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The Path

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  • The Path

    From the Developer Diary - Jedi - Part 4 -It's the Emperor's Galaxy and the Jedi are Just Living In It:
    After completing your training and aiding the Village against this siege, you will again be reunited with the Mysterious Stranger. They will guide you in the next steps of your path if you so choose to abandon your current life that exists in relative safety and obscurity.

    The Mysterious Figure roams alone. They know The Force, but they are no Jedi. So far, they have sought to remain hidden and serve a higher purpose by protecting the innocent and working to save the lives of those hunted. Haunted by the past but knowing what needs to be done, they begin to see that perhaps The Force is calling them to be more than a lone warrior… If you both heed the call, the Mysterious Figure will become your mentor and teach you the ways of The Force.

    You will face the Initiate Trials (formerly the “Padawan Trials”), where the Mysterious Figure finally puts what you have learned at The Village to the test. If you pass, you will be shown into The Path, a series of safehouses and sympathetic volunteers that the Mysterious Figure themself relies on. In the walls of these safe houses, there is no conflict; it is a place of learning and rest. Here you will train your “Jedi” skills with the Mysterious Figure and other characters you will encounter along the way.

    Safe Havens are restricted to Initiates who have completed Village questline(s):
    "There will be a need for certain profs with access to Jedi restricted areas to safely inspire/buff/repair etc too"

    "That’s what The Ranch is for
    and there will be 2 others in the galaxy
    known as “safe havens”
    safe haven only for jedi initiate+ after village
    although i typo'ed it and currently pre-village fs can get in." - Aconite
    "Safe havens are for Jedi not force sensitives. The Ranch in particular is part of the unlock storyline. There are currently only plans for there to be 3 safe havens in galaxy." - Aconite

    The Ranch


    From the Developer Diary - Jedi - Part 2 - Life, Death, and the Jedi Ecosystem:
    "You may have seen some pictures shared of The Ranch, a mysterious compound on Dathomir. There are several of these compounds throughout the galaxy which serve as outposts for smuggling force sensitives around the galaxy in secret. The heavily guarded compounds are surrounded by a PvP area and provide Jedi-related content, also serving as a place of rest and healing for the hunted with cloning centers, cantinas, vendors, and special missions. Only Jedi can enter a Safe Haven. PvP and other attack behaviors will not be possible. We’ll share more about Safe Havens as we approach their release."

    The Ranch is a small compound that lies near Aurillia Village on planet Dathomir.
    You cannot call vehicles near the ranch; you have to be 200 meters away from it in order to do that.
    Here's the waypoint:
    /way Dathomir 4591 -5410 The Ranch;

    You cannot get inside The Ranch unless you are invited.

    "Don’t worry if you approach The Ranch and aren’t a Jedi you die instantly by spontaneous combustion." - Aconite

    Upon approaching, there will be a Protocol Droid named RA-229 standing near the bridge.
    It will warn you about the dangers of being an uninvited guest.
    For first-time visitors, it may not be a good idea to ignore the advice and proceed further along the bridge. It will result in getting yourself killed.

    If you are welcome there, then it is safe to approach the gate.
    "what's fun is
    if you walk up to the gate and are authorized to be there
    it just magically lifts you inside." - Aconite
    How can you know if you are welcome? We do not know that yet; however, since The Ranch has its part in Phase III, it is safe to assume that Village quests may lead players there.
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