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Jedi's Equipment

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  • In this page you can find all the jedi related equipment from the most basic piece of gear to the top notch high end equipment. Jedi's gear is divided in 4 categories:

    • Jedi Robes
    • Jedi Cloaks
    • Lightsabers
    • Jewelry and Accessories

    Jedi Robes

    Robes occupy the chest, bicep, bracer, legs and feet equipment slots.

    As jedi characters can't wear any kind of armor, robes and cloaks will be your main piece of gear and will provide you some strong bonuses like force power regeneration or increase your maximum amount of force power. The further you progress through the force progression skill tree the stronger these bonuses will be, including different tiers of robes when you reach the FRS (force ranking system) at the rank of jedi knight. Here is the full list of robes and cloaks you will be able to find in game:

    Jedi Initiate’s Robe
    Jedi Padawan’s Robe:
    Increases your maximum force power by 250 and your force regen by 10


    Jedi Knight’s Robe
    Elder Jedi Arbiter Robe
    Elder Jedi Oppressor Robe
    Jedi Consular Robe
    Dark Jedi Templar Robe
    Jedi Council Robe
    Dark Jedi Council Robe

    Jedi Cloaks

    Cloaks occupy the head and back equipment slots.

    NameSkill ModsAttribute ModsEffectAcquisitionImage
    Cloak of the KurskForce Storm Damage: 4
    Force Power Regeneration: 8
    Health: 500Force Power: Increases your total Force PowerLooted from San'sii the Kursk
    Cloak of the Storm CallerForce Lightning Speed: 25
    Force Power Regeneration: 8
    Health: 500Force Power: Increases your total Force PowerLooted from the Storm Lord
    Jedi Knight CloakCreated with Chu-Gon Dar Cube
    Jedi Master CloakLooted from CY-M Prototype
    Shatterpoint CloakMaster Jedi Cloaks collection
    Cloak of HateMaster Jedi Cloaks collection


    Lightsabers are the main weapon of any jedi besides their strong force powers and different abilities. As regular characters need to find and improve their weapons, you as a jedi will need to get different tiers of lightsabers based on your force progression and skill trees. There are 3 different types of lightsaber styles: one-handed, two-handed, and double-bladed. When you reach the Jedi Initiate rank, you will get the certification to craft your lightsaber crafting tool and a training lightsaber. The rest of the 1-4 generation sabers are crafted from the Jedi Lightsaber skill tree. An additional 5th generation will be available later in the game as a reward for high-end activities tbd. Special lightsaber schematics will also be available from different sources, like the old Republic lightsaber, jinsu razor, or juyo saberstaff.


    In order to craft your lightsaber tool you will need first a generic crafting tool and the materials listed above, and remember that the lightsaber tool also has a tool effectiveness stat that caps at 15.00 like all the other crafting tools. Every time you want to craft a new lightsaber you are going to need two refined crystal packs but the quality of resources used don't matter so don't worry about that (note that the other resources used in the lightsaber crafting DO matter).


    In order to power on your lightsaber you are going to need a color crystal and different power crystals/krayt pearls depending on your lightsaber generation, 4th gen lightsabers take up to 4 power crystals/pearls and 1 color crystals. While crafting your lightsaber you can experiment in 3 different attributes: damage, speed and efficiency (affects both action cost and force cost).


    Finally in the last crafting step you can choose between 13 different lightsaber appearances. Worth mentioning that in Restoration all 3 lightsaber styles share the same attributes in terms of damage, speed or action/force cost. That means that you are free to use your favorite style without worrying about what is the best type for min-maxing.

    Once you have crafted your lightsaber you will need to get your hands on some power crystals/krayt pearls that will increase the power of your lightsaber depending on their quality, they also have maximum condition so once they reach 0 you will need to get a new crystal. The quality of crystals goes as follows:

    • Poor
    • Fair
    • Good
    • Quality
    • Select
    • Premium
    • Flawless
    Each quality tier increases your lightsaber minimum and maximum damage, wound chance, decreases speed, action cost and force cost. Note that in order to use any crystal you have to tune it and once tuned the crystal becomes bio linked to the owner.


    As for color crystals they obviously change your blade's color but also offer some extra attributes if you get your hands on some named color crystals, like the blackwing crystal, which will be available through Illum. Regular color crystals can be looted pretty much anywhere in the galaxy.


    Jewelry and Accessories

    Currently there are a few jedi bracelets that you can find through Treasure Maps, that either increase your combat effectiveness or your crafting skills:



    Heroic jewelry sets will become available for jedi as well later in the future. In the meantime you can also get the Belt of Master Bodo Baas if you complete the Jedi Artifact Collection - Waist Pack.
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