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Shuttle Parts

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  • This quest is part of the Quarantine Zone Theme Park questline.

    Previous Quest: << Rescue Survivor

    Level: 90
    Collect all the shuttle parts and deliver them to HX-138 so the mechanic can repair the Lambda Shuttle.
    Recommended combat level: 80

    Shuttle Parts​

    You have to collect 4 pieces of the shuttle scattered over the entire Quarantine Zone. The waypoints will be provided.
    • Power Converters
    • Computer Core Memory
    • Spinal Trunk
    • Fuel Cells
    Once you click on a disabled shuttle, 2-4 CL80 undead will spawn and attack you. You do not need to kill them.

    After collecting all 4 pieces you will get a comm-message from HX-138 and the quest updates.

    HX-138: Comm-message - Great work. Come back to my location and deliver the parts to the mechanic so he can resume repairs.

    Talk to the Shuttle Mechanic​

    Speak to the Mechanic to deliver the parts.

    Return to Camp Epsilon and speak to Nils Cridmeen, the shuttle mechanic.

    Nils Cridmeen: What is this? Do you actually have the spare parts we need? Well, I guess we all owe you our lives.
    You: Will you be able to fix the shuttle?
    Nils Cridmeen: I'm going to get this thing up in the air...even if that means me throwing it. Now move along. I have a lot of work to do.

    After your conversation the quest updates.

    Talk to HX-138​

    See if HX-138 has anything else for you.

    Return to HX-138 and speak with her.

    HX-138: Fantastic work, [Player's name]! Come back when you have gotten some rest. I can help you with your mission.

    After your conversation, the quest completes. Speak with HX-138 again to start the next quest.

    HX-138: I've already noticed a boost in morale as a result of your efforts, [Player's name]. You are certainly our savior.
    You: I'm no one special.
    HX-138: Mmmm...okay. Well, obviously you have your own mission. What is it exactly?
    You: I need to infiltrate the research facility.
    HX-138: Yeah right. Ha ha...seriously now.
    You: Uh, I need to infiltrate the research facility?
    HX-138: What? You were serious? Look, I can't ask these guys to help you. We've lost too many as it is.
    You: I don't need your men. All I need is a way to get in.
    HX-138: That is suicide, but hey, you have made it this far.
    You: I gather the facility is sealed?
    HX-138: No, but I hear it is very large and hard to navigate. The best way to find out where everything is down there is to get an administrative access key. You will have to talk to the Inquisitor about this, I was always responsible for duties topside.
    You: I see. Well it's been a pleasure.
    HX-138: The pleasure was all mine, [Player's name].