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Inciting Incident

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    Inciting Incident

    To be benighted, it appears to be pure luck or a near miss, but to the enlightened, it is the crux juncture signifying the first spark of discovery for a latent power that has always existed deep within. This specific moment of discovery, different for every being, is precipitated when you need it most and denotes the start of a new journey towards the force.

    What is an Inciting Incident?


    "...There are inciting incidents involving crafting, but a majority involve combat, so it is more difficult to unlock on a crafter-only character. But it possible to unlock on any character, or become force sensitive on multiple, but you can only have one Jedi. The best strategy is likely not to get too attached to any one specific character becoming the force sensitive one if your goal is just to become a Jedi, and instead to play the game as normal on all of your characters until you have an inciting incident, in which case you can move forward with that character on the path to become a Jedi."

    Insight on the Incite:
    From the Developer:
    "The Inciting Incident system was created to address the challenge of balancing the immersion of the original Star Wars timeline with the desire to incorporate Jedi as a significant aspect of the game. In the timeline of the game, there weren't any Jedi around searching out younglings, and anyone knowledgeable enough to recognize it in you early on was being silenced by the Empire. Our solution was to develop a system that aligns with the lore, while also allowing us to regulate how frequently players can access Jedi.

    We don't view Jedi as an entitlement that any player can achieve, to ensure that it maintains its unique and significant place in the game. We have seen that the system has been successful in making the Force experience on Restoration unique and thrilling, and we're very excited about what's coming next in the Jedi unlock process.

    A new insight on inciting: We've previously shared that faction plays a role in unlock, but many have questioned how that works if you aren't a declared faction. We thought of that! In that case, the game aligns you with whatever faction you are in better standing with (or randomly, if you're truly neutral). How this plays into your story is for you to find out. Does the heart of an underdog beat within your chest, or does the thrill of power and dominion fuel your spirit?"

    Triggering the Incident

    There is no definitive guide on how to get an Inciting Incident.
    However, here are a few tips that may prove useful.
    1. To have the possibility of achieving an Inciting incident, your character has to be 10 days old.
    2. The Inciting Incident variables roll when your character is first created.
    3. Inciting Incident resets every 15 days.
      1. It happens the next time you log in after a 15 day period, it's not on a calendar, so if you didn't play for a few days, it gets difficult to track when it will reset (intentionally).
    4. Inciting Incident can occur in space and on any planet, including Mustafar and Kashyyyk.
    5. Inciting Incident is not restricted to a specific planet.
    6. Your currently mastered professions may influence the Inciting Incident. It is no longer possible for a combat character to have a crafting-related Inciting Incident.
    7. There are social and other "general" incites that anyone can have. Examples of these incidents can be read about in
      "List of Incidents" section of the wiki.

    Staff Confirmations

    List of staff statements about the Inciting Incident.

    Abstract things & Specifics
    "Can you incite by a PoI/Badge you have already gained in the past?" - S.

    "The incite wouldn’t be that specific
    It would be like “earned ANY badge” not “earned THIS badge”
    All of the incidents are made from abstract things players would do repeatedly/regularly as part of playing the game, but don’t get more finite into those specifics" ― Aconite

    Character Advancement
    "The chance of inciting is not affected by your character’s advancement (e.g., badges.... The points of Parts 2A and C are to handle things like specific advancements. The Inciting Incident is solely based on factors in the moment while you are playing."

    Factional Control
    "inciting incident is not based on being in a specific place at a specific time, it is based on the properties of that place and time
    well actually I'll say
    a specific planet is one of the variables
    but where on that planet is not part of it
    i guess technically where could apply
    but only based on factional control
    it's not like
    must be in X region of tatooine to unlock
    but it is like
    must be ON tatooine and in A region with X factional control and X other conditions
    and X factional control could be your faction, not your faction, another calculation if you are neutral, or it could be whether or not the region is controlled by X faction regardless of your faction affiliation
    and if you're not in a region that has factional control, it examines the control of the entire planet or space"

    Hidden Probability
    "Each inciting incident now has an associated probability such that there is chance in whether or not the activity itself triggers the incite regardless of having met the other confounding variables*.
    For example, if your inciting incident is to change the control of a factional zone, because this is a rarer activity, we've set a much higher probability to achieving the incite, whereas if your inciting incident is to chat with another player, the probability would be very low because that is a very common activity.
    This chance does not affect the other variables* (e.g., the factional status of a character needing to be X) at the time the incident is triggered."
    Neutral Incites
    Neutral players can have Inciting Incident as well, read the following quote:
    "A new insight on inciting: We've previously shared that faction plays a role in unlock, but many have questioned how that works if you aren't a declared faction. We thought of that! In that case, the game aligns you with whatever faction you are in better standing with (or randomly, if you're truly neutral)."

    *Variables - Variables are specific properties of the Inciting Incident.
    There are 7 variables involved in the inciting incident, you have to meet all 7 variables to have the incident happen.

    Examples of Variables:
    • Planet Time(notice that each planet has different time cycle)
    • Certain Action(death, purchase of an item, crafting etc.)
    There are around 43 possible inciting incidents.

    Delay timer

    While this isn't a direct confirmation, it is worth mentioning.
    This is about whether B has a timer that makes it difficult to determine what triggered the incident in the first place:
    "inciting incident may have timers involved" ― Aconite

    "As in a timer to notify you that you have received one? Or a timer before your can achieve it?" ― D.

    "a timer from when you achieve the incident to when you're notified would be an awfully good way to obfuscate what the inciting incident actually was" ― Aconite

    Community Stories

    "We’ve asked players to write stories for their characters who have experienced an Inciting Incident. The Restoration Community answered back with all sorts of fascinating folklore. Below are a selection of roleplay tales about how their characters first developed a connection with the Force..."
    The SWG Restoration Team

    Guaranteed way to Incite

    With Hotfix, a new item was added to the PAAS Vendor: "An Ancient Jedi Text".
    "This Ancient Jedi Text, when read, teaches the reader the history and ways of The Force, allowing them to experience an Inciting Incident immediately upon use."
    The Book is No-Trade.
    To get this item, a player must either:
    • Log in 28 days in a row 10 times (10 Months)
    • Achieve a play time of 750 hours
    Click on the image to enlarge it.

    An Ancient Jedi Text

    List of Incidents

    Below is the list of reported Inciting Incidents.


    Some can incite while buffing a player.
    "I have a question Aconite, Can non combat professions have inciting incidents? Like my entertainer dancing in a cantina?"

    "Yes, there are crafting and entertainer inciting incidents, and there are PvE and PvP inciting incidents." ― Aconite

    Completing a collection

    "One of my incites was completing the purple light gem collection, The same second I added the last gem to complete the collection the incite pop up happened so I am 100% sure completing a collection is one of the possible triggers. I have completed all 3 color light gem collections over a dozen times each previously so it can def trigger just from "completed collection". It's worth a try hitting up vendor search and buying some gems, they should be cheap since they drop like candy from treasure maps. Food for
    ― E.


    Currently mastered professions on your character will influence the Incite. Crafting characters will have crafting Incidents as well as other general and social ones. However, it is not required to craft a specific item.
    "What about crafting can cause incite exactly? Crafting any item? Crafting item from a specific profession? Getting an amazing success?"
    "I sincerely doubt its crafting a specific item" ― T.

    "yes we’ve already said it isn’t that granular" ― Aconite


    There is a possibility of inciting on death.
    "dying is an inciting incident" ― Aconite

    Engaging in combat

    Engaging in PVE combat can be one of the events as well. That player was also a combatant.
    "just insighted" ― V.

    "congrats, what was it?:)" ― K.

    "first shot on a death watch black sun npc after opening the door" ― V.


    "I incited a few days ago foraging on Talus" ― P.
    Getting Buffed

    Possible to incite while receiving a buff.
    "i got inciting incident from getting a buff in mos eisley just so everyones aware
    on my ranged char lol"
    ― j.

    Harvester Maintaining

    "Looks like you can get an incite event for harvester maintenance. Can’t tell for sure if it was the deposit of credits or power, but it clearly came as a result of one of those two
    Best guess is “deposit 10k power in a harvester”. That happened on dantooine"
    ― B.
    "I incited unloading one of my harvesters."
    ― V.
    "Apparently placing a harvestor helps one find themself in the universe."
    ― D.

    Mounting a Vehicle

    "mounted my swoop" ― B.
    "Just got incite from getting on my speeder I think" ― M.


    Players inciting incident can be connected to PvP:
    "Aconite confirmed at some point that there is at least 1 pvp inciting for B. We dont know the details tho. Might be a pvp death specifically not a pve deathblow or incap." ― R.

    "At least one 😉." ― Aconite

    Selling or Buying an item

    After a player incited by interacting with Bazaar Terminal, we got this confirmation:
    "Just unlocked B on my alt by searching through the Bazaar" ― A.

    "indeed there are commodities related incidents
    sellin buyin pickin up who knows" ― Aconite
    At least 2 players got their Inciting Incident... after buying a shuttleport ticket?
    "could be ticket purchase:unsure:" ― Aconite

    Social interaction

    Interacting with players can be one of the events:
    "marriage was on the original list but we removed it because we felt like it would be too rare of an occurrence
    there are some that are "social interaction with other players" type events though"

    An example of a "social interaction" event.
    This player was hanging around with their friends and spamming emotes. After using a random emote, they incited:
    "god, i was just with my buddies there, and spamming emotes cause i was bored and boom!"
    ― F.

    Space activities

    There is a possibility of Inciting in space:
    "Curious if you can incite in space or not" ― D.

    there are space specific inciting incidents" ― Aconite


    Players can have their Inciting Incident while sampling for resources.
    "I sampled a high purity resource.
    It popped up I hit ok and said I had the badge. Got the little collection chime."


    "mine on <name> came from swimming next to the bridge at Nym's while wearing a jawa costume" ― K.

    Turning in a Quest

    "it seem so random, mine happened turning in a legacy mission on naboo" ― N.
    "Tonight I had my inciting incident on my character, and I understand it's considered common courtesy to let the community know the last thing you did before getting the message. I am a Smuggler's Alliance Pilot and turned in the space mission "Disable and Inspect Witchblood Clan Soldiers" to Beissa in Jabba's Palace. The message actually popped up over top of the conversation as soon as I accepted completion of the mission." ― A.


    "fiction. mine was arriving at rancor cave. was the grouping, convo or vehicle dismount" ― N.
    "if you aren't inciting then you're doing the same portion of content, all the time. you need to mix things up.

    emote people, use an ability (such as burst run) in a city, change posture in a city, drive your speeder, tip some random person

    FWIW each time I incited was almost directly after speaking to an NPC via a conversation box:
    1 - Doing an Ability (Combat) after Speaking to Skill Trainer to train Novice Box
    2 - Driving Speeder after using BH Droid
    3 - Doing an Ability (Burst Run) in Theed after Removing Cybernetic Legs
    the whole 'driving speeder over water' under the hood is something like a locomotion change i.e Swimming"
    ― C.
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