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Rescue Survivor

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  • This quest is part of the Quarantine Zone Theme Park questline.

    Level: 90
    Find the survivor and escort them back to HX-138.
    Recommended combat level: 80 with a group

    Last Known Location​

    Find the survivor and bring them back to HX-138.

    HX-138 gives you a nearby waypoint where a survivor is hiding. Once you arrive at that point you will be met by the survivor and receive a comm-message from HX-138.

    HX-138: Comm-message - Great work. Now make sure the survivor doesn't get killed.

    Speaking with the survivor will update the quest.

    Follow the Survivor​

    Follow the survivor and make sure they reach the destination.

    The survivor will try to run back to the camp and will run through groups of undead, which will attack the survivor.
    • The undead are CL75-80 and deathblow
    • Once in combat, the survivor will stop moving, or run into even more undead
    • If the survivor or you die, the quest fails and you will need to speak with HX-138 again
    a survivor: I'm going to make a run for it when you say go.
    You: Go!
    a survivor: Don't let them eat me.

    If the survivor makes it back to the camp alive, the quest updates.

    Good Work​

    Speak to the survivor to make sure they are alright.

    Speak to the survivor to update the quest again. If you do not speak with them within ~30 seconds, the quest automatically updates.

    a survivor: That was close. Thanks for rescuing me! I owe you.
    You: Glad to have been of service.
    a survivor: I will tell HX-138 of my arrival.

    Return to HX-138 to update the quest.

    Speak with HX-138​

    Talk to HX-138 to retake the mission.

    HX-138 will ask you to rescue three more survivors at nearby locations. The survivors spawn further and further away, and as a result will run through more groups of undead.

    Highly recommend a group for this part.

    Great work bringing the survivor back. We have a few more to rescue. Are you ready for the next location?
    You: I am.
    HX-138: Here is the second survivor

    Repeat the quest a second time.

    HX-138: Another success. That survivor may live into old age because of you. Great work.
    You: We're done?
    HX-138: No. Another survivor is a little further out. Are you ready to attempt a rescue?
    You: I am ready.
    HX-138: Find that survivor, [Player's name].

    Repeat the quest a third time.

    HX-138: The Emperor will hear about you and all your fine work here, [Player's name]. You are a true hero.
    You: Great. Tell him I miss Alderaan.
    HX-138: You can channel your rebellious anger into rescuing the next survivor, [Player's name].
    You: Consider it channeled.
    HX-138: Bring this one back, just like the last one, [Player's name].

    Repeat the quest for the final time.

    Once you have escorted the final survivor back to safety, speak with HX-138.

    HX-138: You did it again, [Player's name]. That was the last one. But we need you again.
    You: What is it this time?
    HX-138: The shuttle needs parts before we can start the evacuation.
    You: What parts are needed?
    HX-138: We need fuel cells for the retro-thrust engines for starters, but we also need a new spinal trunk. While we were trying to rewire the spinal trunk we managed to blow the computer core memory.
    You: Anything else?
    HX-138: Yeah, we need a few power converters.
    You: How will I find all of these?
    HX-138: The onboard computer has located several downed shuttles within the area. Go to those locations and search the wreckage for the parts.
    You: Give me the coordinates.
    HX-138: Uploaded to your datapad. Good luck. We are all relying on you.

    After your conversation, the quest completes and the next quest starts.

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