMaster Sergeant
    SR-88 Cryo-MineSenior SergeantMaster Sergeant
    XG-MineSenior SergeantMaster Sergeant
    Painting: We Will Never SurrenderSenior Sergeant-
    Painting: Might of the Empire-Master Sergeant
    Medium Block TurretSergeant MajorSergeant Major
    Medium Tower TurretSergeant MajorSergeant Major
    S.F. HQ: Forward OutpostSergeant MajorSergeant Major
    S.F. HQ: Field HospitalSergeant MajorSergeant Major
    Crimson Phoenix Medal of the Rebel AllianceSergeant Major-
    Nova Star Medal of the Empire-Sergeant Major
    Large Block TurretLieutenantLieutenant
    Large Dish TurretLieutenantLieutenant
    Large Tower TurretLieutenantLieutenant
    S.F. HQ: Tactical CenterLieutenantLieutenant
    S.F. HQ: Detachment HeadquartersLieutenantLieutenant
    Covert DetectorLieutenantLieutenant
    Factional ComlinkLieutenantLieutenant
    Factional BannerCaptainCaptain
    CommanderLt. Colonel
    CommanderLt. Colonel
    CommanderLt. Colonel
    CommanderLt. Colonel
    Black Spec Ops Armor Torso Orange Pauldron-Lt. Colonel
    CommanderLt. Colonel
    CommanderLt. Colonel
    CommanderLt. Colonel
    Colonel Signet RingMajor or AboveColonelColonel
    BARC Command VehicleMajor or AboveColonelColonel
    Exceptional Rebel DL44 PistolMajor or AboveGeneral-
    Exceptional Imperial E-11 CarbineMajor or Above-General
    The Legendary Starlight CarbineMajor or AboveGeneralGeneral
    The Legendary Crimson Nova PistolMajor or AboveGeneralGeneral
    The Legendary Vortex RifleMajor or AboveGeneralGeneral
    The Legendary Reaper CannonMajor or AboveGeneralGeneral
    The Legendary Power HammerMajor or AboveGeneralGeneral
    The Legendary Stun BatonMajor or AboveGeneralGeneral
    The Legendary Massassi KnucklerMajor or AboveGeneralGeneral
    The Legendary Vibro LanceMajor or AboveGeneralGeneral
    Imperial Squad Communication LinkMajor or AboveGeneralGeneral
    * Prices are discounted based on GCW Control

    Deprecated GCW Rank Vendor Items​

    The items below have been deactivated or otherwise no longer available in-game.
    Windu's Guile Lightsaber CrystalGeneral
    Prototype Rebel Crafter's BackpackGeneral
    HQ: Forward Outpost [PVE Base]Sergeant Major
    HQ: Field Hospital [PVE Base]Sergeant Major
    HQ: Tactical Center [PVE Base]Lieutenant
    HQ: Detachment Headquarters [PVE Base]Lieutenant

    Galactic Civil War Token Vendor​

    Game Update 15 Items

    ItemToken CostDescription
    DH-18A Blaster Pistol Prototype1,000
    Technical Readout of a Fourth Generation One-Handed Lightsaber Hilt1,000
    Technical Readout of a Fourth Generation Two-Handed Lightsaber Hilt1,000
    TC-22 Blaster Rifle Replica1,000
    Pulse Cannon1,000
    Gand Shockrod Staff1,000
    Charric Carbine1,000
    Tactical Binoculars1,000
    Factional Mini Turret250Mini-Turret Effect
    Batte Worn Marine Armor <Piece>
    Battle Worn Storm Trooper Armor <Piece>
    300 for Belt, Biceps, Bracers; 800 for Chest Plate; 500 for Leggings
    Battle Worn Rebel Assault Armor <Piece>
    Battle Worn Storm Trooper Armor <Piece>
    300 for Belt, Biceps, Bracers; 800 for Chest Plate; 500 for Leggings
    Battle Worn Rebel Battle Armor <Piece>
    Battle Worn Storm Trooper Armor <Piece>
    300 for Belt, Biceps, Bracers; 800 for Chest Plate; 500 for Leggings
    Battle Worn Rebel SpecForce Armor <Piece>
    Battle Worn Storm Trooper Armor <Piece>
    300 for Belt, Biceps, Bracers; 800 for Chest Plate; 500 for Leggings
    Imperial Rug500
    Rebel Rug500
    Weapons Rack500
    Empty Weapons Rack500
    Rebel Cape2,500
    Rebel Trenchcoat800
    A 10-point GCW Rebel Insignia1
    A 100-point GCW Rebel Insignia10
    A 1000-point GCW rebel Insignia100
    Prop Glowstick (Left) - Rebel500
    Prop Glowstick (Right) - Rebel500
    Schematic: Prop Mystical Ribbon (Right) - <Color>500
    Schematic: Prop Mystical Ribbon (Left) - <Color>500
    AT-XT Familiar Deed5000
    Battle Worn Imperial Galactic Marine <Piece>300 for Belt, Biceps, Bracers; 800 for Chest Plate; 500 for Leggings
    Battle Worn Imperial Stormtrooper<Piece>300 for Belt, Biceps, Bracers; 800 for Chest Plate; 500 for Leggings
    Battle Worn Imperial Scout Trooper Armor Left <Piece>300 for Belt, Biceps, Bracers; 800 for Chest Plate; 500 for Leggings
    Battle Worn Imperial Shock Trooper Armor <Piece>300 for Belt, Biceps, Bracers; 800 for Chest Plate; 500 for Leggings
    Imperial Rug500
    Imperial Trenchcoat800
    A 10-Point GCW Imperial Insignia1
    A 100-Point GCW Imperial Insignia10
    A 1000-Point GCW Imperial Insignia100
    Prop Glowstick (Left) - Imperial500
    Prop Glowstick (Right) - Imperial500
    Schematic: Imperial Gunner Helmet1,000
    Schematic: Bestine Imperial Planning Table500
    Schematic: Dearic Imperial Planning Table500
    Schematic: Keren Imperial Planning Table500
    AT-ST Familiar Deed5,000

    Other Rewards​

    Turned Off ?
    RewardRank RequiredCost


    Buff ItemBonusesTime
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