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Phase 3: Shield

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  • Phase 3: Shield

    During this phase, the players are helping the villagers prepare for the next major Patriot attack.

    The following Force Sensitive Branches can be unlocked:
    • Combat Prowess: Melee Accuracy
    • Enhanced Reflexes: Ranged Defense
    • Heightened Senses: Luck
    • Crafting Mastery: Experimentation
    Main Page for the Force Sensitive Trees/Skills: Force Sensitive

    Combat Prowess: Melee Accuracy

    /way Dathomir 5313 -4161 Captain Sarguillo;

    Capture Enemy Leadership [Group]

    This quest can be completed solo; but is easier, and grants bonus rewards, as a group.

    Acquiring Shield Frequency Code

    Proceed to a camp, the surveillance droids nearby indicate the name of the camp. These names change every Phase 3. Within 100m of the camp there will be non-aggressive Patriots that can be killed to get a Remote Frequency Code.

    /wp Dathomir -53 -165 purple Camp01;
    /wp Dathomir 700 750 purple Camp02;
    /wp Dathomir 3456 -1258 purple Camp03;
    /wp Dathomir -362 -1914 purple Camp04;
    /wp Dathomir 1073 1860 purple Camp05;
    /wp Dathomir 4027 -1402 purple Camp06;
    /wp Dathomir 5313 -1145 purple Camp07;
    /wp Dathomir 5939 -2030 purple Camp08;
    /wp Dathomir -1680 1703 purple Camp09;
    /wp Dathomir -737 -5158 purple Camp10;
    /wp Dathomir 2960 45 purple Camp11;
    /wp Dathomir -1000 -2800 purple Camp12;
    /wp Dathomir 3041 787 purple Camp13;
    /wp Dathomir -2932 738 purple Camp14;
    /wp Dathomir -1721 -4684 purple Camp15;
    /wp Dathomir -3100 1170 purple Camp16;
    /wp Dathomir -3824 -3011 purple Camp17;
    /wp Dathomir -3972 -2675 purple Camp18;
    /wp Dathomir -392 -6004 purple Camp19;
    /wp Dathomir -2850 -2366 purple Camp20;

    This code has a 6 day lifespawn. Once acquired, return to Captain Sarguillo to turn the Remote Frequency Code into a camp specific shield generator remote.

    You can additionally loot chips that, when decrypted by Captain Sarguillo, provide waypoints to camps. The next waypoint acquired will always correspond to the last frequency decrypted.

    Assaulting a Camp

    Once you have located the camp you have a shield generator remote for, the next step is to assault the camp. Upon using the remote, the turrets and gates become vulnerable and waves of 8-10 patriots start spawning and running in. To spawn the commander you must kill at least 5 of these defending patriots.

    First things first though, there are two outer turrets, an outer gate, a single inner turret, and an inner gate that need to be cleared. The inner gate can be dealt with after getting 5 kills, the others will hinder your progress towards getting 5 kills.

    The spawns despawn after a certain amount of time as a new spawn appears. For getting your 5 kills you can try to pull off 2 or 3 at a time to deal with, beware the turrets are strong and will shoot you if they can see you. Once you have 5 kills, the best bet to get into the base, after the gate is destroyed, is to time it to run in as a group is despawning before a new spawn arrives and avoid an impossible fight against a full spawn.

    Once inside, radial the Rallymaster and capture. This starts an invisible 1 hour timer to escort the commander back to the Village. Beware the base guards will still be spawning so you will either need to time leaving or just burst run out. Additionally, packs of 4 patriots will spawn repeatedly while you escort the Rallymaster back.


    Enhanced Reflexes: Ranged Defense

    /way Dathomir 5238 -4188 Dageerin;

    Search and Destroy II

    Each iteration of the objective can occur in one of two ways:

    Way One:
    • You are given a Radiation Sensor in your datapad. Opening your datapad and using it gives you window that periodicially updates on whether you are moving closer or away from the target.
    • Proceed to the target using this hot/cold system(the higher the number the truer your heading is), and kill the Patriots guarding the camp when you reach it.
    • Return to Dageerin for a new target.

    Way Two:
    • You are given a waypoint to the camp. Kill the Patriots guarding it and return to Dageerin.
    Beware: the 7th and 8th camp will be slightly harder, with a 1/2 CL90 Elites among the Patriots.

    Quest finishes after repeating the above 8 times.

    • Unlocks Enhanced Reflexes - Ranged Defense

    Heightened Senses: Luck

    /way Dathomir 5200 -4141 Eozlin;

    Find Village Shield Resources.

    Requires: Novice Artisan

    This quest involves surveying for a series of resources at a 50%+ concentration. You do not need to sample, just survey with the tool at a spot with a high enough concentration. You can go to other planets and still get credit.

    In a random order, the following has to be surveyed:
    • Aluminum
    • Gemstone
    • Energy
    • Ore
    • Copper
    • Steel
    • Iron
    • Gas

    • 7 random crates of either Endrine, Rudic, Ostrine, Ardanium II, or Wind Crystal
    • Unlocks Heightened Senses - Luck

    Crafting Mastery: Experimentation

    /way Dathomir 5294 -4105 Quharek;

    Help Build Village Shields

    First, talk to QT-QC to get the schematics to produce subcomponents and products for turn-in.
    /way Dathomir 5198 -4200 QT-QC;

    All Schematics use Artisan Assembly/Experimentation
    To complete the quest you must turn-in a total of 20 of the following in any combination:
    • Power Supply: 2 Similar Ostrine Ore, 3 Similar Endrine Ore, 5 Similar Wind Crystal Energy, [optional] 1 Power Supply
    • Primary Computer: 4 Similar Rudic Ore, 3 Similar Ardanium II Energy, 3 Similar Wind Crystal Energy, [optional] 1 Primary Computer
    • Regulator: 5 Similar Rudic Ore, 5 Similar Ostrine Ore, [optional] 1 Regulator
    • Shield Connections: 10 Similar Ostrine Ore
    • Shield Housing: 5 Similar Endrine Ore, 4 Similar Rudic Ore
    • Unit Computer: 4 Similar Rudic Ore, 6 Similar Ardanium II Energy, [optional] 1 Unit Computer
    • Endrost Alloy: 8 Similar Endrine Ore, 1 Ostrine Ore, 1 Wind Crystal Energy

    Beware: The [optional] craft components are entirely a waste, and provide no benefit.

    Each of the turn-ins takes a total of 10 resources, in various combinations, to craft, meaning you will need at least 200 resources to complete this step.

    The Village Shields is a non-functional schematic that is intended for information on how all the defenses are calculated together for the Village.

    • Unlocks Crafting Mastery - Experimentation
    • Lightsaber Crafting Tool (Paid out at the end of the week, 20 guaranteed critical success assemblies if you had most quantity or best quality in a category, 5 otherwise)