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Tantive IV Speeder

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  • Tantive IV Speeder

    Tantive IV Speeder is a Vehicle that can be obtained by purchasing it from a Celebration Organizer during the Empire Day/Remembrance Day.


    • Hit Points: 10,000
    • Carries eight people
    • Can be customized with a Vehicle Customization Kit
    • If disabled, can be restored at a garage
    • Can be deconstructed and traded to an Artisan who can then create an Advanced Tantive IV Speeder



    Once you have generated the Tantive IV Speeder from the deed, you may deconstruct it in order to have it re-crafted into the Advanced Tantive IV Speeder with improved performance.

    To deconstruct the Tantive IV Speeder, navigate to your datapad(default keybind K), select it and press the tilda (~) key, and select Deconstruct. This will cause a new window to pop-up that prompts you to enter deconstruct to confirm the deconstruction process.


    Once complete, the Vehicle will be removed from your datapad and you will have a new schematic for the Advanced Tantive IV Speeder in your inventory. It will be bio-linked to you.