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Inciting Incident Event Theories

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  • Hi, my name is Civic and I am a B chaser !

    With that B Anonymous joke aside.. I feel like there is a lack of information on the topic of inciting incidents and a lot of people have trouble having it trigger.

    What do I mean by 'Event'?
    By 'Event' I mean it is the actual Event or Trigger that is caused to then check if you should Incite. The Inciting Incident script checks (apparently 7 variables) which determines the result of the Incite.

    To give further context to 'Event' here is what I think the Inciting Incident might be made of:
    Event on Planet, in an Faction Control Region, between time Start Time and End Time while Group Status*
    *Group Status might also be similar to visibility i.e there must be x people nearby

    There is another variable but I am unsure what that is.. I am beginning to that that it is even a 'Do you actually Incite' or even a Dice roll i.e each time your Event is done it triggers a dice roll where you must get that over x value to succeed it (I think this as there has been cases of people inciting after the 3rd time of doing the same thing ,not the first time)

    Here is a list of Inciting Incidents that are either confirmed or are predictions.
    Further context to variables are not a part of this list, this is purely the Inciting Incident Event or Trigger.

    I have had a though a few times that the Events aren't all as specific as we actually think.. Aconite has mentioned before something along the lines of "the inciting incident is linked to major systems in the game so those systems must work or else the game wouldnt function". So I think some are linked to generic actions like getting xp and some are specific, like taming a creature or dying.

    Confirmed Inciting Events
    These are either confirmed by the Devs saying what they are, or are high confidence predictions from an 'Instant' Incite rather than a delayed Incite
    Confirmed in the Dev Diary

    Dodge a Missile in Space
    Confirmed in the Dev Diary

    Unequip an Item
    Spoken by Aconite in Voice Chat - Also someone incited by taking their shirt off pretending to be Ben Swolo :)

    Taming a Creature
    This was an instant Incite from someone taming a Peko Peko

    Healing a Player
    This was an instant Incite from someone healing a player

    Buying an Item from Bazaa
    This was an incite when someone bought an Item from the Bazaa

    My Predictions of Inciting Events
    These are purely predictions, mostly based on the fact there isn't a specific example that proves what it was that did it i.e it could have been something that was the effect of something else​

    GCW Points
    This happened from someone in my PvP group inciting instantly infront of me when killing a Stormtrooper. This was either linked directly to the kill or linked to getting a planetary point for your faction, GCW points, or maybe even getting XP.
    This also happened in space for a guildie who got GCW points but it may also be linked to getting XP.

    Healing Battle Fatigue
    This is a prediction from someone saying they got an incite from getting up from a chair, and one from watching an Entertainer

    Healing Wounds
    This is a prediction from someone inciting by curing some wounds. Also AFK Docs have been getting incited incidents

    Deathblow a Player
    This is either an Event itself, or is a consequence of getting a planetary point or increasing your PvP rating

    Dropping an Item in a House
    This was a predicted event from one of Dagis' friends from logging in to drop an item in their house and then got an incite from it

    Dismounting a Swoop
    This was reported from Dismounting from a Speeder on two different occasions

    Buying a Shuttle Ticket
    This was reported multiple times from people inciting buying a shuttle ticket. This might actually be caused by paying in to a city rather than physically buying a ticket. I think this as I have only seen people incite this way from a Player City.

    Bank Tipping
    This is a predited Event from tipping a player by bank transfer. This might be linked to getting an email and not neccesarily the bank tip

    Spatial Chat
    There has been 2 cases of people inciting from Role Playing / Talking in Spatial. One instance was in the presence of a Hero NPC. Not sure if that is just coincidence or if it is just any chat in general. You might have to send the chat and have the server replicate it to someone / something else for it to trigger ?

    Killing NPC Fort Tusken
    Unsure wether this was killing a mob, getting xp or just simply visiting the POI itself

    Not sure wether this is actually surveying or using the option to 'find concentration' which creates a waypoint in the Datapad for you

    Doing a Quest Task
    Possible incite from having a task that is updated. This happened to a player doing Nyms Themepark and also a player doing Chronicles stuff