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Attack Speed

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   Attack Speed
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  • Attack Speed​

    All weapons have an attack speed(a base property of the weapon) and a modified speed(with your attack speed modifers applied*). This speed plus an abilities speed determines this games equivalent of a global cooldown between using abilities that utilize your weapon to perform the action(for example knockdown recovery does not use a weapon so has its own global cooldown).

    *Note: Modified attack speed only reflects properly when in your character's possession, on bazaar it will just be the same as attack speed.

    Sources of Attack Speed​

    The primary source of attack speed is from your skills, which will provide either General Ranged/Melee Speed or X Speed, where X is a specific weapon type. Attributes will additionally provide more General Ranged/Melee Speed from Ranged General and Melee General respectively. Lastly exotics SEAs can additionally provide more X Speed.

    Calculating Modified Attack Speed​

    Modified Attack Speed = Weapon's Attack Speed - (Effective Ranged/Melee General * .33 + General Ranged/Melee Speed) * .005 - Weapon Type Speed * Weapon Speed Efficiency
    Weapon TypeWeapon Speed Efficiency
    Unarmed/Force Power0.01
    Heavy Weapon0.003

    Modified Attack Speed Cap​

    Weapon TypeSpeed Cap
    Heavy Weapon1.45

    Calculating Your GCD​

    GCD = Modified Attack Speed(Capped) + Ability Speed - (Attack Speed + Combat Speed) * 0.01
    Attack Speed(the stat not the concept) and Combat Speed granted by buffs, like Double Time, grant 0.01 reduced gcd per point, regardless of the speed cap. Note: some abilities have static GCDs, like Quickdraw which alway has a 1 second GCD regardless of speed.

    Medical Speed​

    Medical abilities only benefit from Attack Speed(the stat) and Combat Speed. Offensive medical abilities additionally benefit from Medical Combat Speed and derived Medical Combat Speed from Opportune Chance.
    Medical GCD = Ability Speed - (Attack Speed + Combat Speed) * 0.01
    Offensive Medical GCD = Medical GCD - (Effective Opportune Chance * 0.33 + Medical Combat Speed) * 0.01