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Menagerie of the Bestine Humanities Society

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  • What is Menagerie of the Bestine Humanities Society?

    The exclusive and mysterious Menagerie of the Bestine Humanities Society has opened across from the Bestine Museum...

    The owner and the story of the Society are currently unknown. Perhaps by joining it you will uncover the secrets behind this mysterious place?..
    "We're an organization dedicated to preserving the arts and, how you may say, uncovering its secrets..." - Chelsie Tryst
    "yes there is a theme and storyarch to the menagerie that will unfold over several updates" - Aconite

    Joining the Society


    Join the Society by speaking to Chelsie Tryst, the Member Services Manager, via a quarterly membership fee (currently waived) to access exclusive art shows, a private lounge with exclusive performances, and special vendors.
    The first 3 months are free.

    Conversation with Chelsie Tryst (Menagerie Membership Manager)

    Chelsie Tryst: Welcome to the Society, my friend.

    I can tell you are pensive for the finer things, and perhaps interested in a journey beyond. But more about that later! Would you like to join? Membership is currently complementary.

    PC: What is this place?

    Chelsie Tryst: You're in the Menagerie for the Bestine Humanities Society.
    We're an organization dedicated to preserving the arts and, how you may say, uncovering its secrets. Would you like to join?

    PC: Sure, I'll join.

    Chelsie Tryst: I sensed you would be on the right path.
    Welcome. Your membership is valid for 3 months, at which point you may see me again for renewal. Enjoy!

    Exclusive activities for members of the Society

    Members of the Menagerie get access exclusive art shows, a private lounge with exclusive performances, and special vendors.

    Art Gallery

    The Menagerie Art Gallery will periodically feature a rotation of new artwork. Players can bid on the auction of an original painting (denoted with an [1/1] in the name and a special indicator in the description), of which there will only ever be one, or can purchase a reproduced print for a nominal fee.

    New artwork is added periodically. Visit the club to see if new artwork is available. No announcements will be made when new artwork is up. It’s all about who you know. The first artwork is expected to drop later this month.

    Bidding System


    The Art Gallery features a new "Bidding System". This will work like an auction: highest bidder gets the original painting if he was not outbid. However, you can still purchase copies if the original becomes unavailabole. More details are below:
    • You can only bid on one original painting per account, so if you would like the original, choose your favorite to bid on. This limit resets each time new artwork is added.
    • The display screen next to the artwork will indicate the name of the work, the current highest bidder, the current bidding price, and the price to purchase a print. Radial the display screen for options.
    • You can only place a bid once every 60 minutes and the bid can only be increased by a maximum of 10% more than the previous bid.
    • Auctions for originals will last exactly 14 days from placing the first bid.
    • Auction winners will receive a mail message notifying them of their win and instructions on redeeming their original work.
    • Reproduced prints of the artwork will remain on sale regardless of the status of an original work auction until the next art show begins.

    Galactic Publicist

    A new vendor, Dipus Tittles, a Galactic Publicist, can be found inside the Menagerie.
    Dipus sells deeds awarding you a custom title. A new title will be available at the beginning of each calendar month. Once the new title is added, the previous title will never be available again except for resale by players on the second-hand market.

    Dipus Tittles: Hello there! My name is Dipus and I'm pleased to specialize in Galactic Publicity! Do you know what your friends, colleagues, and the galaxy think of you? Who cares! You can, in fact, buy favor through honorifics only i can provide!

    PC: Uh... how does that work?

    Dipus Tittles: I will sell you a certificate you can claim (or resell, if you like!) that unlocks a special limited-edition title, only available for one month and then gone forever! What a way to claim fame, am i right? A title only you and a select few can hold in the galaxy forever!

    PC: Okay, let's see what you have!

    Dipus Tittles: Very well! Take a look at the tittle deeds I have in stock today! Each title is 50,000 Credits.

    Available Titles

    Titles currently available for purchase since October 3rd:
    • Title Deed: Buffbot
    • Title Deed: Charmer

    Book of titles

    Titles no longer available for purchase.
    • Title Deed: Forage Worm Survivor
    • Title Deed: Jedi Wannabe
    • Title Deed: Space Cowboy
    • Title Deed: Conscientious Objector
    • Title Deed: Headhunter
    • Title Deed: Forgemaster

    Story and Secrets of the Menagerie

    Members of the Menagerie will have a chance to participate in a secret storyline.
    The artwork will serve as a key component in the story of the Society.

    Force-sensitive initiates who are also members of the Menagerie will have the opportunity to continue their journey by completing the related questline within.

    From the Developer Diary - Jedi - Part 4 - It's the Emperor's Galaxy and the Jedi are Just Living In It
    While not a component of the main unlock storyline, players will learn more about The Exile and The Revision through side-quests, content areas like the Menagerie for the Bestine Humanities Society, and other adventures.

    From the Restoration Discord
    "I can’t share too much about the prompts because they can give away parts of the story for the menagerie
    Well actually it was mostly: “high end expensive painting artwork in the star wars universe depicting <insert symbolism or theme here>”
    So that gave it free reign to pull from anything which was cool" - Aconite

    "Is figuring out the story gonna be a riddle or clue to something?" - S.D.

    "The paintings tell a story, and understanding the paintings will be key to accessing the secrets of the society; there is also a separate path within the menagerie related to the Jedi unlock storyline" - Aconite

    "Originally the menagerie was just supposed to be a side quest line that had a theme but was just a mini content pack, and a way for us to slip in the idea of original print paintings and the title vendor for credit sinks
    but as we ideated through the later storyline of Jedi unlock it also made sense to tie them together a bit, so there’s an optional quest line as part of unlock phase III that goes through the menagerie" - Aconite
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