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    Architect is one of the Elite Artisan professions that allow the creation of factories, harvesters, houses, furniture and player city structures. Many other professions are reliant on the Architect's abilities. Any player who wants a living structure bigger than a small house also relies on Architects. Houses and mining installations are the most popular crafted items, followed by factories for other Elite Artisan players. Although structures don’t decay, influxes of new players ensure constant demand for products.

    Architect is largely a game of heavy resource use and large factory runs for sub-components such as walls and structural modules. Reliance upon raw materials such as ore can also be tricky as they are rarely found in high concentrations so may necessitate finding resource miners as friends.

    Skill Tree

    All skill boxes require Structure Crafting XP except the Novice Architect box
    • Novice Architect (General Crafting XP)
    • Furniture (Structure Crafting XP) - Furniture, Decoration, Containers
    • Construction (Structure Crafting XP) - Player City Structures
    • Installations (Structure Crafting XP) - Factories, Harvesters
    • Buildings (Structure Crafting XP) - Houses, Player Association Galactic Registry, Bio-Engineer sub-components
    • Master Architect (Structure Crafting XP)

    Primary Products

    • Crafting Equipment - Harvesters, Factories, Crafting Stations
    • City Structures - Banks, Cantinas, Hospitals, etc
    • Player Housing
    • Furniture & Decorative Items
    • Camps (Advanced) - with shuttleports, mission terminals, etc
    • Player Association Galactic Registry - Used to create a PA/Guild
    • Access Locks - Can add to containers to give access to specific players or guilds
    • Bio-Engineer Components - Element Processors, Element Canisters, Incubator Units


    The grind for Architect is one of the simpler and faster grinds and can be done in about an hour if you have the materials on hand.
    • Structure Modules (Metal, Ore) until x2xx and then Fountains (Ore, Metal, Water)
    • Alternate: Generator Turbines (Copper, Steel, Carb Ore, Chemical, Aluminum, Reactive Gas)


    Crafting Stations

    • All subcomponents need to be capped as well as the final build to get to +45.0
    • Subcomponents:
      • Control Unit (ART)
      • Micro Sensor Suite (ART) - Associated GP Module and Control Units do not have to be capped
      • Component - Droid Storage Compartment (DE)


    • In order to cap a harvester (Heavy BER 14, for example) the Ore Mining Unit (+7) as well as the Heavy Harvester itself both need to be 100% capped

    Base Extraction Rates (BER)

    How much resource can be extracted per minute is calculated as

    (Concentration%) * (BER) * (1.5) = Resource per Minute

    Installation caps:
    • Heavy Mineral Mining Installation (14)
    • High Efficiency Moisture Vaporator (14)
    • Deep Crust Chemical Extractor (14)
    • Heavy Natural Gas Processor (14)
    • High Capacity Flora Farm (14)
    • Geothermal Power Generator (15)
    • Fusion Power Generator (19)


    Resources do not matter for houses. however, Power Conditioners and Energy Distributors will require assistance from a Master Artisan

    Bio Engineer Components

    When crafting bio-engineer components, quality matters for every level of the process.

    Incubator Units are used to create the final Bio-Engineered pet.

    An Element Processor is used to create a Processed Element Enzyme.

    An Element Processing Canister is the consumable used in the Element Processor to create the Processed Element Enzyme.


    Quality has been show not to matter for factory crafting.

    Types of Factories
    • Equipment - Droids, Weapons, Artisan, Shipwright
    • Food - Chef, Spice,
    • Structure - Architect
    • Wearables - Tailor, Armorsmith

    Player City Structures

    Most large city structures follow a similar format to houses in which wall modules, power core units, and storage structure modules are required.

    City Structures

    • City Hall
    • Bank
    • Cantina
    • Cloning Facility
    • Garage
    • Hospital
    • Shuttleport
    • Theater

    City Decor:

    On the final crafting screen, where you get the option to customize and rename the item, all of these schematics have a drop down menu in the upper left corner that give extra options: more gardens, more streetlamps, more fountains (including braziers), and more statues (than the Gungan Head).
    • Small Garden (drop down menu for multiple styles)
    • Medium Garden (drop down menu for multiple styles)
    • Large Garden (drop down menu for multiple styles)
    • Streetlamps (drop down menu for multiple styles)
    • Fountains (drop down menu upon crafting)
      • Fountain
      • Circular Fountain
      • Rectangular Fountain
      • Fountain of Heroism
      • Brazier - Round
      • Brazier - Square
      • Small Fountain, Style 1
      • Small Fountain, Style 2
    • Gungan Head Statue (drop down menu upon crafting)
      • Gungan Head Statue
      • Sentinel Statue
      • Regal Battle Statue
      • Tatooine Sun Symbol
      • Strange Statue
      • Weird Statue
      • Small Imperial Statue
      • Small Rebel Statue

    Advanced Camps

    Types of Camps:
    • Basic - 0 Modules
    • Improved - 2 Modules
    • Advanced - 3 Modules
    • Quality - 4 Modules
    • Elite - 5 Modules
    • Luxury - 6 Modules

    Module Options
    • Shuttle Beacon
    • Camp Battery
    • Cloning Tube
    • Entertainment Area
    • Imperial Recruiter
    • Rebel Recruiter
    • Clothing Station
    • Food Station
    • Ship Station
    • Structure Station
    • Weapon Station



    • Regular
    • Rustic
    • Elegant


    • Armoire (Regular, Elegant, Rustic)
    • Bookcase (Regular, Elegant, Rustic)
    • Cabinet (Regular, Rustic)
    • Chest (Regular, Elegant, Rustic)
    • Toolchest


    • Light - Lighting Fixtures & Candles
    • Seating - Chairs, Couches, Futons
    • Plants
    • Beds
    • ...


    Crafting Suit

    • Structure Experimentation can be used to get up to 12pts of experimentation for capping equipment such as harvester base extraction rate. Structure Assembly is typically optional.

    Fermionic Siliclastic Ore

    • This spawn is often harvested because it has a higher concentration percentage and lasts longer (up to ~21 days)

    Ore Recyclers

    • Used to smelt down any specific resource into a low quality resource, therefore combining stacks of resource together for large factory runs

    Master Artisan

    • Architect relies upon sub-components from Master Artisans enough for advanced products it is often justified to take that additional skill tree.

    Blank Character Trick

    • If you’re ever needing to create furniture with a blank name for decorative purposes, hit Alt+255 to blank out the name

    Special Schematics

    • Tanning Hide (loot), Novice
    • Diagnostic Screen (loot), Novice
    • Radio (loot), Novice
    • Many more ...

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