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  • The STAP-1 (Single Trooper Aerial Platform) is a vehicle that can be obtained by completing Saun Dann's quest during the Life Day celebration.


    • Hit Points: 10,000
    • Carries one person
    • Can't be customized with a Vehicle Customization Kit
    • If disabled, can be restored at a garage
    • Can be deconstructed and traded to an Artisan who can then create an Advanced STAP-1



    Once you have generated the STAP-1 from the deed, you may deconstruct it in order to have it re-crafted into the Advanced STAP-1 with improves performance.

    To deconstruct the STAP-1, navigate to your datapad(default keybind K), select it and press the tilda (~) key, and select Deconstruct. This will cause a new window to pop-up that prompts you to enter deconstruct to confirm the deconstruction process.

    Once complete, the vehicle will be removed from your datapad and you will have a new schematic for the Advanced STAP-1 in your inventory. It will be bio-linked to you.