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    Weaponsmiths will always be in high demand. One of the keystone professions of the game, a talented Weaponsmith will enable combatants to excel at their tasks and wreak havoc amongst the galaxy. Due to weapon durability and condition loss, weapons will also need to be repaired and eventually replaced.

    The key to this profession is locating a wide variety of very specific resources with a very high quality. The actual quantity of resource is low and the sub-component management aspect is not particularly overwhelming. Past that, locating key loot to enhance your weapon may be the next biggest challenge.

    Skill Tree

    • Novice Weaponsmith (General Crafting XP, Engineering IV required)
    • Melee Weapons Crafting - Melee Weapons
    • Firearms Weapons Crafting - Ranged Weapons
    • Munitions Crafting - Sub-components & Heavy Weapons
    • Weapon Crafting Techniques - Assembly & Experimentation
    • Master Weaponsmith

    Primary Products

    • Melee Weapons
    • Ranged Weapons
    • Heavy Weapons (Commando)
    • Grenades
    • Weapon Repairs

    Requirements & Grinding

    Novice Weaponsmith requires Engineering IV in the Artisan tree to advance.

    The Weaponsmith grind is considered one of the longer grinds and will likely take 4-5 hours with all materials.
    • Projectile Pistol Barrels (Steel)
    • Option to do Chemical Warheads at xx2x, however requires very specific resource (Thoranium Steel, Polymer, Copper, Amorphous Gemstone)

    Key Resources

    One of the aspects of Weaponsmith is that very specific resources are needed for almost every component. And not only that - they also have to have extremely high quality to maximize damage output.

    Quality & Experimentation

    • OQ/CD - Most important combination and used for Cores as well as Gas Cartridges to maximize damage
    • OQ/SR - Second most important combination used for many weapon sub-components to maximize damage

    Specific Named Resources

    Weaponsmiths use by far the most variety of named resources as each weapon skin can have it's own specific resource. As such, there are too many to list here effectively, but a few to get started:
    • Advanced Weapon Stocks - Corellian Deciduous Wood***, Link-Steel Aluminum, Duralloy Steel
    • Advanced Barrels - Rhodium Steel, Duralloy Steel, Duranium Steel, Ryll Amorphous Gemstone
    • Advanced Scope - Chromium Aluminum, Polymer, Link-Steel Aluminum, Green Diamond Crystalline Gemstone, Polysteel Copper
    • Tibanna Gas Cartridges - Polymer, Diatium Copper, Ostrine Carbonate Ore, Phirik Aluminum, Irolumn Reactive Gas
    • Advanced Melee Weapon Cores - Polymer Desh Copper, Duralloy Steel, Bronzium Iron
    • Advanced Ranged Weapon Cores - Polymer, Polysteel Copper, Carbonite Steel, Crystalline Gemstone


    Restoration III uses the NGE 'Core' system in which a vast majority of the stats for a weapon are created in the weapon core and placed into a wide variety of skins. As opposed to the pre-CU whereas each weapon had different bonuses, here you can have most any skin you like with the same qualities.

    Cores & Combat Levels

    While experimenting on the Weapon Core a slider appears at the bottom of the window in which you may select the Combat Level of the Weapon.

    • Basic Cores are CL6-20
    • Standard Cores are CL21-40
    • Advanced Cores are CL41-54

    Experimentation Window:

    Basic Weapons

    The most basic weapons will require a Weapon Core with associated sub-components that boost damage output. For a basic Ranged Weapon, for example, you will likely want:

    • Tibanna Gas Cartridge
    • Ranged Weapon Core
    • Barrel
    • Stock
    • Scope

    A Very Basic Melee Weapon Example:

    Advanced Weapons

    For a high-end Weapon you will want to consider adding:
    • Elemental Chamber for elemental damage
    • A looted Augmentation for Health or Action (225 max)
    • A looted Enhancement for Critical Chance (25 max)
    • A Weapon Power Bit from a Reverse Engineer (i.e. Ranged General)
    • A looted Weapon Enhancement such as a Gorax Shard (Ranged Speed) or Acklay Bone (Melee Damage)

    A Fully Decked Out Ranged Weapon Example:


    Grenades are consumables used by Commandos.

    Weapon Repairs

    • Weaponsmiths use a Weapon Repair Kit to repair weapons. Assembly and Opportune Chance contribute to the success of the repair. As a general rule Weapons should be repaired before they reach 30% condition to ensure a high probability of success. As the weapon's condition lowers the effectiveness of the repair will go down and may end up losing significant condition or even damage output.


    NameLooted FromUsed InStats
    AugmentationsVariousWeapon Augmentation Slot in Weapon CoreUp to +225 Health of Action
    EnhancementsVariousWeapon Enhancement Slot in Weapon CoreUp to +25 Critical Hit Chance
    Gorax ShardsGorax, Endor'Enhancement' Slot in Ranged Weapon Core~0.28-0.30+ Speed Reduction Considered High Quality
    Acklay BonesAcklay, Yavin IV'Enhancement' Slot in Melee Weapon CoreDamage Bonus, +25-30 is High Quality
    Krayt TissuesKrayt Dragons, Tatooine'Enhancement' Slot in Ranged Weapon CoreAdd Min+Max Damage, ~45 Combined High Quality
    Decrepit Melee EnhancementVarious'Enhancement' Slot in Melee Weapon CoreIncrease to Min/Max Damage AND Attack Speed Reduction
    Decrepit Ranged EnhancementVarious'Enhancement' Slot in Ranged Weapon CoreIncrease to Min/Max Damage AND Attack Speed Reduction
    Decrepit Heavy Weapon EnhancementVarious'Enhancement' Slot in Heavy Weapon CoreIncrease to Min/Max Damage AND Attack Speed Reduction


    Smuggler Pairing

    • Pairs well with Smuggler profession due to slicing capabilities. That or find a good friend who is a Smuggler!

    Crafting Suit

    • SEA's are a necessity for advanced Weaponsmiths and utilize both Experimentation and Assembly


    • Through testing, it has been found that weapon socket's are rolled from Experimentation, and there is no way to guarantee a socket 100%. At max experimentation of 12X, there is still an ~0.01% chance of failure to socket.


    • Reverse Engineers can craft Weapon Assembly power-ups to aid with weapon repair successes

    SEA Bake-ins

    • Note that you may 'bake-in' an SEA (for example, Ranged General, by crafting a Weapon Power Bit from a Reverse Engineered Power Bit and Modifier Bit.

    Weapon Deconstruction

    Go through the quest Pehbon's Request to deconstruct reward and quest weapons into a new schematic to be used by a Weaponsmith.

    Note that deconstructing no trade and no trade shared weapons will bio-link the crafted version to the character who initially deconstructed it.


    Standard Ranged Weapons


    Alliance DisruptorMaster Combat MedicEnergy
    CDEF PistolNoneEnergy
    D18 PistolNoneEnergy
    DH17 PistolNoneEnergy
    DL 44 Metal PistolNoneEnergy
    DL44 PistolNoneEnergy
    DL44 XTNoneEnergy
    DX2 PistolMaster PistoleerEnergy
    Death-Hammer PistolNoneEnergy
    FWG5 PistolNoneKinetic
    High Capacity Scatter PistolMaster Bounty HunterKinetic
    Intimidator PistolSquad Leader OnlyKinetic
    Power5 PistolNoneEnergy
    Renegade PistolMaster SmugglerEnergy
    Republic BlasterNoneEnergy
    SR Combat PistolNoneEnergy
    Scout BlasterNoneEnergy
    Striker PistolNoneKinetic
    Tangle PistolNoneKinetic

    Special Pistols
    Red Hydra Z-5Novice Squad LeaderEnergy
    Retrofitted DE-10 PistolNoneEnergy
    Geonosian Sonic BlasterNoneEnergy
    Tchotchee PistolSquad Leader Strategy IIIEnergy
    DE-10 PistolNoneEnergy
    Quicktrigger CountermandUnderworld IIIEnergy
    Blackhand AnnihilatorNovice MarksmanKinetic
    Liquidsilver L7Novice Smuggler
    DL44 "Dosh Special"Master Pistoleer
    ... Many More


    Alliance Needler CarbineNoneKinetic
    CDEF CarbineNoneEnergy
    Czerka Dart CarbineBounty Hunter x4xxKinetic
    DH17 CarbineNoneEnergy
    DXR6 Heavy CarbineNoneEnergy
    E11 CarbineNoneEnergy
    E5 CarbineMaster Squad LeaderEnergy
    Elite CarbineNoneEnergy
    Laser CarbineNoneEnergy

    Special Carbines
    EE3 CarbineNoneEnergyBounty Hunter Collection
    DH17 Short CarbineNoneEnergy
    Generic E5 CarbineNoneEnergy
    Firestar 10-KRifles IIIEnergy
    Rilctur CarbineNovice CarbineerEnergy
    ... Many More


    Advanced Laser RifleNoneEnergy
    Beam RifleNoneEnergy
    CDEF RifleNoneEnergy
    E11 RifleNoneEnergy
    Heavy Acid RifleCommando xxx1Energy
    Jawa Ion RifleNoneEnergy
    Light Lightning RifleNovice Bounty HunterEnergy
    SG82 RifleNoneEnergy
    SpraystickNovice RiflemanKinetic
    T21 RifleMaster RiflemanEnergy
    Tusken RifleNoneKinetic

    Special Rifles
    Darkstring AssassinMaster MarksmanEnergy
    Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor RIfleNovice RiflemanEnergy
    Assault BowcasterWookieeKinetic
    Trandoshan Hunting RifleNone
    Fallan Hyper RifleKinetic
    Jinkins***KineticNym’s Themepark
    LD1KineticKashyyyk Outasts Questline
    TC-22***KineticGCW Tokens
    Master Crafted DC-15EnergyBH Collection Dangerous Fugitives
    Berserker RifleKineticCorellian Corvette
    ... Many More

    Commando / Heavy Weapon

    Acid Stream LauncherAcid Weapons IIIKinetic
    Flame ThrowerIncendiary Weapons IIIEnergy
    Heavy Particle Beam CannonBeam Weapons IIKinetic
    Launcher PistolNovice CommandoKinetic
    Lightning Beam CannonBeam Weapons IVEnergy
    Plasma Flame ThrowerMaster CommandoEnergy
    Rocket LauncherIncendiary Weapons IKinetic

    Special Heavy Weapons
    The VoidExplosives III
    Corellian DestroyerNovice Commando
    ... Many More

    Standard Melee Weapons

    Unarmed / TKA

    Blaster FistNoneEnergy
    Massassi KnucklerNoneEnergy
    Vibro KnucklerNoneEnergy

    Special Unarmed
    Knuckles of the KatarnTeras Kasi MasterKinetic
    Spider Clan Katana (Knuckler)NoneKinetic
    Sayormi HeartstrikerNovice Fencer
    ... Many More

    Fencer / 1H

    Curved SwordNoneKinetic
    Deco Surv KnifeNoneKinetic
    Gaderiffi BatonNoneKinetic
    RSF SwordNoneKinetic
    Ryyk BladeNoneKinetic
    Stun BatonMaster FencerEnergy
    Survival KnifeNoneKinetic
    Vibro BladeNoneEnergy

    Special 1-Handed
    Blackbane NailNovice FencerKinetic
    Spiderclan MacheteNoneKinetic
    Blackscale Stun StickMaster Fencer
    ... Many More

    Swordsman / 2H

    Heavy AveNoneKinetic
    Power HammerMaster SwordsmanKinetic
    2H AxeNoneKinetic
    2H CleaverNoneKinetic
    2H Curved SwordNoneKinetic
    Vibro AxeNoneKinetic

    Special 2-Handed
    Lifeblood CleaverNovice SwordsmanKinetic
    Black Sun Executioner's HackNoneKinetic
    Darstai'is SickleSword Defence IIIKinetic
    Scythe BladeSword Finesse IVKinetic
    N-K ExecutionerMaster SwordsmanKinetic
    Spiderclan KatanaNoneKinetic
    ... Many More

    Pikeman / Polearm

    Cryo LanceNoneKinetic
    Electric PolearmNoneKinetic
    Long Vibro AxeNoneEnergy
    Metal StaffNoneKinetic
    Reinforced Combat StaffNoneKinetic
    Vibro LanceNoneEnergy
    Wood StaffNoneKinetic

    Special Polearm
    Kashyyyk BladestickNoneKinetic
    Strike Assault LanceNovice PikemanKinetic
    Spiderclan GlaiveNoneKinetic
    ... Many More

    -SoloWest July 2022


    (neehi, March 2022)

    The absolute basics to grinding out Weaponsmithing.

    The only prerequisite to Weaponsmithing is Engineering IV in the Artisan tree, a general crafting tool, and a weapon, droid, and general tool. Later on you will need a crafting droid or crafting station to make some items. You can make melee and ranged weapons (of course), as well as mines, grenades, and heavy weapons such as Launcher Pistols, which Commandos need for heavy weapon experience to start.

    Grinding out Surveying IV first helps you find the materials you need faster and has the added bonus of gathering materials for your crafting grind later. When surveying, get the materials you will need later such as steel (lots), iron, fiberplast, polymer, gems, copper, etc. When grinding, quality doesn't matter.

    Now, on to the grind...

    Visit a cantina before you start. Practice mode and Entertainer buffs will significantly improve the xp earned per item crafted. Make general crafting tools in practice mode until you have Engineering IV and Novice Weaponsmith.

    Train Novice Weaponsmith and find something to grind without having to make multiple components to make an item. That is, make one item over and over in practice mode until you're Master.

    Pick one of the following and go either Intermediate Melee, Ranged, or Munitions I. Take that tree all the way to IV to increase your xp cap for weapon crafting and unlock components that provide more xp.

    Every time you go to the next tier, change to a new recipe for better xp. Once you are at IV, make an item from that level to grind out the rest of your xp, all the way to Master. Now you have to find quality materials to make quality weapons; but that's another guide.