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  • Accuracy​

    Patch 1.1 introduced a new and improved accuracy versus defense system. Accuracy is compared to a targets defense to determine both the chance of hitting and damage in a weapons min-max range used. Also included is a visual indicator of a players chance to hit a target.

    Accuracy Indicator​

    ColorChance to Hit

    A demo video of the accuracy indicator.

    Accuracy Calculation​


    *Image made for 1.1, exact numbers subject to change.

    Character Accuracy Formula​

    Character Accuracy = General Ranged or Melee Accuracy + Weapon Specific Accuracy + (.25 * Ranged or Melee General + .33 * Opportune Chance) + Ent and Food buffs + Crafted Weapon Accuracy Bonus
    Note: If this value exceeds 350, diminishing returns apply by the formula:
    Character Accuracy (with Diminishing Returns) = (1050 * Character Accuracy)/(700 + Character Accuracy)

    Combat Modifier Formula​

    Combat Modifiers = (Positioning Accuracy Modifier * Weapon Type Coefficient) + State Debuffs + Ability Buffs + Ability Accuracy Modifiers
    See Positioning Modifiers, Debuffs, and Profession Abilities for various information on these numbers.

    Total Accuracy Formula​

    Final Accuracy = (Character Accuracy (with Diminishing Returns) + Combat Modifiers)
    Then an Acc v. Def Amplifier is calculated as:
    Acc v. Def Amplifier = MAX(1, Final Accuracy / Target's Final Defense)
    And finally a PvP Accuracy Bonus of 250, or PvE Accuracy Bonus of 50 is given to reach:
    Total Accuracy = Final Accuracy * Acc v. Def Amplifier + PvP or PvE

    Accuracy v. Defense Roll​


    Hit Chance Formula​

    Hit Chance = (dTotal Accuracy > dTotal Defense)% + 10%
    Where dTotalAccuracy, is a dice with Total Accuracy # of sides, and dTotal Defense is a dice with Total Defense # of sides.

    For example: A player with 470 Total Accuracy from the above formulas attacks a target with 320 Total Defense. This gives a hit chance of approximately 66%. As of 1.2.1, a flat 10% is added to this to get ~76% hit chance.

    Damage Range​


    Glancing Blow​

    If an attack has a hit chance >=80%, and a miss is rolled, a glancing blow occurs instead. A glancing blow applies all on hit effects fully, but has greatly reduced damage of the hit itself.