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  • Basic information

    This page was made to assist newcomers and keep all information written in one place for easier accessibility.

    The Restoration server features a completely new unlock system for the Jedi profession.
    Future Force-Sensitive Initiates will take part in a storyline that is tied to their unlock progression.

    Anyone can become a Jedi, even crafters and entertainers.

    The community is working together to solve this mystery and you can join us too in Restoration Discord.

    You can check force sensitivity status at any time.
    Use the /checkForce command to see your current progress. Here is what the status window looks like.
    Open the image in a new window if you can't read the text (right-click open in a new window):


    Developer Diaries


    First of all, you have to read these Developer Diaries. As the name suggests, they were written by developers. They can provide answers to your questions as well as a better breakdown of the Jedi System.
    *Newer diaries may supersede anything previously noted in the previous diaries.

    Phase I: Procuring Proclivity...

    This phase consists of three requirements, which can be completed in any order.

    For example, it is possible to get C before A.


    Developer Q&A

    "A is structured like this: It requires doing A, B and C things for everyone. Then there’s a pool of X things that have point values assigned and you have to hit the threshold of points + do the required things
    B: is the RNG
    C: is the collection."
    - Aconite
    "I will confirm we did not require the shards or gems collection for any part of unlock." - Aconite
    "We did say officially - no Legacy required." - Aconite
    "But there’s lots of paths to becoming force sensitive and lots of journeys along the way." - Aconite
    "No, Server Progression has no ties to any part of Jedi and never will." - Aconite
    Question: If we're only allowed one force sensitive character per account, does the limit become instated after any character on your account has their inciting event, or does the limit become instated after one character on the account has fully completed becoming a Jedi? (Worried that a character not intending to become a Jedi ends up being the one that has the inciting event.)

    Answer: You can have multiple characters on your account that are Force Sensitive. But you can only have one Jedi. The inciting incident does not make your character a Jedi. It starts your journey towards Force Sensitivity and you can later elect to become a Jedi after multiple phases, at which point you would lock your other characters from advancing further.

    Question: Since I haven’t seen this answered anywhere else I might as well ask… How will Jedi interact with space? Will a death in space cost a Jedi life? Will jedi be perma-overt in space? Will you be able to fly a ship or board a pob as a ghost?

    Answer: Death in Space will cost Jedi a life. Jedi will be overt in Space consistent with our existing explanation of the TEF and PEF systems, respectively. Jedi cannot enter Space while a ghost at this time but this may change in the future as the features are expanded.

    Question: will the "death counter" be like pre-cu where you could bypass it with something like the hero of tattooine ring?

    Answer: No. There is no way to bypass the death counter. Question: but why the lack of permadeath? Answer: We don't believe perma-death makes sense mechanically or in context. At the end of the day, players will spend hundreds of hours to unlock and train in the skills of a Force Sensitive/Jedi, and permanently taking that away serves no purpose but to punish players and discourage them from fully playing the game due to the constant overarching fear of losing their character they've worked so hard to attain. We balance this with the lives system we've talked a bit about already to ensure there is still a death penalty and we can control the overall population of Jedi on the server at once.

    Question: If a player unlocks on a crafter for FS crafting, but has no intention of any combat, is this person part of the active pool of ‘Jedi’ that can be up at any one time? Are they going to clog up the turnover on the queue system? Will they get murdered while sitting making their widgets of choice? Can you craft while blue glowy?

    Answer: Force Sensitive is different from Jedi. When we say Jedi in describing mechanics, we mean Jedi, that is, a Jedi Padawan or higher. If we mean Force Sensitive we will say that, as we’re very intentionally distinguishing the two. And no, you cannot craft while a Force Ghost (“blue glowly”).

    Question: Can I ask what "playing the game" means when people like Dom are equally clueless about the next step? I'm so Lost and confused.

    We mean that unlock has been intentionally very obfuscated to keep the mystery alive and slow the pace of Jedi entering the server, and it is to such an extent that we don’t anticipate players ever being fully able to figure out how unlock works. Consequently, we recommend just “playing the game” because intentionally trying to do every little thing that will unlock will drive you insane.
    "Well different parts are clues to different things, or multiple things, or no things at all." - Aconite
    "If I were you and I was thinking critically about jedi unlock collectively that most Collections related to jedi things may not trigger something directly but they probably don't hurt. *Hint*
    I hope there's enough context clues there for when this quote is posted in the wiki." - Aconite
    "Nothing in unlock requires you to be a specific faction or any faction at all. If content related to faction was awarded in some way, it would be equal for both factions." - Aconite
    "the entirety of unlock is designed to orient the player to the idea that they have a hard journey to partake in and must be secretive and very careful about everything they do" - Aconite

    Requirement A: Universal Requisites


    Discovery of The Force will require exploration throughout the ground and space on group and solo adventures. Everything encountered along the way, from artifacts and horticulture to creatures and conclaves, will play a role in your saga.

    This step requires you to partake in different kinds of in-game activities, whether they are instanced dungeons, group activities, solo adventures, Badges, or Collections.

    Complete explanation by the developer:

    "To achieve A, you have to do all of the following:
    - Have a character that is at least 30 days old and has played for 24 hours of play time
    - Master any one of the advanced Professions
    - Master any of the secondary Professions (Pilot or Chronciler, not including Politician)
    - Complete the Jedi POIs collection, including the hidden POIs
    - Complete a threshold of points you earn by completing Badges/Collections which are weighted by category (there is a specific list, and it does not include any of the random highly difficult ones like gems, and I would imagine any related to Jedi would be valuable)
    - Complete a threshold of game content (e.g., themeparks, group activities like DWB/Corvette/Instances/Heroics), but we've already said Legacy is not included
    And weighting/point value of collections/Badges/content changes over time*" - Aconite
    "A has no RNG.

    It’s like this hypothetically

    Standard (universal) Requirement for everyone: master an advanced profession, earn 1 million credits

    Universal requirements Pool:
    Fishing collection - 10 points
    Slayer collection - 1 point
    Crafted 25 Melons - 5 points
    Danced on Every Planet - 5 points

    A is unlocked if you have done X activities to earn Y points (your points are >= Y) AND completed the standard requirements

    hypothetical example, there are substantially more things to earn points and several standard requirements " - Aconite

    Point values will change over time.
    "Also the point values change proportionate to what people do
    So if everyone does corvette during the next reset it might weight that less versus dwb for example" - Aconite


    These are hidden POIs which contribute to A requirement.

    While exploring the galaxy, a few players have stumbled upon so-called Altars. Being near these objects for a certain period of time (which can be up to 30–45 minutes) grants you a hidden badge.

    This is how these Altars look like.


    Altars can be found on each planet except Dantooine. On Dantooine, you will find ancient ruins with no altar.
    Below is a list of these ruins and their locations. Utilize the attached document to add all Jedi POIs to the datapad at once.

    Tip: Write down every Altar Badge after you add it to the collection. To check if the collection is complete, navigate to the Collections Tab and uncheck "Show Completed", If the "Jedi Exploration" line is not showing up, then you have successfully completed the Altar and "Jedi Exploration" collections.

    These altars are a hidden part of the Jedi POI Exploration collection/badge. To make tracking it easier download and drop this file into your SWG Resto folder, then in-game type "/load JediPOI.txt", once you get the confirmation type "/AddWPs". Make sure you have room in your datapad for 15 waypoints. As you visit each location, delete the waypoints once the badge pops.

    Dantooine/way Dantooine 1930 -4745Ancient Ruins of what appears to be a Jedi Temple.
    Corellia/way Corellia -2482 7644On top of the hill in northwest area of the map
    Tatooine/way Tatooine -7588 -4453In the hills not too far from Jabbas Palace
    Naboo/way Naboo 2730 -803In the mountain reigon near Dee'ja Peak
    Lok/way Lok -2030 7568In the northwest area near the starport
    Rori/way Rori 6123 48On small hill near a big tree in the east region of the map
    Talus/way Talus 4288 864In the crater behind Lost Village of Durbin POI
    Dathomir/way Dathomir 88 6559On the skew side of the shore
    Endor/way Endor -3295 7484On top of the hill in the northwest region of the map
    Yavin 4/way Yavin 4 -7500 6867In the shallow water in the northwest region of the map
    Kashyyyk/way Kachirho 876 507Underneath a waterfall at the dead end
    Mustafar/way Mustafar -3383 -119Underneath a lava waterfall on the West side of the planet

    Requirement B: Inciting Incident


    To be benighted, it appears to be pure luck or a near miss, but to the enlightened, it is the crux juncture signifying the first spark of discovery for a latent power that has always existed deep within. This specific moment of discovery, different for every being, is precipitated when you need it most and denotes the start of a new journey towards the force.

    "...There are inciting incidents involving Crafting, but a majority involve Combat, so it is more difficult to unlock on a crafter-only character. But it possible to unlock on any character, or become force sensitive on multiple, but you can only have one Jedi. The best strategy is likely not to get too attached to any one specific character becoming the force sensitive one if your goal is just to become a Jedi, and instead to play the game as normal on all of your characters until you have an inciting incident, in which case you can move forward with that character on the path to become a Jedi." - Aconite
    READ THIS FIRST ---> Developer Diary - Jedi - Part 1 - The Inciting Incident & FaQ <--- READ THIS FIRST

    The page above should help with understanding this requirement.
    But here's a good summary made by the player:
    "Completely randomly activated. You basically have to perform a certain action to incite but there are a lot of variables* as to when this gets triggered such as planet and night/day. Completely down to luck and being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing." - Banth

    Developer view on the Inciting Incident:
    "The Inciting Incident system was created to address the challenge of balancing the immersion of the original Star Wars timeline with the desire to incorporate Jedi as a significant aspect of the game. In the timeline of the game, there weren't any Jedi around searching out younglings, and anyone knowledgeable enough to recognize it in you early on was being silenced by the Empire. Our solution was to develop a system that aligns with the lore, while also allowing us to regulate how frequently players can access Jedi.

    We don't view Jedi as an entitlement that any player can achieve, to ensure that it maintains its unique and significant place in the game. We have seen that the system has been successful in making the Force experience on Restoration unique and thrilling, and we're very excited about what's coming next in the Jedi unlock process.

    A new insight on inciting: We've previously shared that faction plays a role in unlock, but many have questioned how that works if you aren't a declared faction. We thought of that! In that case, the game aligns you with whatever faction you are in better standing with (or randomly, if you're truly neutral). How this plays into your story is for you to find out. Does the heart of an underdog beat within your chest, or does the thrill of power and dominion fuel your spirit?"

    -ornj (Developer)

    *Variables - Variables are specific properties of Inciting Incident.
    There are 7 variables involved in the inciting incident, you have to meet all 7 variables to have the incident happen.

    Examples of Variables:
    • Planet Time(notice that each planet has different time cycle)
    • Certain Action(death, purchase of an item, Crafting etc.)
    There are around 43 possible inciting incidents.
    The set of variables and your trigger event rotates every 28-31 days.

    Getting an Inciting Incident

    There is no guide on how to get an Inciting Incident. However, there are a few tips that may prove useful.
    • To have the possibility of rolling an Inciting incident, your character has to be 10 days old.
    • Inciting Incident resets every 28-31 days.
    • Inciting Incident can occur in space and on any planet, including Mustafar and Kashyyyk.
    • Your currently mastered Professions will influence the Inciting Incident. It is no longer possible for a Combat character to have a Crafting-related Inciting Incident.
      However, there are social and other "general" incites that anyone can have. More information on those is in the
      "List of Possible Inciting Incidents" section of the wiki.
    • "Each inciting incident now has an associated probability such that there is chance in whether or not the activity itself triggers the incite regardless of having met the other confounding variables.
      For example, if your inciting incident is to change the control of a factional zone, because this is a rarer activity, we've set a much higher probability to achieving the incite, whereas if your inciting incident is to chat with another player, the probability would be very low because that is a very common activity.
      This chance does not affect the other variables (e.g., the factional status of a character needing to be X) at the time the incident is triggered." - Aconite
    • Neutral players can have Inciting Incident as well, read the following quote:
      "A new insight on inciting: We've previously shared that faction plays a role in unlock, but many have questioned how that works if you aren't a declared faction. We thought of that! In that case, the game aligns you with whatever faction you are in better standing with (or randomly, if you're truly neutral)." - ornj

    Community Stories

    "We’ve asked players to write stories for their characters who have experienced an Inciting Incident. The Restoration Community answered back with all sorts of fascinating folklore. Below are a selection of roleplay tales about how their characters first developed a connection with the Force..." - The SWG Restoration Team

    Possible timer to obfuscate the incident(not confirmed)

    While this isn't a direct confirmation, i thought that it would be worth mentioning.
    This is about whether B has a timer that makes it difficult to determine what triggered incident in the first place:
    "inciting incident may have timers involved" - Aconite

    "As in a timer to notify you that you have received one? Or a timer before your can achieve it?"

    "a timer from when you achieve the incident to when you're notified would be an awfully good way to obfuscate what the inciting incident actually was" - Aconite

    Confirmations regarding Inciting Incident

    Upcoming Changes and Additions

    Developers have decided to give us more control over our inciting incident. The change is not in the game yet.

    From the Restoration Discord channel:
    "I’ve decided to make two changes:
    1. Having the holocron collection will provide a marginal increase in inciting chance. Having the waist pack collection will as well.
    2. a no-trade magic 8 ball type device will be available on the fortitude vendor, the cost will include both tokens and require a number of completed badges/collections, which means we’re still getting what we want out of players that have played a lot to get the hints. The ball itself will simply tell you yes or no as to whether 2 of the other variables are currently aligned for you to incite, but not which 2 variables. It will have a 30 minute cooldown." - Aconite

      "How much is the cost going to be?"

      "Prob 1-2k fortitude tokens" - Aconite

    Character Age and Reset Time

    Your character has to be 10 days old to have their inciting incident:
    "Well you see
    Badges simply don't matter
    As long as your character is 10 days old
    You can roll and get an inciting incident
    Some can be easy, some hard, some not applicable (like a crafting incident for a Combat player)
    And then it shuffled again the next month
    so just chill" - Aconite
    Note that your Inciting Incident resets every 28-31 days. Rotation is not server-wide and depends on character creation date/time:
    "What if i told you it wasn't actually 30 days but a random interval between 28 and 31 days." - Aconite
    "What if I wasn't actually kidding and I only said 30 days to simplify it because I didn't realize everyone was going to go full seizure mode over when their reset clock ticked." - Aconite

    Factional Control

    Inciting Incident is no longer restricted to a specific planet.
    However, Factional Control may still have influence on your incite.
    "all Planets are on their own cycle time it isn't tied to real world time
    some Planets have a fully day-night cycle in 1 hour some in 3 hours
    it's different for each" - Aconite
    "inciting incident is not based on being in a specific place at a specific time, it is based on the properties of that place and time
    well actually I'll say
    a specific planet is one of the variables
    but where on that planet is not part of it
    i guess technically where could apply
    but only based on factional control
    it's not like
    "must be in X region of Tatooine to unlock"
    but it is like
    "must be ON tatooine and in A region with X factional control and X other conditions"
    and X factional control could be your faction, not your faction, another calculation if you are neutral, or it could be whether or not the region is controlled by X faction regardless of your faction affiliation
    and if you're not in a region that has factional control, it examines the control of the entire planet or space" - Aconite

    List of possible Inciting Incidents

    Below is the list of possible Inciting Incidents, some of which were shared by players.


    Some can incite while buffing a player.
    "Correct me if I'm wrong @Aconite℠but you may have to master every class"

    "No you don't have to master every class, but it's possible for your character to roll an inciting incident like giving an inspiration buff when you aren't an Entertainer..." - Aconite
    "I have a question @Aconite℠ , Can non combat professions have inciting incidents? Like my Entertainer dancing in a cantina?"

    "Yes, there are crafting and Entertainer inciting incidents, and there are PvE and PvP inciting incidents. But no guarantee as to which you end up with..." - Aconite


    Currently mastered professions on your character will influence the Incite. Crafting characters will have crafting Incidents as well as other general and social ones. However, it is not required to craft a specific item.
    "What about crafting can cause incite exactly? Crafting any item? Crafting item from a specific profession? Getting an amazing success?"
    "I sincerely doubt its crafting a specific item"

    "yes we’ve already said it isn’t that granular" - Aconite


    There is a possibility of inciting on death.
    "dying is an inciting incident" - Aconite

    Engaging in combat

    Engaging in PVE combat can be one of the Events as well. That player was also a combatant.
    "just insighted"

    "congrats, what was it?:)"

    "first shot on a death watch black sun npc after opening the door"


    Players inciting incident can be connected to PvP:
    "Aconite confirmed at some point that there is at least 1 pvp inciting for B. We dont know the details tho. Might be a pvp death specifically not a pve deathblow or incap."

    "At least one 😉." -

    Selling/Buying an item

    After a player incited by interacting with Bazaar Terminal, we got this confirmation:
    "Just unlocked B on my alt by searching through the Bazaar"

    "indeed there are commodities related incidents
    sellin buyin pickin up who knows" - Aconite
    At least 2 players got their Inciting Incident... after buying a shuttleport ticket?
    "could be ticket purchase:unsure:" - Aconite

    Social interaction

    Interacting with players can be one of the Events:

    "marriage was on the original list but we removed it because we felt like it would be too rare of an occurrence
    there are some that are "social interaction with other players" type Events though" - Aconite
    An example of a "social interaction" event This player was hanging around with their friends and spamming emotes. After using a random emote, they incited
    "god, i was just with my buddies there, and spamming emotes cause i was bored and boom!"

    Space activities

    There is a possibility of Inciting in space:
    "Curious if you can incite in space or not"

    there are space specific inciting incidents" - Aconite


    Players can have their Inciting Incident while sampling for resources.
    "I sampled a high purity resource.
    It popped up I hit ok and said I had the badge. Got the little collection chime."


    Player by the name MachoPlant has recorded their Inciting Incident and shared with us. A huge thanks to them for doing so! This recording will help us with understanding of this requirement.

    Requirement C: Learn to Meditate


    Secrets of The Force have been all but forgotten. In order to explore powers beyong your own, you must find knowledge from the past.

    This requirement is completed after you finish Jedi Artifact Collection - Meditative Discipline.
    Click on the link above to learn more information about the collection and how to finish it.

    Phase II: Mending Mindfulness...


    You've discovered a deeper connection to the world around you than you thought possible, but you aren't yet sure what it means. Perhaps you should converse with someone who serves diverse perspectives and share your story as they may be able to put you in contact with someone who can help. You must be careful, however, because there are plenty of people looming in the shadows looking to exploit anyone they can.


    For this part you need to go to a cantina in a Rebel controlled GCW region.
    Speak to "a bartender" and the following conversation will happen:

    a bartender: Welcome! Hey, you look a bit parched. Is there anything I can do for you?
    PC: I'm looking for some information.
    a bartender: What kind of information?
    PC: Do you believe in the supernatural?
    a bartender: I've been serving here for years and you can believe I've seen it all... Why?
    PC: I have this connection to the world around me I can't explain and I'm looking for someone who can.
    a bartender: I will reach out to a few friends and see if someone can help. But keep this to yourself.

    After this conversation you will get a pop-up transmission:
    <Comm> : I've heard you're looking for someone to help with your "connection to the world." We should speak soon, but I want to make sure you have what you claim. <TRANSMISSION // INTERRUPTED>
    <Comm> : Buckets! <<##>> It's too dangerous to talk now. I've sent you some challenges. If you complete them, I'll know you are who you claim to be and you will hear from me again.

    This then gives you a quest for your journal under Jedi Unlock > Mending Mindfulness.

    The reward for this you will get to choose between the following:
    Structure Deed: Jedi Meditation Room​
    Structure Deed: Sith Meditation Room​

    The First Appraisal

    Solve the first challenge sent by the Mysterious Figure:
    • Of billowing clouds where lives are among the sky, this lighted world sits nearby. Find the base of a burgeon of trapezium basins and meditate near the dangerous edge. Among the glow what shall emerge is the answer to help you cross the verge.

    The Second Appraisal

    Solve the second challenge send by the Mysterious Figure:
    • Just beyond a nucleus of nebulae is a fellowship vying for wanderlust. Meditate while confined by a vale cleaved with tributary, as it certainly makes a marvelous sight, and will be what brings you your light.
    • Singleton association was of preference for this egalitarian would disregarded by its infamous celebutante of origin. Where the trees see the zenith, meditating upon this apogee will bring you a vista and the peace that comes with its observation.

    The Third Appraisal

    Solve the third challenge send by the Mysterious Figure:
    • Meditating close to the littoral of this star adjacent appendage may cause another proximity emergence to make history here. But when you encounter this occluded body, you shall have nothing to fear, as the song of cognition will be all that you hear.
    • Don't heel to your hesitations or engage in machinations, be positive you can find the fourteen pieces needed to put this puzzle together. Meditate close, it doesn't really bite, but be careful not to enter, as that'll certainly cause a fright.

    The Final Part

    After completing all the challenges, you will be asked to seek the shrine which is attuned with you more than the others.
    Find it and meditate near it.
    But be vigilant - shrines attract those that are strong in the Force...

    List of Shrines:
    You can copy and paste each line of waypoints in the chat to add them all to the datapad at once.

    /way -7391 -3938 Shrine; /way 6092 -5578 Shrine; /way -6907 4527 Shrine; /way -2384 6393 Shrine; /way 6300 6687 Shrine;

    /way -6859 -1937 Shrine; /way -2582 -6184 Shrine; /way 2377 -473 Shrine; /way 7182 -234 Shrine;

    /way -6505 -3667 Shrine; /way 5264 113 Shrine; /way 5632 6015 Shrine; /way 5958 -5685 Shrine; /way -3622 5280 Shrine;

    /way -5785 4478 Shrine; /way -5449 -3239 Shrine; /way 318 5842 Shrine; /way 5760 -5208 Shrine;

    /way -6375 6403 Shrine; /way -4496 -7531 Shrine; /way 307 -978 Shrine; /way -926 6046 Shrine; /way 6854 -1221 Shrine;

    /way -6173 4120 Shrine; /way 2163 7548 Shrine; /way 2640 -1536 Shrine; /way -6999 -5269 Shrine; /way -1814 -6202 Shrine;

    /way -2132 5938 Shrine; /way 5455 3805 Shrine; /way -5806 1977 Shrine; /way -3641 -6030 Shrine; /way 4978 -5674 Shrine;

    Yavin IV:
    /way -3362 6914 Shrine; /way 6455 6423 Shrine; /way -4585 -3761 Shrine; /way 2389 -4934 Shrine;

    /way -5055 -1703 Shrine; /way -5627 4813 Shrine; /way -3870 -4467 Shrine; /way 670 5548 Shrine; /way 5116 1923 Shrine;


    Reward for completing this quest is a player structure called "Meditation Room". It has 2 variations:
    • Sith Temple
    • Jedi Temple

    Phase III: Voyage To the Village...

    Note that this content is not currently in the game.

    Village Teaser

    Read this Comlink page for more details on The Village:

    Developer Q&A

    "phase 3 is just the village we've only upgraded the systems it uses to actually use the quest system, changed the rewards, and added the ranch which has optional content and teleport path for fs" - Aconite
    "parts of the new village experience btw
    Will take an 8 person group" - Aconite
    "Will pvp be part of the village or just for holocrons?"

    "Not part of the village officially
    The Lost holocron quest previously previewed is a quest line granted from the ranch
    and there is a large PvP enabled zone between the village and the ranch" - Aconite

    About Force Sensitive Trees

    "Have we been told what Phase unlocks the FS trees?"

    "FS trees are unlocked in the village by completing quests which is part of Phase 3" - Aconite
    "With regards to Force Sensitive, I don't foresee us relocating the inciting incident to after the Village, particularly because the benefits of the Force Sensitive trees are intended to be gated as a reward to players who have spent a considerable amount of time in the game. As Rohlan mentioned, we are reworking the FS trees and changing how they work. This will include adjustments to the stat mods in the trees to abide by the tenet that they provide "convenience and/or efficiency but not advantage." For example, Vehicle speed increase is convenient because you can get places faster, but it doesn't provide an inherit advantage over other players in situations where you are competing with other players like PvP." - Aconite
    "We will be adding one (or more) abilities to the master boxes of each FS Tree. The tradeoff for using these is that they will generate visibility." - Aconite
    Notice how it is mentioned that abilities in force-sensitive trees may generate visibility when used. Read more about visibility in these two diaries:

    The Ranch and Safe Havens

    This content is partially in the game.
    From the Developer Diary - Jedi - Part 2 - Life, Death, and the Jedi Ecosystem:
    "You may have seen some pictures shared of The Ranch, a mysterious compound on Dathomir. There are several of these compounds throughout the galaxy which serve as outposts for smuggling force sensitives around the galaxy in secret. The heavily guarded compounds are surrounded by a PvP area and provide Jedi-related content, also serving as a place of rest and healing for the hunted with cloning centers, cantinas, vendors, and special missions. Only Jedi can enter a Safe Haven. PvP and other attack behaviors will not be possible. We’ll share more about Safe Havens as we approach their release."

    Safe Havens are restricted to Initiates who have completed Village questline(s):
    "There will be a need for certain profs with access to Jedi restricted areas to safely inspire/buff/repair etc too"

    "That’s what The Ranch is for
    and there will be 2 others in the galaxy
    known as “safe havens”
    safe haven only for jedi initiate+ after village
    although i typo'ed it and currently pre-village fs can get in." - Aconite
    "Safe havens are for Jedi not force sensitives. The Ranch in particular is part of the unlock storyline. There are currently only plans for there to be 3 safe havens in galaxy." - Aconite

    Essentially, a safe haven is a place where Jedi can rest, sleep, or eat without anyone disturbing or disintegrating them.

    The Ranch

    "Don’t worry if you approach The Ranch and aren’t a Jedi you die instantly by spontaneous combustion." - Aconite

    The Ranch is a small compound that lies near Aurillia Village on planet Dathomir.

    You cannot call Vehicles near the ranch; you have to be 200 meters away from it in order to do that.

    Here's the waypoint:
    /way 4591 -5410 The Ranch;

    This place is a part of the unlock storyline.
    "The Ranch in particular is part of the unlock storyline." - Aconite

    It is surrounded by walls and heavily protected.
    Means of protection include:
    • Landmines
    • Anti-Aircraft Artillery
    • Trapdoor near the entrance
    You cannot get inside The Ranch unless you are invited.

    Upon approaching, there will be a Protocol Droid named RA-229 standing near the bridge. It will warn you about the dangers of being an uninvited guest.

    For first-time visitors, it may not be a good idea to ignore the advice and proceed further along the bridge. It will result in getting yourself killed.

    If you are welcome there, then it is safe to approach the gate.
    "what's fun is
    if you walk up to the gate and are authorized to be there
    it just magically lifts you inside." - Aconite
    How can you know if you are welcome? We do not know that yet; however, since The Ranch has its part in Phase III, it is safe to assume that Village quests may lead players there.

    Landscape and Interior

    On the outside, The Ranch looks like a small, flimsy fortress.
    It is surrounded by walls and has a creek above a small bridge that leads to a laser gate entrance.
    More objects of interest are inside.

    Objects worth noticing are:
    • Tatooine Small Bunker with 2 floors that are underground
    • A Shuttle - may be used for smuggling Jedi in, sort of like a starport/shuttleport(not confirmed, just a speculation).
    • Big Tree and gravestones near it
    • Merchant Tent
    • Cave which leads down to Mines
    I recommend watching this video to see the interior of the Ranch and its NPCs.

    NPCs of The Ranch

    The Ranch is a home to a few NPCs. There may be more NPCs, but they are not accessible yet or added.
    You cannot start conversation with any of them, im certain that you will have to be invited/have related quests for that to happen.
    • Phydon Mundro - a Chevin male. He is Ranch Caretaker, not much else is known about this character.
    • Zipp - a MSE "Mouse" droid. This NPC(see Related Quests article for more) has a confirmed quest tied to it. It will be about lost holocron that force sensitive initiates will have to find.
    • Shandra Dii'vas - an old Human female. She wears a cloak with hood(looks good) and thats about it. What is interesting about her is that she may have quests that only Force Sensitives can complete.
      From #staff-teases channel in discord:
    "With players nearing unlocking their force sensitivity, be sure to be on the lookout for an icon only force sensitives can see indicating Jedi-specific content." - Aconite
    • Sqweaki - an Arconan male. He pilots the shuttle you've seen earlier and will be the one to take players down into the Mines.

    Related Quests

    The Ranch will have optional quests for Jedi Initiates.
    "...the ranch has static side quests for force sensitives.." - Aconite
    Developers have given us a tease regarding one such quest.
    It will be about Holocron, which was lost in the Dathomir wilderness.
    "Can you spot the lost holocron down below? We haven't talked much about the Village experience, but one exciting addition will include a recurring hunt for a lost holocron dropped by a village youngling in the outskirts of the misty falls limited to one player recovery per cycle. It could be dangerous, and there's an opportunity to keep the holocron for yourself, or to receive a player structure for its safe return." - Aconite
    If you thoroughly inspect the picture, you may find a small red holocron lying in the dirt.


    The questgiver for this may be that little mouse droid named Zipp, earlier he had a broken string instead of its name:
    More information regarding this quest:
    • "It is a quest acquired through the village system and it won’t spawn unless someone has the quest." - Aconite
    • "we're making a texture that's more of a muddy/dirty looking one like it has been dropped in the dirt." - Aconite
    • In response whether holocron will have a name for easier search or not:
      "Of course it won’t have a name I’m not an amateur." - Aconite
    • The holocron will be heavily guarded:
      "also gonna have to get past the Rancor Crypt Walkers." - Aconite

    Historic Moments of The Ranch

    Despite being added into the game few minutes ago(at that time) the Ranch had its share of important events.
    • Discovery of The Ranch
    • First victim of Ranch's Defense systems
    • First PVP kill in the Ranch
    • Trespassers contemplating their choices
    • Unfortunate Explorer meets his demise
    I want to express my gratitude to Tyrelaine, Yarr, and Grug for exploring the Ranch with me!


    Note that this content is not currently in the game.


    It has not been confirmed, but this might be Ilum.
    Ilum was an ice planet in the Unknown Regions, one of the main sources of the valuable Adegan Crystals used in the construction of Jedi Lightsabers. The caverns containing the crystals were long ago turned into a Jedi temple. Unlike the crystals of other Planets, the crystals of Ilum were limited to blue, green and purple in color. The planet was over ninety percent-covered by ice. - Wookieepedia

    Only Jedi will be able to visit Ilum

    One of the main pieces in the Jedi Lightsaber is a color crystal.
    On the Restoration server, future Jedi have to venture into the icy caverns of Ilum to obtain their color crystal. But it won't be as easy; the entire instance is PvP-Flagged, and Jedi will compete with other Jedi for crystals.
    "we asked ChatGPT what challenges a Jedi might encounter when trying to get a lightsaber crystal during the era of the empire and it gave all the usual answers but then said something that surprised us… that the scarcity of crystals in general would be met with high demand from Jedi themselves too, and they may have to fight to get them, and thus the crystal cave instance was born" - Aconite
    "When you go to ilum to get your color crystal
    It’s a PvP zone
    and you have to fend off other Jedi who also want a crystal just to get your own" - Aconite
    "It's an instanced crystal cave you get teleported to consistent with our timeline
    you have to guard the growing crystal formations and extract them based on the color and stat mod you want" - Aconite

    There will be crystal formations in such caves. Jedi can protect their formations while also sabotaging others:
    "yea so the idea is
    The crystals grow
    They have a stat in them
    but only a ghost can tell you what the stat is
    the entire crystal cave is PvP locked so Jedi can attack each other
    and they can also sabotage crystals" - Aconite

    Guarding formations will allow crystals to achieve slightly better condition:
    "They grow at I think 2000 condition
    but other Jedi can sabotage them
    and they will lose condition" - Aconite

    Force Ghosts(Temporarily Dead Jedi) have the ability to assist in crystal selection:
    "only force ghosts can tell you what the stat mod will be on the crystal that is growing but color will be obvious
    entire area is full PvP flagged" - Aconite

    Fate of the Crystals

    Crystals with names, such as Bane's Heart, will be attainable only through other Jedi who visit Ilum.
    "Some other changes I've shared with the Senate just to note since we're providing this update:
    • We previously announced that Ilum would be where color crystals can be attained. This has changed such that named color crystals will be on Ilum, but regular color crystals will be attainable through normal loot tables as they are and won't be removed. Named color crystals will only be found on Ilum (and any existing will be removed)." - Aconite

    From the Developer Diary - Jedi - Part 3 - The tools of the Jedi and The Consequences of Using Them*:
    Standard Color Crystals can be attained by looting them. Any regular color crystal can be inserted into a lightsaber. “Specialty” Color Crystals, also referred to as “Named” Color Crystals (i.e., color crystals that have a specific name, like “Bane’s Heart”), will only be attainable on Ilum, the instanced Jedi Crystal Cave, through a series of quests and challenging boss fights. We plan to introduce more lightsaber colors through the Specialty Color Crystal system. And sorry for those wondering, but the dark saber, nor a black color, will be making an appearance in-game. However, with the help of Force Ghosts, the Specialty Color Crystals can have custom stats attuned to them as they grow, but they also risk being sabotaged or stolen by other Jedi. And you can plan to see the inclusion of DoT and elemental effects from Color Cyrstals in the future as this larger combat mechanic is reintroduced.
    *It is not confirmed whether information about black crystal has a typo or not.

    Only Jedi will be able "smuggle" crystals and sell them:
    "Awwwww, I missed that color crystals are gonna get purged. I liked using them for decoration."

    "Well you still can you’re just gonna need to get them from a Jedi
    and I don’t imagine it will be cheap or easy
    And they can’t be sold on bazaar of course that’s Contraband
    so finding them might b tough
    But will be tradeable" - Aconite

    Note that Power Crystals and Krayt Pearls won't be affected by the "purge":
    krayt pearls are power crystals (as are power crystals) they don't qualify as color crystals, named or not, and therefore are not included in the aforementioned color crystal purge" - Aconite

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