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Phase 1: Restoration

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  • Phase 1: Restoration

    During this phase, the players are helping the villagers with the aftermath of a major Patriot attack.

    The following Force Sensitive Branches can be unlocked:
    • Combat Prowess: Ranged Accuracy
    • Enhanced Reflexes: Survival
    • Heightened Senses: Persuasion
    • Crafting Mastery: Assembly
    Main Page for the Force Sensitive Trees/Skills: Force Sensitive

    Combat Prowess: Ranged Accuracy

    /way Dathomir 5313 -4161 Captain Sarguillo;

    Village Patrols

    You are given 8 waypoints. To get a single patrol route completion you must either:
    • Kill all enemies if a waypoint spawns 3 or less Patriots.
    • Check all 8 waypoints, if no valid kill waypoints. Do not kill any enemies at waypoints with more than 3 Patriots.
    Quest finishes after repeating the above 10 times.

    • Unlocks Combat Prowess - Ranged Accuracy

    Extra Village Patrols

    Identical to prior quest.

    • an Aurilian Banner

    Enhanced Reflexes: Survival

    /way Dathomir 5283 -4226 Whip;

    Rescue Missing Villagers

    Proceed to provided waypoint.
    Kill all Patriots and talk to an imprisoned villager.
    Escort the villager back to center of the village.

    Quest finishes after repeating the above 5 times.

    • Unlocks Enhanced Reflexes - Survival
    • Aurilian Sculpture Section (3/4)

    Heightened Senses: Persuasion

    /way Dathomir 5392 -4078 Silvarra Mecheaux;

    Cure the Sick

    Requires at least 9 experimentation points to cure the top symptom (Bio-Engineer xxx4).
    You can also purchase a Medical Crafting Suit and a Droid with Food Private Crafting Station to spped up the process.

    The goal of this quest is to cure 5 villagers with varying symptoms. Talk to a 2-1B (medical droid) to get a list of medical symptoms, in order of increasing severity. Start with the most severe and work your way down until all symptoms are cured. You can talk to the droid again for an updated list of symptoms at any time.

    Each droid is a separate patient, and a new patient is generated immediately after one is cured, which allows you to do all 5 cures with one droid.

    Experimental Biological Counteragent uses 5 units of any Flora Resource and 10 Units of any Metal. It is recommended that you have a high and low quality of each resource, as high assembly with good resources can make it impossible to get certain cures.

    Experimentation Lines:
    • Experimental Primary Agent - Increasing this changes the primary cure per the table below, but also increases the side effect
    • Experimental Secondary Agent - Increasing this changes the secondary cure per the table below(as long as this is different than the primary), but also increases the side effect
    • Experimental Residual - Decreases the side effect(bugged, increases side effect)
    Note: It is possible, and required in some cases, to experiment so that the side effect is negated by one of the cure effects.

    SymptomExperimental Agent %
    Open Sores17-25%
    Pus-filled Lesions25-33%
    Erratic Heart Rate33-41%
    Repiratory Failure42-50%
    Lost Vision50-58%
    Partial Paralysis58-66%
    Violent Spasms67-75%
    Bloody Cough75-83%
    Internal Bleeding92-100%

    Note: The reason there are overlapping percents, is because each symptom is allocated an 8.33% range. So 8.1% is Fever, but 8.5% is Vomiting.

    • Unlocks Heightened Senses - Persuasion

    Cure the Sick (Extended)

    Identical to prior quest.

    • Ice Pendant (+5 Healing Efficiency)

    Cure the sick (Extra Cures)

    Identical to prior quest.

    • Small Aurilian Plant

    Crafting Mastery: Assembly

    /way Dathomir 5373 -4181 Quharek;

    Repair the Sensor Array

    Access the Sensor Array Access Terminal and retrieve all 4 components.
    /way Dathomir 5418 -4119 Access Terminal;

    After that, go to the nearby hut and use any Recursive Analyzer to deconstruct all 4 components into Draft Schematics.
    /way Dathomir 5279 -4117 Nearby Hut;

    Gather the resources from the table below and craft each piece.

    Use the Multi-phase Calibrator to calibrate each piece, then replace.

    Each failed attempt of the puzzle, causes 4% decay on the object. When it reaches 0, it will break. You will need to then use the Recusrive Analyzer to Load Schematic from Memory to get another Draft Schematic and craft another piece.

    Solid State Array100 Extrusive Ore
    10 Nabooian Water
    20 Polymer
    10 Copper
    There will be a vertical line and multiple horizontal bars with gaps. The gaps have to be lined up with the line. If you shift a gap off the right side of the screen, it will appear on the left side, and vice versa.
    Displayed image only updates upon hitting ok.
    Signal Amplifier70 Copper
    20 Carbonate Ore
    25 Talusian Fiberplast
    20 Aluminum
    Match the top and bottom coloration.
    Gyroscopic Receiver50 Yavinian Wind
    20 Lubricating Oil
    45 Steel
    20 Copper
    Match the shading of the right boxes to the left by moving the sliders per box.
    Displayed image only updates upon hitting ok.
    Configuration Processor50 Rori Fiberplast
    30 Copper
    40 Aluminum
    15 Copper
    Make the top triangle's pattern match the bottom pattern. Clicking a triangle change's it's color as well as the opposing triforce's opposing triangles.
    Press esc upon completion, box lacks a close/cancel.

    • Unlocks Crafting Mastery - Assembly