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Phase 2: Rebuild

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  • Phase 2: Rebuild

    During this phase, the players are helping the villagers with the reconstruction of The Village and its defenses, as well as dispatching the enemy presence in the area.

    The following Force Sensitive Branches can be unlocked:
    • Combat Prowess: Melee Speed
    • Enhanced Reflexes: Vehicular Control
    • Heightened Senses: Surveying
    • Crafting Mastery: Technique
    Main Page for the Force Sensitive Trees/Skills: Force Sensitive

    Combat Prowess: Melee Speed

    /way Dathomir 5238 -4188 Dageerin;

    Search and Destroy

    Each iteration of the objective can occur in one of two ways:

    Way One:
    • You are given a Radiation Sensor in your datapad. Opening your datapad and using it gives you window that periodicially updates on whether you are moving closer or away from the target.
    • Proceed to the target using this hot/cold system(the higher the number the truer your heading is), and kill the Patriots guarding the camp when you reach it.
    • Return to Dageerin for a new target.

    Way Two:
    • You are given a waypoint to the camp. Kill the Patriots guarding it and return to Dageerin.
    Beware: the 7th and 8th camp will be slightly harder, with 1/2 CL90 Elites among the Patriots.

    Quest finishes after repeating the above 8 times.

    • Unlocks Combat Prowess - Melee Speed

    Enhanced Reflexes: Vehicular Control

    /way Dathomir 5283 -4226 Whip;

    Retrieve supply crates

    You will receive a waypoint on Endor. Within approximately 500m of the waypoint will be a crashed ship structure(use the overhead map to help locate).

    The crash site will be guarded by 7 Patriots, but you only need to drive near the ship to retrieve the crate. (You don't have to kill the Patriots)

    Return to Whip, and talk to him for a new waypoint.

    Quest finishes after repeating the above 6 times.


    Heightened Senses: Surveying

    /way Dathomir 5200 -4141 Eozlin;

    Find Village Wall Resources

    Requires: Novice Artisan

    This quest involves surveying for a series of resources at a 50%+ concentration. You do not need to sample, just survey with the tool at a spot with a high enough concentration. You can go to other planets and still get credit.

    In a random order, the following has to be surveyed:
    • Aluminum
    • Gemstone
    • Energy
    • Ore
    • Copper
    • Steel
    • Iron
    • Gas

    • 7 random crates of either Endrine, Rudic, Ostrine, Ardanium II, or Wind Crystal
    • Unlocks Heightened Senses - Surveying

    Crafting Mastery: Technique

    /way Dathomir 5247 -4033 Quharek;

    Help Build Village Defenses

    First, talk to QT-QC to get the schematics to produce subcomponents and products for turn-in.
    /way Dathomir 5198 -4200 QT-QC;

    All Schematics use Artisan Assembly/Experimentation
    To complete the quest you must turn-in a total of 10 of the following in any combination:
    • Reinforced Wall Module: 10 Similar Endrine Ore, 10 Similar Rudic Ore, [optional] 1 Reinforced Wall Module
    • Small Turret: 1 Turret Hardware, 1 Turret Electronics
    • Refined Ardanium II: 20 Similar Ardanium II Energy
    • Refined Endrine: 20 Similar Endrine Ore
    • Refined Rudic: 20 Similar Rudic Ore

    The subcompponents for the small turret is:
    • Turret Electronics: 5 Similar Rudic Ore, 10 Similar Ardanium II Energy, [optional] 1 Turret Electronics
    • Turret Hardware: 5 Similar Endrine Ore

    Beware: The [optional] craft components are entirely a waste, and provide no benefit.

    Each of the turn-ins takes a total of 20 resources, in various combinations, to craft, meaning you will need at least 200 resources to complete this step.
    Note: You will end up gathering more than 200 resources as you will not get a perfect balance and only 3/5 of the dropped resources are used for this phase.

    The Village Defenses is a non-functional schematic that is intended for information on how all the defenses are calculated together for the Village.

    • Unlocks Crafting Mastery - Technique
    • Lightsaber Crafting Tool (Paid out at the end of the week, 20 guaranteed critical success assemblies if you had most quantity or best quality in a category, 5 otherwise)