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The Village

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    The Village

    The Force flows through all things, but clearly, on Dathomir, there exists a convergence of its stream. Perhaps it is something new or ancient, but The Force is strong with its people there. Among them exists a Village. Shrouded in the mists, a group of Force Sensitives found refuge with the aid of The Force itself. The planet, indeed the very galaxy, had turned against these people, but these Villagers had found refuge and community in the most unlikely of places, deep in the wastes. The Force seemed to seek to balance this tide with a protective barrier, warding away any non-Sensitives and offering solace to those that had felt the spark.

    The Prologue


    Main Page for The Village Prologue: The Prologue
    Welcome to The Village, the meat of Phase 3 of the Jedi Unlock. If you have just reached Phase 3 of the unlock then you will currently be going through The Village Prologue. Afterwards, you can look up what Phase of the village you are in for further guidance on missions, or just explore at your leisure.

    Phase Rotation

    /way Dathomir 5300 -4160 The Village;
    Like in live, The Village goes through 4 Phases in order.
    Unlike in live, these phases each only last a week, but the limitation of being able to only complete one NPC's quest, and unlock one FS branch unlock per week/phase still stands.

    So keep these things in mind.
    • Each Phase lasts 1 week.
    • Only 1 quest can be completed per Phase.
    • In total of 4 quests are available per Phase.
    • Quests Unlock FS Branches, not singular boxes.

    This means Jedi will require, at minimum, 6 weeks of village phases to unlock.
    Village Phases will rotate each Friday after automated server restart at around 03:00 AM EST.

    Phase Breakdown

    Main Page for the Force Sensitive Trees/Skills: Force Sensitive
    A quick breakdown of the Village phases.

    Combat Prowess
    Enhanced Reflexes
    Heightened Senses
    Crafting Mastery
    Phase 1: Restoration
    Ranged Accuracy​
    Phase 2: Rebuild
    Melee Speed​
    Vehicular Control​
    Phase 3: Shield
    Melee Accuracy​
    Ranged Defense​
    Phase 4: Defend
    Ranged Speed​
    Melee Defense​

    Identifying the Current Phase

    This table will help you to indentify current village phase.

    Phase 1: RestorationFeatures 4 small destroyed huts in the Northeast and 1 large destroyed hut in the Southwest.
    Phase 2: RebuildFeatures no destroyed huts, but does NOT have a plus shaped shield generator near the middle.
    Phase 3: ShieldThe wall is now fully intact and there is the + shaped framework of a shield generator near the middle.
    Phase 4: DefendThe Village is well fortified and the shield generator is now complete.

    The Big Three NPCs

    Throughout all the village phases, there are three very important NPCs who are always present.
    They will assist the player with their Force Sensitive journey.

    (The Town Elder)
    1713697102669.pngTalking to Rohak provides information about what is currently going on, as well as directing the player to the four available quests during the phase.
    (FS Trainer)
    1713697096002.pngNoldan is the Force Sensitive skill trainer for all skills. Additionally, he can be queried about specific skills to see their prerequisite skills and experience.
    (EXP Conversion)
    1713697112319.pngTalking to Paemos is the only way to exchange experience for Force Sensitive versions of experience at various rates.
    He has a dialogue option for each of the four types, which takes you to an exchange window where you can select how much experience you want to trade in.
    Paemos additionally has an fifth option that displays all FS Branches you have currently unlocked to learn.
    The rates of experience conversion can be viewed here.

    Village Unique Resources

    The Village resources can be looted from the Dathomir Patriot NPCs.
    However, Tracking Device parts can drop from random mobs in addition to Patriots.
    Quality of Ore and Energy resources will vary.

    Primary use for these resources is to complete Crafting Mastery missions. You can click on the appropriate Phase to open the relevant quest.

    The Epilogue

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