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Force Sensitive

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  • Force Sensitive

    Unlocking Force Sensitive

    To unlock Force Sensitive skills and story, you must first progress through three phases covered on Jedi Unlock and The Village pages.

    XP Conversion

    To get the proper type of force sensitive experience to learn their respective skills, you have to trade in normal experience at the rates below:
    XP TypeConversionFS XP Type
    Unarmed Combat30:1Combat/Reflex
    Pistol Weapons30:1Combat/Reflex
    Carbine Weapons30:1Combat/Reflex
    Rifle Weapons30:1Combat/Reflex
    Heavy Weapons30:1Combat/Reflex
    Combat3:1/Bugged 30:1Combat/Reflex
    Bounty Hunter5:1Combat/Reflex
    Creature HandlerSenses
    Image Designer7:1Senses
    Structure Crafting(Architect)35:1Crafting
    Armor Crafting(Armorsmith)5:1Crafting
    Droid Crafting(Droid Engineer)5:1Crafting
    Food Crafting(Chef)5:1Crafting
    General Crafting(Artisan)8:1Crafting
    Medical Crafting(Medic/BE)5:1Crafting
    Clothing Crafting(Tailor)5:1Crafting
    Weapon Crafting(Weaponsmith)5:1Crafting
    Quest Combat0None

    Combat Prowess

    The master box of Combat Prowess grants the ability 'Use the Force' which guarantees your next attack that can miss, will hit.
    Branch NameUnlockBenefits
    Ranged AccuracyPhase 1, Captain Sarguillo+3 General Ranged Accuracy/Box
    Ranged SpeedPhase 4, Captain Sarguillo+3 General Ranged Speed/Box
    Melee AccuracyPhase 3, Captain Sarguillo+3 General Melee Accuracy/Box
    Melee SpeedPhase 2, Dageerin+3 General Ranged Speed/Box

    Enhanced Reflexes

    The master box of Enhanced Reflexes grants the ability 'Trust the Force' which guarnatees the next attack against you that can miss, will miss.
    Branch NameUnlockBenefits
    Ranged DefensePhase 3, Dageerin+5 Ranged Defense/Box
    Melee DefensePhase 4, Captain Sarguillo+5 Melee Defense/Box
    Vehicle ControlPhase 2, Whip+5 Force Vehicular Control/Box
    +1 Force Vehicular Acceleration/Box
    SurvivalPhase 1, Whip+5 of each Scout base Skill Mod, scattered across boxes

    Crafting Mastery

    The master box of Crafting Mastery grants the ability 'Feel the Force' which increases the chance of amazing success in crafting experiments for 1 minute.
    Branch NameUnlockBenefits
    ExperimentationPhase 3, Quharek+5 Force Experimentation/Box
    AssemblyPhase 1, Quharek+5 Force Assembly/Box
    RepairPhase 4, Chief Engineer+5 Force Repair Bonus/Box
    TechinquePhase 2, Quharek+1 Crafting Technique/Box

    Heightened Senses

    The master box of Heightened Senses grants the ability 'Hear the Force' which notifies you of any bounty hunters or enemies nearby.
    Branch NameUnlockBenefits
    HealingPhase 4, Silvarra+5 Dancing Enhancement/Box
    +5 Musical Enhancement/Box
    +5 Healing Efficiency/Every Other Box
    +5 Cure Efficiency/Every Other Box
    SurveyingPhase 2, Eozlin+5 Surveying/Box
    PersuasionPhase 1, Silvarra+5 Persuasion/Box
    LuckPhase 3, Eozlin+1 Luck/Box