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Phase 4: Defend

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  • Phase 4

    Combat Prowess: Ranged Speed

    /way Dathomir 5313 -4161 Captain Sarguillo;

    Village Assault! (Unlock Combat Prowess - Ranged Speed)

    Kill 50 Patriot Rascals and 25 Patriot Roughriders. Every 2 hours the village will be attacked by waves of these Patriots. Finding someone doing the Healing Support quest can make this quest much easier. Patriot Renegades do not count for either portion.

    • Unlocks Combat Prowess - Ranged Speed

    Enhanced Reflexes: Melee Defense

    /way Dathomir 5313 -4161 Captain Sarguillo

    Village Assault! (Unlock Combat Prowess - Melee Defense)

    Same exact quest as above.


    Heightened Senses: Healing

    /way Dathomir 5159 -4113 Silvarra Mecheaux;

    Healing Support

    Heal 50 other players who are killing Patriots. The way this counts is for every Patriot kill someone you healed gets, you get a 'heal' credit. So you can partner with someone doing the Village Assault to quickly complete this.

    • Unlocks Heightened Senses - Healing

    Healing Support: Extended

    Identical to prior quest.

    • Bacta Tank

    Crafting Mastery: Repair

    /way Dathomir 5388 -4122 Shaneeka;

    Find a replacement computer core for the village computers.

    Proceed to Coronet and speak with "a gadget specialist"(18 -4775). You must purchase a "Satellite Tracking Device Assembly Kit" for 530 credits.

    To complete the kit you will need:
    • Tracking Device Assembly Braket First, Second, and Third Segment (Dropped by Patriots)
    • Tracking Device Case First, Second, and Third Segment (Dropped by Patriots)
    • Control Unit, Energy Distributor, Electronics Memory Module, and Micro Sensor Suite (Crafted by MArtisan)
    Note: The quality of components does not matter. Total resources needed: 14 Steel, 12 Copper, 34 Polymer, 30 Inert Gas, 21 Low Grade Ore, 61 Metal.

    Goto any starport ticket collector and use the "Obtain Escape Pod Data" radial option, this costs 1100 credits, once the droid finds the satellite you retrieve the info with the "Activate Tracking Device" radial option on the Downed Satellite Tracking Device. Proceed to the indicated planet, "Activate Tracking Device" again to receive a waypoint where you can "Retrieve Computer Core" from A Fallen Satellite.

    With 'A Salvaged Flight Recorder', use the "Reconfigure Interface" radial option. You must get the four indicators to light up. To do this you must connect four wires in the proper order, there are red, yellow and blue wires, and each can be connected to a different power source. You set it up and then test it to see if you're right. For each wire connected to the correct contact one of the indicators will light up, if the right type of wire is used but to the wrong contact the indicator will flicker. Each failed test damages the core and causes the "Circuit Integrity" to drop, which is the % chance the core is still viable. On average a core can survive 6 or 7 attempts before it's fried (upon which it resets to a fresh puzzle).

    Once you have a working salvaged flight recorder, return it to Chief Engineer Shaneeka.

    • Unlocks Crafting Mastery - Repair