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Informant Meetings

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  • This quest is part of the Imperial Theme Park questline.

    Level: 89
    Meet with a Rebel officer who has information for the Empire.

    Recommended combat level: 80

    Meet with a Potential Informant​

    Meet with a Rebel officer who has information for the Empire.
    • You are given a waypoint to a Rebel underground base on Dantooine, to locate and speak with a Rebel informant
    • Once at the bunker, make your way towards the waypoint inside
      • The bunker is full of CL85 Rebel troopers.
    • Upon reaching the waypoint, First Lieutenant Verls Tarrk will send you a comm-message

    First Lieutenant Verls Tarrk: Comm-message - Prepare to die, Imperial dog. You'll never escape this bunker alive.
    • Two CL85 Rebel troopers will spawn and attack you. Your quest will update

    Find and Defeat the Rebel Officer​

    Fight your way out and defeat the Rebel officer who set you up. Hurry, time is crucial!
    • You will need to locate and kill First Lieutenant Verls Tarrk, who is inside the bunker
      • He is CL85
    • Once you kill First Lieutenant Verls Tarrk, the quest updates
    /way 7032 -27 -4051 First Lieutenant Verls Tarrk;

    Note: You have 10 minutes to do this! If you fail, you will need to return to Colonel Veers to get the quest again.

    Report to Colonel Veers​

    Return to Colonel Veers at the Emperor's Retreat.
    • Head back to the Emperor's Retreat on Naboo and speak to Colonel Veers
    Colonel Veers: So it was a trap? I should have known. But thanks to you, that Rebel will no longer be a threat. I have even better news. You have been given the honor of an audience with the Emperor. I suggest you don't keep waiting.

    This completes the quest. Make your way to The Emperor to get the next quest. He is located on the upper level of the building.

    /way naboo 2389 292 -3959 Elevator to Upper Level;
    /way naboo 2396 312 -3958 The Emperor;

    The Emperor: Queen Kylantha is dangerously close to betraying her Emperor. But in my overly magnanimous mood, I would like to show her that the Empire is her friend. Failing in this is not an option.
    You: Yes, my lord..
    The Emperor: There is a little known group of mercenaries on Endor known as the Jantsk mercenaries. You will approach their leader on my behalf. He is expecting you, but those in his employ must not know that the Empire is hiring them. Leave at once and deliver to Vurrha Jantsk my instructions.