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The Prologue

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  • Voyage to the Village

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    Seek Knowledge

    Shortly after completing Phase 2, you will automatically receive this quest.

    Proceed to a Librarian in the Theed Palace( /way Naboo -5535 4684) who will provde the knowledge you seek.

    After talking to her, she will direct to you a rally in Bestine, Tatooine (/way Tatooine -1076 -3645). Upon arriving talk to the Rally Coordinator downstairs, depending on your responses you can proceed two ways:

    No. This seems dangerous, Leads to
    Yes. I want to hunt down those Jedi. Leads to Seek Answers: Attend the Rally

    Seek Answers: Attend the Rally

    Watch Mellicahe and Shaitlan put on a show, until you receive a Rally Pamphlet.

    Locate the Village

    Travel to Dathomir Science Outpost, where you will get an update to travel southwest to The Village. Upon reaching the fog wall a fun series of visions will play out, after which you can speak to the Village Elder.(To update this step you must walk into Rohak(Village Elder) to trigger dialogue)

    Congratulations, the prologue is complete, now its to the unlocks and grinding of experience, enjoy!