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Opportune Chance

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  • Opportune Chance is one of the six core character attributes. Each point of opportune chance grants a small bonus to General Accuracy, Defense vs States, Defense vs Posture Change, Damage, and Healing Efficiency.

    Stat bonuses​


    The bonus to Damage (possibly from Accuracy) is negligible. Some testing shows that it may be as little as 0.001% additional damage per point. Some testing examples:
    Damage with 0 Opportune ChanceDamage with 315 Opportune Chance


    The bonus to Healing Efficiency however is noticeable. Testing shows that the amount healed by abilities is increased with diminishing returns at every value of Opportune Chance.
    • At 315 OC (9 +35 mods) healing is increased by about 10.8%
    • At 210 OC, healing is increased by about 9.9%
    • At 105 OC, healing is increased by about 7.8%

    Lucky Events​

    Opportune Chance increases the likelihood you will have <Lucky> Events happen to you. These Events can happen while in combat or healing and while selling to junk dealers.

    • Crafting Assembly: Crafters who catch a lucky break can benefit from a Critical Success during the Assembly phase of creating their item.

    • Crafting Experimentation: During Experimentation, Traders can get a lucky break that will give their experiment a Critical Success.

    • Armor and Weapon Repair: During repair, Opportune Chance can increase the probability of a positive repair outcome, but it is always possible to have a total failure or poor repiar regardless of amount of Opportune Chance.

    • Combat and Faction: During combat, anyone fighting has a chance to be lucky which will earn them bonus Faction Points.

    • Healing: All healing actions including the use of special abilities, healing others and even using stim-packs have the chance to receive a lucky break that will boost the effectiveness of the heal.

    • Fencing: Another interesting chance for a lucky break is selling your goods to a Junk Dealer. Everyone has the opportunity for this lucky break which increases the item's "sell rate." A player can tell when they've been lucky because all of the prices of their goods will be considerably higher than usual.

    • Experience: If you're really lucky, you can get a bonus to your experience point (XP) rewards while you're playing the game. It can happen at any time whether you are on the ground or in Space, questing or Crafting – as long as you're doing something that earns you XP.

    • Fishing: You may also notice a faster catch rate/ better catch while fishing if you have a high luck stat.

    • Foraging: While foraging, the higher your Luck skill, the better your forage results!

    • Rare Loot Chests: The probability to loot a Rare Loot Chest will increase by 0.1% for every 100 points of Opportune Chance you have up to a maximum chance of 1%. For example, if you have 350 Opportunity Chance, the probability of looting a Rare Loot Chest is 0.8%.