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Jedi Unlock

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  • Basic information

    The Restoration server features a completely new unlock system for the Jedi profession.
    Future Force-Sensitive Initiates will take part in a storyline that is tied to their unlock progression.

    Anyone can become a Jedi, even crafters and entertainers.

    You can check force sensitivity status at any time.
    Use the /checkForce command to see your current progress. Here is what the status window looks like.

    Click on the image to enlarge it.

    Force Sensitivity Status

    Developer Diaries


    Developer Diaries are a trustworthy source of information that can provide answers to most common questions.
    *Keep in mind that newer diaries may supersede anything previously noted in the previous diaries.

    Newest diary.
    Previous diaries.

    Phase I: Procuring Proclivity...

    This phase consists of three requirements, which can be completed in any order.

    For example, it is possible to complete C before A.

    Requirement A: Universal Requisites


    Discovery of The Force will require exploration throughout the ground and space on group and solo adventures. Everything encountered along the way, from artifacts and horticulture to creatures and conclaves, will play a role in your saga.

    This requirement is focused on completing a certain in-game content threshold.

    Complete explanation by the Developer:

    "To achieve A, you have to do all of the following:
    - Have a character that is at least 30 days old and has played for 24 hours of play time
    - Master any one of the advanced professions
    - Master any of the secondary professions (Pilot or Chronciler, not including Politician)
    - Complete the Jedi POIs collection, including the hidden POIs
    - Complete a threshold of points you earn by completing badges/collections which are weighted by category (there is a specific list, and it does not include any of the random highly difficult ones like gems, and I would imagine any related to Jedi would be valuable)
    - Complete a threshold of game content (e.g., themeparks, group activities like DWB/Corvette/Instances/Heroics), but we've already said legacy is not included
    And weighting/point value of collections/badges/content changes over time*"

    Here is a HYPOTHETICAL EXAMPLE of how the A requirement works:

    "A has no RNG.

    It’s like this hypothetically

    Standard (universal) Requirement for everyone: master an advanced profession.

    Universal requirements Pool:
    Fishing collection - 10 points
    Slayer collection - 1 point
    Crafted 25 Melons - 5 points
    Danced on Every Planet - 5 points

    A is unlocked if you have done X activities to earn Y points (your points are >= Y) AND completed the standard requirements

    hypothetical example, there are substantially more things to earn points and several standard requirements "

    Point values will change over time.
    "Also the point values change proportionate to what people do
    So if everyone does corvette during the next reset it might weight that less versus dwb for example"


    These are hidden POIs that contribute to the A requirement.

    While exploring the galaxy, a few players have stumbled upon so-called Altars. Being near these objects for a certain period of time (which may take up to 30–45 minutes) grants you a hidden badge.

    This is how these Altars look like.

    Force Sensitive Altar

    Altars can be found on each planet except Dantooine. On Dantooine, you will find Ancient Ruins with no Altar.

    Below is a list of these ruins and their locations. Utilize the attached document to add all Jedi POIs to the datapad at once.

    Tip: Write down every Altar Badge after you add it to the collection. To check if the collection is complete, navigate to the Collections Tab and uncheck "Show Completed", If the "Jedi Exploration" line is not showing up, then you have successfully completed the Altar and "Jedi Exploration" collections.

    These altars are a hidden part of the Jedi POI Exploration collection/badge. To make tracking it easier download and drop this file into your SWG Resto folder, then in-game type "/load JediPOI.txt", once you get the confirmation type "/AddWPs". Make sure you have room in your datapad for 15 waypoints. As you visit each location, delete the waypoints once the badge pops.

    Dantooine/way Dantooine 1930 -4745Ancient Ruins of what appears to be a Jedi Temple.
    Corellia/way Corellia -2482 7644On top of the hill in northwest area of the map
    Tatooine/way Tatooine -7588 -4453In the hills not too far from Jabbas Palace
    Naboo/way Naboo 2730 -803In the mountain reigon near Dee'ja Peak
    Lok/way Lok -2030 7568In the northwest area near the starport
    Rori/way Rori 6123 48On small hill near a big tree in the east region of the map
    Talus/way Talus 4288 864In the crater behind Lost Village of Durbin POI
    Dathomir/way Dathomir 88 6559On the skew side of the shore
    Endor/way Endor -3295 7484On top of the hill in the northwest region of the map
    Yavin 4/way Yavin4 -7500 6867In the shallow water in the northwest region of the map
    Kashyyyk/way Kachirho 876 507Underneath a waterfall at the dead end
    Mustafar/way Mustafar -3383 -119Underneath a lava waterfall on the West side of the planet

    Requirement B: Inciting Incident


    To be benighted, it appears to be pure luck or a near miss, but to the enlightened, it is the crux juncture signifying the first spark of discovery for a latent power that has always existed deep within. This specific moment of discovery, different for every being, is precipitated when you need it most and denotes the start of a new journey towards the force.

    Requirement C: Learn to Meditate


    Secrets of The Force have been all but forgotten. In order to explore powers beyong your own, you must find knowledge from the past.

    This requirement is completed after the player has finished the Meditative Holocron Collection.

    Phase II: Mending Mindfulness...


    You've discovered a deeper connection to the world around you than you thought possible, but you aren't yet sure what it means. Perhaps you should converse with someone who serves diverse perspectives and share your story as they may be able to put you in contact with someone who can help. You must be careful, however, because there are plenty of people looming in the shadows looking to exploit anyone they can.


    For this part you need to go to a cantina in a Rebel controlled GCW region.
    Speak to "a bartender", if it is the correct bartender, then the following conversation will happen:
    a bartender: Welcome! Hey, you look a bit parched. Is there anything I can do for you?
    PC: I'm looking for some information.
    a bartender: What kind of information?
    PC: Do you believe in the supernatural?
    a bartender: I've been serving here for years and you can believe I've seen it all... Why?
    PC: I have this connection to the world around me I can't explain and I'm looking for someone who can.
    a bartender: I will reach out to a few friends and see if someone can help. But keep this to yourself.

    After this conversation you will get a pop-up transmission:
    <Comm> : I've heard you're looking for someone to help with your "connection to the world." We should speak soon, but I want to make sure you have what you claim. <TRANSMISSION // INTERRUPTED>
    <Comm> : Buckets! <<##>> It's too dangerous to talk now. I've sent you some challenges. If you complete them, I'll know you are who you claim to be and you will hear from me again.

    The First Appraisal

    • Of billowing clouds where lives are among the sky, this lighted world sits nearby. Find the base of a burgeon of trapezium basins and meditate near the dangerous edge. Among the glow what shall emerge is the answer to help you cross the verge.

    The Second Appraisal

    • Just beyond a nucleus of nebulae is a fellowship vying for wanderlust. Meditate while confined by a vale cleaved with tributary, as it certainly makes a marvelous sight, and will be what brings you your light.
    • Singleton association was of preference for this egalitarian would disregarded by its infamous celebutante of origin. Where the trees see the zenith, meditating upon this apogee will bring you a vista and the peace that comes with its observation.

    The Third Appraisal

    • Meditating close to the littoral of this star adjacent appendage may cause another proximity emergence to make history here. But when you encounter this occluded body, you shall have nothing to fear, as the song of cognition will be all that you hear.
    • Don't heel to your hesitations or engage in machinations, be positive you can find the fourteen pieces needed to put this puzzle together. Meditate close, it doesn't really bite, but be careful not to enter, as that'll certainly cause a fright.

    The Final Part

    After completing all the challenges, you will be asked to seek the shrine that is more attuned with you than the others.
    Find it and meditate near it.

    List of Shrines:
    You can copy and paste each line of waypoints in the chat to add them all to the datapad at once.

    /way Corellia -7391 -3938 Shrine; /way Corellia 6092 -5578 Shrine; /way Corellia -6907 4527 Shrine; /way Corellia -2384 6393 Shrine; /way Corellia 6300 6687 Shrine;

    /way Naboo -6859 -1937 Shrine; /way Naboo -2582 -6184 Shrine; /way Naboo 2377 -473 Shrine; /way Naboo 7182 -234 Shrine;

    /way Tatooine -6505 -3667 Shrine; /way Tatooine 5264 113 Shrine; /way Tatooine 5632 6015 Shrine; /way Tatooine 5958 -5685 Shrine; /way Tatooine -3622 5280 Shrine;

    /way Talus -5785 4478 Shrine; /way Talus -5449 -3239 Shrine; /way Talus 318 5842 Shrine; /way Talus 5760 -5208 Shrine;

    /way Rori -6375 6403 Shrine; /way Rori -4496 -7531 Shrine; /way Rori 307 -978 Shrine; /way Rori -926 6046 Shrine; /way Rori 6854 -1221 Shrine;

    /way Dantooine -6173 4120 Shrine; /way Dantooine 2163 7548 Shrine; /way Dantooine 2640 -1536 Shrine; /way Dantooine -6999 -5269 Shrine; /way Dantooine -1814 -6202 Shrine;

    /way Lok -2132 5938 Shrine; /way Lok 5455 3805 Shrine; /way Lok -5806 1977 Shrine; /way Lok -3641 -6030 Shrine; /way Lok 4978 -5674 Shrine;

    Yavin 4:
    /way Yavin4 -3362 6914 Shrine; /way Yavin4 6455 6423 Shrine; /way Yavin4 -4585 -3761 Shrine; /way Yavin4 2389 -4934 Shrine;

    /way Endor -5055 -1703 Shrine; /way Endor -5627 4813 Shrine; /way Endor -3870 -4467 Shrine; /way Endor 670 5548 Shrine; /way Endor 5116 1923 Shrine;

    /way Dathomir 3087 4887 Shrine; /way Dathomir 1654 -5765 Shrine; /way Dathomir -4961 -3493 Shrine; /way Dathomir -4148 5926 Shrine; /way Dathomir 5570 -1514 Shrine;


    Reward for completing this quest is a choice between 2 player structures called "Meditation Room".
    The structures are No-Trade.

    Phase III: Voyage To the Village...


    The Force flows through all things, but clearly, on Dathomir, there exists a convergence of its stream. Perhaps it is something new or ancient, but The Force is strong with its people there. Among them exists a Village. Shrouded in the mists, a group of Force Sensitives found refuge with the aid of The Force itself. The planet, indeed the very galaxy, had turned against these people, but these Villagers had found refuge and community in the most unlikely of places, deep in the wastes. The Force seemed to seek to balance this tide with a protective barrier, warding away any non-Sensitives and offering solace to those that had felt the spark.

    The Village is where Force Sensitive Initiates will begin to take their first steps into a larger world.

    Phase IV: Padawan Trials...

    Unknown at this time.

    The Ranch and Safe Havens

    In the walls of these safe houses, there is no conflict; it is a place of learning and rest. Here you will train your “Jedi” skills with the Mysterious Figure and other characters you will encounter along the way.

    The Path is a series of safehouses where "Jedi" may take refuge from the rest of the galaxy.

    Phase V: The Order...

    Following content is not present in the game at this moment.

    The Order is a new look on Force Ranking System. Read more about it in here:

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