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  • Defense​

    Patch 1.1 introduced a new and improved accuracy versus defense system. Accuracy is compared to a targets defense to determine both the chance of hitting and damage in a Weapons min-max range used. Also included is a visual indicator of a players chance to hit a target.

    Defense Calculation​


    *Image made for 1.1, exact numbers subject to change.

    Diminishing Returns​

    The first formula of the above image, Character Defense, is subject to diminishing returns. Below 350 defense is 1:1.
    Above 350, the formula to find effective defense is: (3 * 350 * defense)/(2 * 350 + defense), or more simplified (1050 * defense)/(700 + defense).

    Accuracy v. Defense Roll​


    For example: A player with 470 accuracy from the above formulas attacks a target with 320 defense. The attacker rolls 1-470 and gets a 318, the defender rolls 1-320 and gets a 250, this results in a hit.

    Damage Range​