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Server Progression

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  • This system was retired shortly after 1.0 in favor of natural dev releases when the content is ready.

    Server Progression
    is a new system that was released with Publish 1.0. Players must work together and figure out what contributes to server progression.

    These quests cannot be completed currently, as their dungeons are locked behind server progression.
    • The Trouble with HK-47: Defeat the Droid Army [Group]
    • The Trouble with HK-47: Shut Down Factory [Group]
    • Destroy HK-47 [Group]

    Server Progression Terminals​

    There is currently only a single Server Progression Terminal, which is located within the Mensix Mining Facility on Mustafar.
    /way Mustafar 415 230 -1329 Server Progression Terminal;

    When you click on the terminal, you will get a pop-up window notifying you which dungeons are currently locked and the current progression the server has achieved.

    Server Progression Terminal