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Phase 2: Rebuild

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  • Phase 2: Rebuild

    During Phase 2, you are helping the villagers with the reconstruction of The Village and its defenses, as well as dispatching the enemy presence in the area:
    • Search and Destroy Patriot camps in the area around The Village
    • Retrieve Supply delivery intercepted by Patriots on Endor
    • Locate resources required for rebuilding the walls
    • Construct turrets that will defend The Village from the Patriot Attacks

    Combat Prowess: Melee Speed

    /way Dathomir 5238 -4188 Dageerin;

    Search and Destroy

    Each iteration of the objective can occur in one of two ways:

    Way One:
    • You are given a Radiation Sensor in your datapad. Opening your datapad and using it gives you window that periodicially updates on whether you are moving closer or away from the target.
    • Proceed to the target using this hot/cold system(the higher the number the truer your heading is), and kill the Patriots guarding the camp when you reach it.
    • Return to Dageerin for a new target.

    Way Two:
    • You are given a waypoint to the camp. Kill the Patriots guarding it and return to Dageerin.
    Beware: the 7th and 8th camp will be slightly harder, with 1/2 CL90 Elites among the Patriots.

    Quest finishes after repeating the above 8 times.

    • Unlocks Combat Prowess - Melee Speed

    Enhanced Reflexes: Vehicular Control

    /way Dathomir 5283 -4226 Whip;

    Retrieve supply crates

    You will receive a waypoint on Endor. Within approximately 500m of the waypoint will be a crashed ship structure(use the overhead map to help locate).

    The crash site will be guarded by 7 Patriots, but you only need to drive near the ship to retrieve the crate. (You don't have to kill the Patriots)

    Return to Whip, and talk to him for a new waypoint.

    Quest finishes after repeating the above 6 times.


    Heightened Senses: Surveying

    /way Dathomir 5200 -4141 Eozlin;

    Find Village Wall Resources

    Requires: Novice Artisan

    This quest involves surveying for a series of resources at a 50%+ concentration. You do not need to sample, just survey with the tool at a spot with a high enough concentration. You can go to other planets and still get credit.

    In a random order, the following has to be surveyed:
    • Aluminum
    • Gemstone
    • Energy
    • Ore
    • Copper
    • Steel
    • Iron
    • Gas

    • 7 random crates of either Endrine, Rudic, Ostrine, Ardanium II, or Wind Crystal
    • Unlocks Heightened Senses - Surveying

    Crafting Mastery: Technique

    /way Dathomir 5247 -4033 Quharek;

    Help Build Village Defenses

    First, talk to QT-QC to get the schematics to produce subcomponents and products for turn-in.
    /way Dathomir 5198 -4200 QT-QC;

    All Schematics use Artisan Assembly/Experimentation
    To complete the quest you must turn-in a total of 10 of the following in any combination:
    • Reinforced Wall Module: 10 Similar Endrine Ore, 10 Similar Rudic Ore, [optional] 1 Reinforced Wall Module
    • Small Turret: 1 Turret Hardware, 1 Turret Electronics
    • Refined Ardanium II: 20 Similar Ardanium II Energy
    • Refined Endrine: 20 Similar Endrine Ore
    • Refined Rudic: 20 Similar Rudic Ore

    The subcompponents for the small turret is:
    • Turret Electronics: 5 Similar Rudic Ore, 10 Similar Ardanium II Energy, [optional] 1 Turret Electronics
    • Turret Hardware: 5 Similar Endrine Ore

    Beware: The [optional] craft components are entirely a waste, and provide no benefit.

    Each of the turn-ins takes a total of 20 resources, in various combinations, to craft, meaning you will need at least 200 resources to complete this step.
    Note: You will end up gathering more than 200 resources as you will not get a perfect balance and only 3/5 of the dropped resources are used for this phase.

    The Village Defenses is a non-functional schematic that is intended for information on how all the defenses are calculated together for the Village.

    • Unlocks Crafting Mastery - Technique
    • Lightsaber Crafting Tool (Paid out at the end of the week, 20 guaranteed critical success assemblies if you had most quantity or best quality in a category, 5 otherwise)