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  • Wounds subtract, temporarily, from your maximum health pool. A player can view your wounds either in the character sheet or by hovering over the health bar. The maximum wounds that a player can have is 500.

    Wounds are accumulated by these methods:
    • Natrually by fighting in combat. These wounds accumulate at a very slow rate.
    • By dying and cloning at a cloning facility. The player receives 100 wounds when doing this.
    • When your ship gets destroyed in space. The player receives 100 wounds when this occurs.
    • Through abilities such as Infect. These wounds accumulate at a moderate rate, with the amount of wounds applied dependent on the skill used.
    Wounds can be healed by these methods:
    • Over time by sitting in a medical center or a player's camp. This method is very slow.
    • A Doctor using the Heal Wound ability on their target.
    • A Teras Kasi Artists using the meditate ability to heal their own wounds. They must have the skill box Meditation IV: Force of Will trained to heal wounds.
    • A Jedi Healer using either the Force Wound Heal or Total Heal ability on their target.
    • A Jedi Healer who use the Force Heal ability on their target while they have the Serenity force sensitive meditation buff active.