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    The Artisan profession is one of the foundation stones in your characters crafting career and covers a wide range of basic skills and abilities. Not only does the Artisan profession unlock every specialist crafting profession, it also provides basic Business skills and allows you to improve your all important Surveying ability.

    Aside from being a basic building block partially required for advanced crafting professions, Master Artisans are heavily depended upon for their ability to craft vehicles and especially sub-components for other professions such as Droid Engineer and Bio Engineer.

    Skill Tree

    Artisan requires General Crafting Experience as well as Surveying Experience
    • Novice Artisan (Basic skill learned from any NPC Artisan trainer)
    • Engineering (General Crafting Experience) - Leads to Armorsmith, Architect, Droid Engineer, Shipwright, and Weaponsmith
      • Droid batteries, general items, simple structures like personal extractors.
    • Domestic Arts (General Crafting Experience) - Leads to Tailor and Chef
      • Simple foods and garments and a number of simple components such as glasses and fiberplast panels
    • Business (General Crafting Experience) - Leads to Merchant
      • Basic tools for selling your goods and placing vendors into public structures.
    • Surveying (Surveying Experience) Surveyor
      • Increases the range at which you set survey tools to scan and increases your sample yield amount
    • Master Artisan (General Crafting Experience)
      • Ability to craft a number of transports such as Landspeeders and Speederbikes along with some components that are required in expert professions (such as Control Units and Energy Distributors)

    Primary Products

    • Vehicles & Vehicle Restoration Kits
    • Electronic sub-components for other professions (BE, DE)
    • Some Chef items (Teltier, Dustcrepe, Ruby Bliel, Pkneb, Crispic, Caf, Blob Candy...)
    • Weapon Power-ups
    • Enzyme Extractors (to pull Bio-Engineer DNA)

    Key Resources

    • Vehicles - Shock Resistance (SR) to determine hitpoints
    • Power Ups - CD/OQ to determine effectiveness
    • Enzyme Extractors - OQ/DR, OQ/UT, OQ/SR, OQ/CD


    The grind for Artisan can be slow initially, especially if you don't yet have materials, until you start making harvesters then speeds up quickly.
    • Generic Crafting Tool (Metal, Chemical) until 3XXX then Wind Power Generator (Steel, Ore, Aluminum)

    Artisan Mission Terminals

    I would also suggest for newer players to look at the Artisan Mission Terminals. Crafting missions reward 500 General Crafting XP and an amount of credits depending upon how far you have to travel to turn them in. Mos Eisley will normally have missions that need to be handed into Anchorhead (up to1400 credits per mission), Anchorhead has missions that need to be handed into Bestine (up to 800 credits per mission) and then Bestine back to Anchorhead and just travel back to Mos Eisley to repeat. It's not a massive amount of credits, but perfectly possible to grab a few thousand to cover training costs if you're not able to find somebody to train you up.

    Experience Entertainer Buff

    It's also worth adding that if you have the Novice Entertainer skill (which all characters start with), selecting your character (hit F1 or click on your HAM bar) and using the Inspire ability, you can grant yourself a +12% XP bonus for three and a half hours.



    Vehicle Restoration Kits

    • Utilized primarily for high-end vehicles such as AV-21 and BARC speeder quest rewards
    • Requires asteroid resource so is quite difficult to craft - Carbonaceous Asteroid from Naboo and Petrochemical Asteroid from Yavin space

    Standard Artisan Vehicles

    • Speederbike
    • Swoop
    • X-34 Landspeeder
    • AB-1 Landspeeder
    • XP-38 Landspeeder
    • V-35 Landspeeder

    Special Vehicles

    • AV-21 from Corellian Corvette instances
    • BARC Speeder from Ryatt Trails
    • Lava Skiff from collection
    • Many more ...

    Electronic Sub-Components

    Artisans are highly sought after by many professions to be able to craft their wares. Whether you are an Armorsmith, an Architect, or a Droid Engineer, you may want to consider being a Master Artisan or finding a good friend who is one!
    • Armorsmiths
      • PSG - Power Conditioners and Energy Distributors
    • Architects
      • BE Incubator Units - Micro Sensor Suites, Control Units, Energy Distributors
      • Structures - Power Conditioners & Energy Distributors for structures
    • Droid Engineers
      • Droids and their sub-components - Require a wide variety of Artisan products - Micro Sensor Suites, Electronics GP Modules, Electronics Memory Modules, Control Units, among others

    Weapon Power-Ups

    Powerups are applied to weapons and change properties depending upon the item. Can be experimented on to apply a 0-35% modifier and use Artisan Experimentation to cap.


    Tactical Scope---+++
    Tactical Grip+++---
    High Power Barrel---+++
    Reinforced Stock------
    Tuning Coupler---+++
    Burst Focusing Muzzle++++++


    Weight Balancing Kit---+++
    Tactical Grip Kit+++---
    Inertial Fluctuator Kit---+++
    Hilt Reinforcement Kit------
    Element Dispersal Tuning Kit---+++

    Enzyme Extractors

    Extractors are used by Scouts and Rangers to collect Hydrolase Enzymes. These are the basis of every Bio-Engineered pet. Every sub-component in the extractor will need to be experimented on to maximize quality.

    Chef Foods

    Many heavily utilized Chef foods are found in Artisan and therefore use Artisan Experimentation. You will, however, likely need a BE to supply nutrients to boost the effectiveness.

    Popular Artisan Chef Foods
    • Blob Candy
    • Aitha
    • Crispic
    • Caf
    • Caramelized Pkneb
    • Ruby Bliel
    • Dustcrepe
    • Teltier Noodles


    25 Experimentation Points

    Maximum number of points for Artisan goods is 25. Descriptions of how to achieve this are below.

    Crafting Suit

    Artisan Experimentation can be used to get up to 12pts of experimentation for capping equipment (+24 Experimentation with SEAs)

    Artisan Experimentation Bonus

    Bonuses are given to other novice professions (Armorsmith, Architect, Chef, Tailor, Shipwright) such that experimentation points can gain +120 if you get Novice of all five.

    For example, Novice Architect yields an additional +20 Artisan Experimentation.

    Master Artisan Experimentation Bonus

    Master Artisan provides another additional +10 Artisan Experimentation, this replaces the old human species bonus of +15 Artisan Experimentation, being now accessible to everyone.

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